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I dunno if I can be your favorite, but if you like my writing, that's pretty good in my book.


Fifth graders are the blight of the world, in Thunderlane's opinion. But he's going to solve that problem, one foal at a time.

But this particular colt just might turn his plan against him.

I'm so sorry...

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...So, that happened.
Regardless of where you place the blame, you can never deny this. :twilightoops:

Eh, I gave it an upvote.

Yessss, put those twerps in their place. :pinkiecrazy: What we all wanna do... at least once right? Right? (yeah, yeah, child abuse is bad, got it...)

Middle schoolers are even worse, though. Puberty kicks them right in the groin, and their hormones are splooshed everywhere. Just all over.

I could always just sweep this under the rug like it never even happened :scootangel:

... But I won't do that. There's almost no traffic on this, and feedback is quietly positive.

Yeah, I feel bad for middle schoolers. They've got the worst of everything. But pre-teens? They're fair game for literary abuse!

Only as a joke would I ever condone this.

As the younger brother... I kinda did deserve it
Anyways cool fanfic, r8 7/8

thx 4 the r8 m8

And Iunno. Younger siblings can be very annoying, but older siblings aren't always that much better. I know I probably deserved to be smacked around once or twice. Or a lot.

As one who has nine younger siblings...I can see where Thunderlane is coming from. :ajbemused:

Ouch. Nine? I only have two younger sisters and one older one (whom I never saw till I was eighteen or so. Somewhat long story.) I can only imagine having four and a half times as many younger siblings. :derpyderp2:

5633255 It is sometimes not very fun.

I wholeheartedly agree with that last statement.

Trouble with fifth graders?

More like Trouble with Teenagers

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