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It's over. It's done. The final episode airs, and gives way to the last credits it has to give. But while the show itself may fade to a simple memory, the lessons it has taught will exist forever.

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I've been having an emotionally pressing time lately, and then I heard this and I decided I needed to write something out. It's embarrassing, and maybe petty, but when I finished writing this, I shed a tear. It's not the best story I've written; it's actually one of the worst, and pretty cheesy to boot. Why did I put this on here? I'm not sure. But it sure as hell means the the world to me. Thanks for reading


494104 shut up. I loved it. My life just got better. God forbid they DO stop it at two seasons, though.

Well, three of the voice actors have already confirmed that there's a third season in production.


Cheese is good, from time to time.

Very few stories I read make me pause and think. Yours is one of those. I'm not really sure why, though. I think I get the message you were trying to get across, and it definately resonates with me.

I didn't outright cry, but I did shed a few tears all the same. Bravo.


Look to the future, and don't be burdened down by your past
Huzzah! :pinkiehappy:
Sad but....happy still

Manly tears were shed. :raritycry:

This story made me sit at this here desk and stare at the screen for about a minute. Just thinking of the show's end gives me a hollow feeling. Quite frankly, I'm downright scared for the show's eventual demise.

I'd hug you, but... you know...

Man tears are for women!

wow if this is your worst story then I cant imagine how amazing your best is. Tell the truth I dont like thinking about the subject of this show ending so far its taught me so much about love and tolerance. this show has literally changed me in so many ways I used to be just a depressed football play thinking his life was going no where but this show, showed me to look at the brighter side of life but to also tolerate the people I used to hate and even help them heck it even gave me confidence in a way. it made me hopeful for the friends im gonna make as my life goes on and grateful for the ones I met and to think that it will end it someday. All good things come to an end as they say right? this story has a good message "everything has it's end but don't dwell on it look forward to the future and never forget the past" again this is a great story man even if its your worst


More manly tears were shed


You have no idea how much the inner militant!Atheist in me wanted to take you to town on the Jesus comment. Hard to rein that guy in sometimes. Instead, I say why not rely on yourself? Or friends and family? Something that MLP teaches very well, btw. As long as people are learning these lessons and are relying on something to get them through, why does it matter where it's from? Anyway, it seems like your Irishness is coming out again. You are Irish, right? I seem to recall us talking about real men on some story or other, and you mentioned that, I think.

Don't fret bronies. When MLP ends (god forbid) we'll just make our own version.

With blackjack...

...and hookers! :twilightsmile:

Recently, i have been thinking if me being a Brony was just a phase and that i would only be one for 4 years maximum. This changed that however, i am now fully aware that i will stay a Brony for life!

Amazing. Simply amazing. Very short, but shows a point.
I will feel the very same way when the inevitable happens.


Don't forget the lesbians.

I enjoyed this story. The emotions were tangeable, which is always a good quality of any story.

I feel as if this is going to be my reaction to the end of the series, if they decide to end it that way.

This is now the second fic I have cried during. I congratulate you.

If you want something even sadder, listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZZNDiU9ljw

BUT, know that-even though the series may come to an end one day-the bronies will still be here. Ponychan will still be here. FIMFiction will still be here. Everyponysings will still be here. Equestria Daily will still be here. Bronies on Memebase will still be here. The morals and lessons the show taught us will still be here. And we can pass down the season DVDs, lessons and morals the show taught us to our children, their children, and then their children, and so forth. We, as bronies, will have to keep it going even after cancellation, and we will. Sadly, I must use the phrase...

"All good things eventually come to an end..." The series will end, one day, and we will just have to do our best to move on.

But the series is still going strong. We still have ponies! So live it up while it's still here!

Sorry if this is extensive, I'm very emotional most of the time.


"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read." - Groucho Marx
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana." - Groucho Marx

495484 What's the first?
495628 Anyone want proof? Look, just look at the Star Wars fanbase. Quite a long time since the release of the last movie, they're still here. DBZ fanbase? A decade since the series ended. (Or more, haven't seen the actual show for a while) They're still here. We will live on! Oh, and this. Listen to it. Read this again. Cry even more. (If you did cry) Heck, look at the picture with this playing. I didn't cry at all, but did and still do have a tiny tug of grief in my heart, knowing that the end will come eventually. Oh, and the piano piece was awesome, and I will play it over the credits of the last episode.

After the end of the show, whenever that may be, this should be featured. That's my opinion. Someone make it happen. This was great. It reminded me that all things come to an end.

im not into these types of storys but you do know that season three has been in production for a little bit right unless they sunndly changed thier minds out of the blue if you do know then its just a story and think nothing of this comment

495278 Meh...we could just kidnap all the voice actors and animators and hold them hostage in an abandoned warehouse where they will continue creating de magicks under gunponint for the rest of their lives....

This will never happen. I don't care if it means we bronies have to incorporate ourselves, launch a literal hostile takeover on Hasbro, and abandon our normal lives to learn how to produce animated television, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will not end. Not on my watch. :rainbowdetermined2:

When the series is over, I'll still have the series on my iTunes, and backed up to an external hard drive!!!!!! MLP WILL LIVE ON AFTER THE SERIES STOPS AIRING ON THE HUB! :ajsmug::yay::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritystarry::rainbowkiss:

Technology has evolved so much in the years before Netflix and iTunes, so I will still enjoy the classic MLP episodes when I'm old and gray.

The story however is very sad! I cried at the end too.

even if the show ends... we still have talented enough bronies TO MAKE IT OURSELVES! IT WILL NEVER END!!!

Don't worry . . . there will be a reboot after the series ends. But that will be like 10 years from now, so don't worry.

495634 It's hard to take someone serious when they're trying to talk about Jesus and swearing as often as you are. Just putting that out there as a Christian myself.

This story was short and sweet, and I agree with all the others who said a little cheese never hurt now and then. This has been a life changing fandom for so many and not always in ways you would think. It's saved some people's sanity in very real ways, it's brought out artistry in people who thought they no longer had it in them or never even had it to begin with. It's brought out the best in some people and the worst in others. As long as I have lived I have never been a part of a fandom this powerful or amazng. And I think your story perfectly encapsulates what a lot of us will feel when it does eventually come to an end. Well done.

This story ... Is truly the most emotional story i'v ever read. You have my thanks /)


Letting go of the past is definately the hardest thing you can do EVER! I remember back when The Powerpuff Girls stopped being shown on CN back in 2005, I was sad, REALLY sad that after 6 seasons of watching the show the show disappeared, no series finale, no nothing. But after a couple of days I got over it and moved on and this was before iTunes carried TV shows and Netflix had "Instant Streaming". Then about a couple years ago when I saw that a BOX SET of The Powerpuff Girls was released, I jumped for joy, FINALLY I can keep on reliving the classic series forever! I spent $60 on the box set but it was a $60 well spent. So the one part of the song was true:

"It's time to show the world we've got something to say
A song to sing out loud we'll never fade away
I know I'll miss you but we'll meet again someday
We'll never fade away"

(C) Miley Cyrus/Emily Osment & Disney

It took 5 years but it did happen to one good show, and with the HUGE fanbase My Little Pony is getting and continually growing, Shout Factory, Hasbro and even The Hub will one day release a box set of this beautiful series so that way all bronies will continue to enjoy MLP from the day it ends until the day we pass away. Until then, I got iTunes and Netflix.

Everything good must come to an end. It's a simple fact of life. I feel that needs expanding upon though. While it is true that everything good must come to an end, nopony ever seems to mention the lessons learned from the experience will stick with them until their ends. To that I know that we will continue to ride this crazy train until it's the end of the line. When it comes time to step off, I ask that we don't feel sad, but feel good knowing the lessons learned along the journey will stick with us. The lessons of love, tolerance, and friendship. :twilightsmile:

Oh, and don't worry about the end. From where I stand, the end of the line isn't even visible yet. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride. For if you worry about the destination too much, you'll miss out on the trip.

Wall of text aside, I feel that this was a good story. Short, simple, yet effective in it's message.

495175 Interesting words in your rather hypocritical comment. 'We will continue to love and tolerate our entire lives'. Yet just before it 'Nonetheless, this total reliance is sad and pathetic'.
To be clear, I said absolutely nothing about total reliance. The show is not my sustanance, and I'm not going to kill myself when it's over.
'It's embarrassing to think that even one of us thinks so unbelievably highly of the show'.
I'm sorry, how long have you been in the fanbase? And did you put any thought into what you said at all? If you think I lay down my Twilight Sparkle blanket every night and huddle down on it in prayer to Princess Luna, then you may be delusional.
Also, 'You're showing bronies in the most unfavorable light.' ...Go read cupcakes. Unless you thought that was the god of all fanfictions. If so, why not check out all the BronyxPony mature fics out there. They're so much more favorable then this.
'I don't give a fuck about the 'lessons' the cartoon teaches. I'm a fanbase brony: I don't watch the show often, but when I do, it's to gather fic ideas. What I'm saying is that if you can't genover the ending of a cartoon, it's pathetic. Absolutely fucking pathetic.' Let's go back to love and tolerance for a second...and realize that you're doing it wrong.
I dislike almost everything you've said. In fact, I find it to be a lash to me personally, though I can't honestly say it is. And either way, I'm gonna love and tolerate the shit outta you, fellow brony. Now keep calm and brony on. :moustache:

P.S. Real men don't insult other real men for being enough of a real man to post their real feelings.

495630 the first was my little dashie

Damn, run out of tears again! Have mustache! :moustache:

This is a perfect textual epilog for an epic ending of this season, just what it needed.
And just right here the time in Equestria stops, I wouldn't put any stories between the next season. We just have to wait for the good tale to continue.


Actually I heard that there will only enough episodes of season 3 to bring the total up to 65. See a list here (warning TV Tropes :P ) of all the cartoons that have been cancelled at 65 episodes. I really hope MLP survives. I mean, it's got the biggest cult following since Star Trek, it's the most popular thing on The Hub, they'd be dumb to cancel it.

494104 Not gonna lie, I teared up too. It's amazing what a show can do to you. Back in the middle of February if you told me I would be watching this show and two months later, writing a fan fiction. I would call you delusional and tell you to see a doctor. Now I would thank you for being the bearer of good news. Ever since I began watching My Little Pony, my grades have shot up despite my schedule being busier than ever before, I've been a lot more outgoing in my social life and have made more friends, plus I now wake up almost everyday with a smile in high hopes of today being great. This show is a symbol of hope in the world if you ask me. A bright, cleansed spot that shines through all the darkness and hatred in the world. It's true we will all have to face the irrefutable fact that all good things must come to an end; But the memories and lessons that come with those things will last you forever. The same goes with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, never will I forget what it has taught me and how much it meant to me. So when the day that the shows end comes. I will face it with a smile on my face and look towards the horizon in hopes of continuing to spread the message of love and tolerance till the day that I too, must come to an end. Thank you Lynked for writing another beautiful story. Never give up writing, just like how I'll never give up my memories of this show.

This was... really nice. It reminds me of the feeling I always get when I finish a really great book series (Harry Potter), tv show (Avatar the last Airbender) video game (Dragon Age) or movie (Lotr trilogy). Honestly, Mlp ending is a sad thought, but we as fans will always have the original material and the amazing stuff churned out by the incredibly talented and dedicated fanbase. Its funny that what's supposedly a girl's cartoon is so meaningful to so many people, but that's what makes it so great. The show's fandom made me gain faith in the idea that people are still interested in/moved by the concept of love and friendship without always mocking said concepts for being "girly"/"gay" (not trying to be offensive at all, its just that said terms are used to describe things like mlp sometimes). So kudos to you - this was bittersweet in the best possible way, and embodied the best messages of the show.

:fluttercry: :raritycry:. those were my feeling while reading, manly tears were shed. i do hope mlp keeps going past season 3.

1189329 yes, from that bright day forth, our whole world was changed, forever. It was as if Princess Celestia herself shone a ray of rainbows, smiles and sunshine into our lives! :rainbowdetermined2:

So I know this came out a long time ago... however this was still really nice and humming the show finale song in my head really made this even more emotional.

Wake up Bro, it's ten years from now.

My boi wrote the future with this story.

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