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Fluttershy hasn't told anyone about her guilty little pleasures. She can't, her friends, and Rainbow Dash in particular, would never understand. So she indulges herself.

(Please keep an open mind while reading this. I just enjoy writing these stories.)

(Contains elements of a particularly self damaging nature.)

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This seems interesting. ..... it's on top of my to read list. .....
now........ where is the top of that pile?

Can you do a sequel where she does confess and rainbow accepted happily and flutters tells her about the things she does? But it be a happy ending? What about when she cuts herself, surely ponies would see it?
Nice story, I really liked it.

5169046 I am currently working on a sequel, I don't like leaving people hanging. And she cuts herself on the undersides of her wings, and the very top of her legs, on the inside. And I hope you like these! :twilightsmile:

Oh I see, your going to have a like from me!

5169395 Thank You! I do try my best at these things.:twilightsmile:

I didn't realize that until the sequel about where she was cutting.

Comment posted by RoseOf1000Thorns deleted Oct 22nd, 2014

I love this! No grammar errors, no spelling errors, and the story is really intense! Awesome job! :yay: :rainbowwild:

5250657 Thank you! Your comments really help me and gives incentive to keep writing.

Wow. This cuts very close to home. I understand it

5315314 That's why I wrote this, to touch my readers on a mental level and connect with them, while providing my own takes on character back story and what may/may not potentially happen. Also, I put a little bit of my story in here. Just 'cause I could.

Woah.... this was... dark..... :twilightoops: And I loved it! :pinkiehappy:

5708750 Aw, thank you. Darker than my other things?

5712348 Well, I haven't read your other dark stories yet, so I'm just considering this story of your's the darkest one... for now. :twilightsheepish:

5712557 I guess it is my darkest, but then again my memory is hazy.

SAD!:fluttercry::applecry::pinkiesad2::raritydespair::raritycry::pinkiesick: also...

My father was always drunk, and abused me both physically and sexually.

Survivor1.exe has stopped working. Powering Survivor2.exe
S2: So I'm sposed to read these cards so... Why would he do that!:pinkiesick: Maybe the first one but the second!:flutterrage::pinkiesick: (I'm not saying I don't like the story, I'm just surprised you used it) No wonder flutters is always scared.:fluttershyouch: Doctor! I need some help getting rid of some evil:derpytongue2:. ...
Well that's It, have a nice day!:pinkiehappy:

7248672 Added that line cause I always thought that may've been a reason she waz shy, dunno if I should have or not but I put it in there regardless so meh :derpytongue2:

7251020 It's fine, just really surprised though.:pinkiegasp: But good story.:pinkiehappy:

7251492 Yaaay, I'm not entirely useless XD

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