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Buttery waifu is best waifu.

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Let's see where this takes us. Curiosity has been piqued.

>refering to it as an Airbus
Jesus Christ, is it 2004?

Will this is new and I like it

The name of this story is freakin' awesome. :rainbowdetermined2:

The content... well, haven't opened the story yet, but the long description feels a little gimmicky, to be honest. :unsuresweetie: I probably won't read it because I didn't get hooked.

The most promising feature of this story at a glance is the mature-sex tag. Let's hope you're better at writing clop than you are at getting me interested. :raritywink:

5166628 Meh... descriptions ain't really my strong suit—and there isn't actually any clop in the first chapter, but there will be in the second :moustache:

Edit: There wasn't. Oh well...

Sound like he gonna fuck they brain out.

This is awesome. Seriously, really freaking awesome!

At first I thought it was going to be an odd lost-pony type of deal, and boy was I happy to be proved wrong. Though, you may wanna work on your description, as it doesn't really describe much. Heh.

Anyway, I love this. Keep up the great work, and pleeeease publish a new chapter faster than I publish chapters. I hate it when people are slow. :p

Oh yay, he's landed in the Equestria where everyone's a giant douche...

Da fuq? I would have kicked her ass for kicking me then I would have taken off and left. Sorry not interested in this story.

ok I am interested lets see ware this is going to sore off two.

5173477 Oh dear... Like you can talk mate....:facehoof:

this looks intersting seems like a odd place to leave chapter one but screw it following

Everything changed when Captain dumbass somehow flew us into another dimension.

>>Amusement intensifies

I'll be watching this one. Don't kill it halfway through, listen to critiques, and this might turn out great.

So thanks for that.

When's the next chapter coming out?


I know this is due an update, (don't worry I haven't abandoned it) but I've just been busy with a new story...and having to go to work...and sleep and stuff...(wish I could just spend all my time writing to be honest...)

I've got a couple of days off now so a second chapter for this is definitely on my to do list :moustache:

Ok. It was a pretty good fic. I'd probably would have enjoyed reading it. Right up to the last sentence. Then my interest got blown out of the sky like a duck in November.

5261509 You aren't the first person to say that.

Meh, I may edit it...

...I should really write a second chapter for this...

As punishment, you will now take his place.

*sighs and rips off pants* If you insist, cap'n.

Great story so far really enjoyed it especially as I have a passion for flight myself, all the lingo is there and the technicalities all in all loving it so far and can't wait for the next chapter


Blunt, strange, crazy and outright confusing.

Loved it.

Faved :D

That it? That all....

If Jack were here on Earth I'd say he was boned. He probably still is boned on a whole new level.

5663408 Hehe...

I've decided to make Slipstreams chapters shorter, but hopefully more frequent. :twilightsheepish:

This was a nice new chapter. Really glad to see you're back.

I think it's time for all of us to pray for this guys well being... I think that he'll need it.

5663425 This story hurt my feeling also you story is....break sanity.
but also it good you are back.

A mare with a lilac coat, an ice blue and white mane and tail and a picture of a shooting star on her flanks started to cry.

Incidentally, has anyone noticed that Cloudchaser's cutie mark looks kind of like that star from NBC's "The More You Know" PSAs?



I screamed. Fleetfoot merely laughed, climbing with the speed a Eurofighter Typhoon. We were now soaring high above the base. The only consolation of the terrifying ordeal was the fact that I spotted the jet—thankfully still intact.


Damn, Fleetfoot. :rainbowlaugh:

(I will admit for the record that if I were to "cheat" on Lyra, Raindrops, and Twilight, it'd probably be with Fleetfoot...)

After a few intricate barrell rolls—probably just to scare the shit out of me—we soared past a large cloud tower with a breathtaking rainbow fall streaming from its side.

5668684 Hehe..

That second video...

...It made me lol.

Also, yes. Fleetfoot is hawt. :twilightblush:

I was originally going to have Cloudchaser be the main...err romantic candidate but I find I enjoy writing Fleetfoot so much I'm going to develop her character a bit more and eventually have her and Jack develop some deeper feelings, rather than it just being about mindless sex.

Also...Jack is gonna be, well...let's just say—less than pleased when he finds out he might have a thing for talking horses.

Just out of curiosity, are there any mares in particular besides Fleetfoot who'll get a lot of... ahem... use out of Jack? Say, for instance, a certain yellow-coated, teal-maned mare who once accidentally dropped a bunch of shit on Twilight alongside Derpy? She was a cadet at the academy in that one episode, after all...


*Begins slamming head into table*
*Finishes Slamming head into table*
Okay. Whew, out of the immersion that is this story's character. Okay. I sincerely was about to get up from my seat, walk towards the door, all while saying nope nope nope nope nope nope. Then my brain's logic kicked in and I went No, I'm not in a story! Stop it part of brain that does story reading.

Stupidity aside, clop usually isn't my thing.
Unless it's with Luna then maybe i'll consider.
Also, pun levels are 10/10. Which is a -5 points to my arbitrary meter of immersion. Puns make me cringe hard enough that I get dropped out of the immersion, thankfully my brain rolls back to the point before the bad pun.

oooooooo mmmmmyyyyyyyyy this is going to get so good and start moving super duper fast.

let the fun be doubled.
and to think I about stopped following this story at one point boy that would have ben a huge mistake on my part.
good job with the story keep up the good work.
Harts Fire

Similar to the other story, I hope the humans show them just how strong willed we are as a species. Even threats from stronger creatures are dealt with in our own calculating ways.

Humanity can be described as a sleeping giant, one wrong move and we awake.

Curious to see how this story goes.


Spitfire and him are going to get along famously.

“As for flying through a warzone—no, that would be ridiculous. What you would be doing is flying nearby, with your ship readily available for pegasi to rest—and as a medical base.”

i see several MAJOR Glaring Flaws in Spitfire's plan: how are the Pegasi supposed to board an Aircraft at altitude with four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 Turbofan Engines turning at TENS OF THOUSANDS of Revolutions Per Minute (which would be a repeat of poor Windrunner's Demise if the pegasi aren't instructed of the engine's Danger), as well as trying to board an aircraft that has to be PRESSURIZED before Takeoff!


not only that, they'll likely have to recalibrate all of the Airbus' Instruments so they won't go COMPLETELY APESHIT, as well as install the Equestrian Version of IFF.

Not to mention the specialized training regime that will need to be developed from scratch to get Jack and company to successfully work with the pegasi in order to pull off the kinds of maneuvers that Spitfire seems to be contemplating.

One can only hope that the griffons are generous enough to give them the time needed to put it all together. :ajsmug: :trollestia:

I like to play rough.

Oh really, then fuck you. if you look close to horse and pony same as anatomy.
Then you mare came like 1 min or 3 min. you try to fuck a human about America person who have 1 - 3 hour maybe 5.

5695183 Ahh questions. I shall explain~: :pinkiehappy:

*Clears throat*

There is such a thing called standard procedure, something of which poor old Windrunner was woefully unaware. A system will be put in place for safe entry and exit. For instance—The A380s wingspan is so large than it can fly with its engines at near enough idle, mininmising the danger to the pegasi. They can then fly to the doors furthest from the enigines to gain access.

As for the pressure problem—how could you not get it?? :facehoof: In this 'verse, the planet is larger. Therefore it has increased gravity, meaning the air pressure is increased. The jet will be able to fly pretty high without any need for pressurisation. In fact—planes on Earth can fly as high as ten thousand feet without pressurisation.

Also—Jack as an aerospace engineering degree. With the help of the (currently un-introduced) unicorn technician, the flight systems will be re-calibrated for safe flight in Equestria.

This is gonna get goooood. Keep the updates rollin!

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