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The year is UC 0079 And the One Year War has changed. A mysterious military force known as the Mobile Armada of New Equestria, or MANE for short, has interrupted the events of the One Year War and changed it into a fight for the survival of Mankind. The Earth Federation and Principality of Zeon must work together to combat a force that none of them could have ever planned for, Ponies.

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Another Gundam fic? Time to see how well you write...

In all honesty this could have done with more fluffing, detail, descriptions and generally more meat to it. If anything you should beef up what you have and merge the two chapters into one with the intent of boosting the total word count to about 3000 to 4000 words.

Also you fail to establish any real 'hook' to encourage the Pony fans to keep reading. You only have one for Gundam fans and thats to find out what the hell happened to Amuro.

Overall a pretty weak performance for the newest member of the Pony/Gundam fic writing membership.

Yes I'm being a hardass, but you'll see why when I upload my fic which is currently in development hell.

Even if you're being a hard ass, I just appreciate having some actual feedback/ criticism for once. But I just wanna say that the word count per chapter is low because, well... I'm a really slow writer... I put out short chapters so that it isn't a month before I update the story. I'm also quite ready to admit that I'm not especially good at this. I just do it for fun, and a few of my friends told me I should upload it. Regardless, thanks for the feedback :3 :twilightsmile:

as a gundam classic fan i like this and its a cool spin on the ponies i hope to see more of this story to come.

ps if you want help on ms battle riteing id love too i have done some in writing .com

I appreciate the offer, but I like to figure these things out on my own :twilightsmile:

Give em Hell Char! :twilightsmile: cant wait for the next chapter

Time to play 04 - Char The Great, Andrew W.K.Version!

Now I can say this is what would had happend if Tomomino would had worked Together with Faust!:trollestia:

I would have love it if this had been the story of the actual anime. :rainbowlaugh:

Really beautiful man. I love it. Great job.

Should have been longer and the fighting given more depth.

Also, check my profile, I have a Gundam/Pony fic of my own now. :rainbowdetermined2:

man that is sad to see your own mother die in front of you :fluttercry: so sad cant wait for the next :pinkiehappy:

Job John piloting the RX-78-2 Gundam!?:pinkiegasp:... I hope he had readed carefully the operator's manual that is below the seat, this is completely unexpected, hell even in the Super Robot Wars game Bright Noa can Pilot the Gundam (althought mostly the Perfect Gundam version) under certain circinstances if Amuro is not aviable!:rainbowderp:

And it looks like we have a possible saboteaur inside White Base

good job on there

Thanks. I wanted to make some of the really minor characters into major or main characters. Slender and Job John both seemed like good choices. I really wasn't sure if this chapter was any good. I'm glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

I hope you don't forget about other Zeon ace pilots such as crimson lighting if i got that correct or what about black tri stars?

Johnny Ridden and Shin Matsunaga are two of my favorite Zeon aces, so they'll definitely show up at some point. I'm not too fond of the Tri Stars, but I admit that they deserve a place in the story. A few more minor aces will also at least be mentioned at some point.

The Big Zam was developed later in the One Year War, so it's not likely to make an appearance anytime soon, but it most likely will show up later on.

Really wanna see where this one goes

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