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Silver Screen and Long Haul are two friends that find themselves in the bustling town of Trottingham with no home, money or plan. They will have to face their silly surroundings, personal faults, one really angry mare, and even censorship committee called C.L.O.P. but just what does all this have to do with the founding of Equestria's first traveling movie theater? Join them on the road as they uncover more about themselves, the world they live in, and a conspiracy that may just hold the fate of Equestria in it's balance.

Aaaaaannnnnd we're back! I'm going to re-instate my promise of weekly updates! Interested in helping the story improve while getting a shot at reading the next chapters before everypony else? Apply to be a Pre-Reader by sending me a message!

Also cover art! The beautiful cover picture was made by Jacob Martin AKA DocWario on Deviantart.

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Comment posted by Rouis deleted Feb 23rd, 2013

What? I said I'd comment, I said nothing about what that comment would be.

Ok, overall it took me a while to get into the story. Usually I stay away from HiE fics but as it went on the story grew on me. I think you could do with a touch more variety in how you describe the ponies in question, relying on their names a bit too much...but since, with a few exceptions, this is almost all oc ponies it may have been necessary.

I did enjoy the turning of this story archetype into a pony one...and found the acronym hilarious. Also, I did appreciate the fact you gave the villain her comeuppance at the end.

Overall, a decent story and I look forward to reading more of it.

Comment posted by Rouis deleted Feb 23rd, 2013

So the CLOP act? That's.... Interesting. I can dig it.

So she's worried about their work being morally corrupt and she runs around screaming that acronym?
Truly a genius!

Umm at the part where Lemon Drop was out of snacks you called her Lemon Tree.
Was that intentional, a mistake or am I loosing my mind and seeing things?

3666013 Nope! You caught an error, and I thank you for pointing that out.

What’s the worst that can happen he thought.

:pinkiegasp::facehoof: Better retract that thought post-haste, or you're in for it, buster... Equestria almost always takes advantage of statements like that...!!

Pretty good start! :twilightsmile:

Silver got his cutie mark! :pinkiehappy: :yay: /) I wonder what Long's is going to be...?


A cart, huh? :rainbowhuh: How does that stand for a special talent of "heavy lifting in the service of lifesaving" or whatever? :applejackconfused:

:rainbowlaugh: Oho, friends and enemies in high places after barely being in Trottingham a day, huh? :ajsmug: This is gonna be good...! :trollestia:

:rainbowlaugh: Nice little dig... I hope you don't get sued for it or anything. :twilightsheepish:

Heh... Equestrian irony strikes with a vengeance...! I told those guys not to provoke it, but did they listen? Noooo....! :fluttershyouch::facehoof::

“You always do this whenever anypony who does not fit in your perfect plan, and it never used to be this bad.” Tears streamed down from her eyes as she let her opinions fly loose. “You’re not even my mom anymore, You’re a monster!”
“And you’re not my daughter!” Lemon Tree shrieked as she stomped one of her forelegs in anger, her horn bristled with bolts of green magic let loose by the emotion running through the room.
“STOP THIS!” Silver Screen’s voice cried out in the in room as the green unicorn’s eyes darted between his friend, the mare who seemed to have sworn to make their lives miserable, and her daughter. “Why are we fighting? I thought the ponies of this land were supposed to love and tolerate each other.” He screamed at everypony in the room.
Lemon Tree let a haughty laugh loose. “Your ideals are that of a little foal. Obviously you and your trashy earth pony associate cannot change so you have forced my hoof. You, and your associate have four days to remove yourself the town of Trottingham before I will have you both arrested for your intention to violate our laws! Welcome to the real world Silver Screen.”
Long Haul stood still due to the shock of what she had commanded until the reality of the situation hit him. “You have no right to make such orders! I want to see the mayor! Where is Lemon Lime?” He yelled at the mare before him.
Lemon Tree stood perfectly still for a moment before she locked eyes with Long Haul. “My husband is indisposed as he has been for the past three nights, and by his own orders I am to act in his stead while he cannot.

Uh-huh. :ajbemused: Where have I seen this before. Calling it now--Lemon Tree's been replaced by a changeling, and her husband is "indisposed" because he's in one of their feeding cocoons...!

Silver Screen scraped a hoof across the ground nervously. “Are you sure we should have accepted that deal so quickly?” He asked.
“Yeah I mean my dad said nothing good comes that easily.” Lemon Drop added.
Long Haul looked up at the moon, and tried to ease their worries. “He offered us a gig with the potential of more to come I call that worth it, and besides: How hard could it be to get to Las Haygas?”

:pinkiegasp::rainbowderp::twilightoops::applejackconfused: He did not just say that, did he?! :facehoof: Now the Equestrian law of physics known to the wider multiverse as "irony" is going to be gunning for them specifically... You might just as well have painted a bulls-eye on the top of your caravan, Long Haul! :twilightangry2:

Seriously, though: great story thus far. :yay:


Changelings? :twilightoops::facehoof: Ooh, boy...! This is not good. (for your protagonists, I mean) Whassamatter? Queen Chryssy upset by the potential of some competition in the illusion business? :trixieshiftright:

So, I wonder: is Lemon Drop half-changeling for real, or is this "mom" of hers doing that just to screw around with her head? Hmmm... :trixieshiftright:

4082315 She is not half changeling, but the one who impersonated her mother is a little beyond psychopathic.

:pinkiesmile: Great story so far! And this "projection" talent of Screen's has other possibilities besides entertainment: video testimony by witnesses in a court case, for instance. Mind if I use something like it in my fic? :pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

4217622 By all means go ahead, if you ever want to borrow the theater per say as well. (ALA characters going to a performance of theirs) feel free to as well.

I feel this story needs more attention than it has right now

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