• Published 25th Oct 2014
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A Lich Of Metal And Souls. - ShadowsInTheDark

Going to comic-con. Didn't think I'd end up in equestria that for sure. Can't eat food, Can't drink anymore. Hell I can't even sleep. Well I guess that not true I do sleep but only for two days a month.

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And here I remember I didn't uploaded the last chapter of the Crossover. but it is fare to late now. Tomorrow XD.
So to the Chapter.
Ok we have another Human in this world, and she has some Bone to pick with Asphy. Could be funny, and if his past has shown us anything it means he get another Girl in the future XD.
Yea Celestia you can't stop messing up every meeting you have with the big bad metal Undead. smart move Sunbut, smart move.
He at least should have ask her if there were more he 'should' know of.
Or will he start a long search through the whole world?

so till next time.

And here I thought this ark of the story was don. where dos this chapter belong?


Well Pupa reminds me of my niece so much it's scary. 0_o

But all in all good chapter onto the sequel!

Ending credit music(In my mind):

Bone Cruncher makes sense enough, it's the "Cruncher-Churcher" that made me laugh. Makes it sound like he's from New England. I'm pretty sure you just forgot what you were doing in the middle of that one and started over without paying attention to what you were writing.

7560918 someone already did that for me.


Comment posted by shadowgod3211 deleted Nov 21st, 2016

Sunbutt, you've some 'splainin' to do!

Pupa... :facehoof:

I am?

I'm really enjoying the story so far. You've reignited my interest in the Iron Kingdoms and I've been looking into the Cryx a little bit. I actually took that quiz on Privateer press to which army was for me, Cryx was the first one it suggested ^^

You should get someone to spell check these chapters for you. It kind of ruins the story a little when I have to stop and figure out what your trying to say at some points. One thing that surprises me, and this is just going off your profile pic, is that no ones reacted to that eye that's in the staff. You'd think that would freak them out ^^

This is a really good story, but the grammar is killing me. I am currently crying bloody tears due to it.

Oh darn, another story ruined by being in the displaced universe. Why are all the best/ unique ideas always in the damn displaced universe! Undead metal liche sounds like it would be lots of fun to read but then it gets wrecked by all the random things popping up and or random crossover characters invading the story. God damn 4th cool story ruined by this stupid fackin heck...

I just can't read this. I like the idea, but the grammar is just God awful.

Then why did you wait till the last chapter if you think its awful?

I didn't "wait till the last chapter" I read three and then went to the stories' menu

Right... That's why it only shows up in the last chapter :ajbemused:

Idk blame the site not me. I couldn't stand reading through the rest. If you wanna be stubborn I don't really care.

Comment posted by Dallb deleted February 1st

trolololololololol ok that link was funny

I can see that happening; to be honest, I find the stories with interesting characters the ones that have a lot of random things happening to them. Good story though

Interesting story
But I do recommend you bring in an editor to fix it otherwise relatively good job

I believe they showed it as a taunt meaning 'come and get it'. Without the fingers they would not be able to fire arrows.

Wait even better send out Bob The Builder xD:trollestia:

Oh no, not that, I mean the world he went into in the chapter, unless you mean that dragon age crossover, then okay, thanks for answering

dude...I must ask...are you a warmahorde player? because that is a cryx warcaster on the storys cover...and I only learned of it this year too

I only read the books not really play the game. And to be honest I have no idea what I was thinking when I first started making this thing.

Its not a bad story, as for saurce material, do what you want

All that counts is the answer to this simple question.

"Is it a good story?"

So far it is.

The Monk

Just finished this story. and its not bad. Its a fun read over all, although I do have to thay the quality is iffy. Its almost like most of it had an editor while every so often chapters devolve into cave man speak.

"You know my name, what yours?" "Tom ran at the group as he shoot at war beast. " "That a big dam dragon."

While not stupendous, it is a fun story, but some chapters do need an editor badly.

The Monk
“What else to do? How did people survive boredom in olden times? ... Oh yeah, lots of stabbing." -RushyFiction

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