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Any normal person would have stopped bothering by now.


Equestria is a wonderful, magical world, only occasionally threatened by big bad creatures that want to bring chaos to the land. The peaceful ponies have fought them off century after century through the use of magic, diplomacy, and whatever else happened to have seven colors in it.

It has come to the point where when you are a menacing digital shadow, looking over every inch of their pointless, brainless lives, they don't fear you.

They simply don't understand.

Some things you just need a good visage for.
Part of a prequel one-shot series to a much bigger fic, currently in the works. Creepy enough in its own right, I'd bet. The story it connects to... is just too relatable.

Now, if you want a reasonable person's perspective, then by all means - open it up and read.

Same series as Styx Enterprises, Nick and Penny, Vis-a-Vis and Vermillion.

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Whelp, I don't know how I got here. Wanted to check out popular stories.
I'm glad I made a mistake.



Yep, it's unusual to say the least. Glad to know that someone wasn't just left confused.

Whoa.... Words.... I don't even.... Wow. That was gooood!



Well, I'm going to try and not drop the ball in the continuation. This story, as the description says, leads into a much bigger one... though it isn't told from the same perspective.

Very Watch_Dogs-esque, but even darker.
I want more. A lot more.


5227066 Interesting. I never even considered Watch_Dogs when I wrote this.

And yes, this will be continued in a bigger story, though it'll take a while with how slow I write. And, well, as a slight spoiler, the protagonist of this story is not... exactly the main hero. Oh, he's far from that.

Intriguing, although I cannot picture what the end result was like. Or rather: the picture in my head seems more weird than threatening.

Those pics you provided for reference tho... :pinkiegasp:

Brilliant concept, by the way. Indeed, what is it that sets ponies off? They can be scared of the weirdest things, yet not even blink when the most obvious threats appear right in front of them.

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