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Twilight Sparkle after the disastrous attempt at completing Starswirls Spell in the first half of Magical Mystery Cure. Decides that she's going to say buck it, and finish up some old spell of her own. By violating magic, physics, and nature. Twilight and the Mane 6 truly discover a new form of magic, and the power of friendship. Much to the consternation of Celestia and amusement of Luna.


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Comments ( 21 )

.... Seems legit. I'll give it a shot.

........ Totally worth it.

10/10, would read again.


:rainbowhuh:So what did they turn into?


A fusion of philopher's stone, Edo Tensei. So they literally are one of the undead/ living dead.

Is it wrong to listen to this while reading this?

okay so what happen now?


My baby brother was rocking out too that song, but yeah that sounds like good background music.


Haven'the really thought of an after yet. Mostly since the first this was parodying never really had an ending past Twi becomes undead Alcorn princess with a light shout out to the Rainbownomicon's Mane6 are undead.

Although I guess if enough peeps want a follow up I could do a little fun something or other.

They made the Elements into Horcruxes...
Though the Mane 6 did their entire souls into the Elements instead of just half...
Hm, funny as hell either way.


Can't believe I'm just seeing this comment now T_T. But yep, just like a proper Phylactery. Just goes to show that Voldemort really was an utter wimp.


Then may I recommend for your reading pleasure Even Alicorns Roll Ones. Also Twilight has the cutest hoof beard.

Sadly, still a better result than the first spell.

This is too stupid to understand sober and I'm a zealous teetotaler so I don't get it at all. Sorry bro.
And don't let me get started on how wrong Twilight's definition of Necromancy was. For sake of whole ponykind just don't.


She never gave a definition for 'Necromancy'. And technically in works of fiction, all forms of death magics fall under necromancy. Rather than the literal definition of divination via the dead.

And what she did mention about Necromancy. Was a word for word definition of what this Naruto tech is.

8076584 Still don't get it. Its not about me don't liking the story, I actually enjoyed it, it's more about how silly the whole idea was, and mane 6 simply went with it anyway.....
It sounds like something from "Mentally Advanced Series".


Yep. The idea was mostly with me playing with / making a joke fic of the Twilight Lich fics around that time. Where Twilight deals with her friends mortality via phylactery / Lichdome (or the Princesses themselves were Liches). I thought it was a funny story trope and decided to do my own take on it ^_^.

you make my brain hurt....in a good way

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