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Vinyl had never even heard the word "Human" before. Until her party had accidentally been interrupted, Vinyl hadn't actually even been out of Equestria.

When she winds up in the human world, Vinyl has absolutely no idea what she's doing. There are people who want to hurt her, and people who want to keep her as part of their "collection." On the run, she finds one guy who's willing to take her in and help her. The only problem of his is that he lives on a farm in the country, with no studio. Even worse, he is not a brony.

With Vinyl's life on the line, she has no choice but to accept him into her life, and she immediately goes to work on the farm. Does that mean she can truly ever outrun what so slowly chases her?

Credit to Zance21 for coming up with the idea and requesting it for me!
Credit to 0_0, GadgetPhile, and enti0 for being my amazing proofreaders and editors!

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This IS wubbing fantastic! Well done! :moustache:

5156569 thank you!! I can't wait to see how it plays out in the end, but I hope you'll love it!!

Top shelf! I haven't read a good vinyl fic well aside from one that involved a snake and some light vore. Still vury good so far.

5156995 thank you so much! Yea, even though requested, I was able to choose the pony. I thought since Mike lives on a farm, the conflicting lifestyles will make a good story :)

Wait, the brony's name was James? :twilightsmile: CLEVER!

I'm going to say something here.

1) Mike is the parkour speed master. Jumping from building to building and that speed! That's what I got from it anyways.

2) Vinyl and Octavia: Secrets Untold

3) Luna approves

Whelp, that's all I got to say for now. Love the first chapter friend. Can't wait to read on. Magnificent!

Mmkay, cR Gamer_Luna out. PEACE!




Lyra... Lyra's obsession with humans. Comes in handy for once.


Chapter One - Tavi actually foreshadowed what was going to happen to Vinyl. Well played Master James. Well played.

My good sir, that one was so heartfelt and well thought. I did get a little sneak peak the other day.. the socks.

SOCKS!!!! But I am most definitely loving this one. Let me put it in simple terms.

I "wub" it! :derpytongue2:

See what I did there? Anyways, back to my studies! This story has yet to fail me! Continue on Master James! Continue!

I assume... the best princess, Luna!

It was at night, she'd be the only one awake during these hours, so therefore, my hypothesis is complete.

I did notice a single spelling error however. You put "yopu" instead of "you". Don't want you to miss that, so I'll just tell you now.

I don’t think I’ll show yopu any wubs tonight; Maybe tomorrow, if it’s okay with you?”

There it is. Anyways, until next time good sir!

How would Vinyl know what a car is?

5201344 Well, it could be many things; Lyra could be an influence...but I don't remember if it actually states that she does. Since it's set in our world, the objects are directly stated. Though, I will assume from what I've been writing that she doesn't directly know what it is, but it looks like other objects in Equestria, such as the taxicabs in Manehattan. So she just assumes it's dangerous to stand in front of one. So, the answer, from me, will be taxicabs in Manehattan.


...I... I can't explain, how great this story is. So, here's a video.

Whenever I read a fictional with Vinyl in it, I imagine her voice being Nowacking's voice.:pinkiehappy:

5237558 Ikr! Her voice is perfect for Vinyl, she should actually play Vinyl, and Elimonty should play Octavia and not whoever played her in Rainbow Rocks. :twilightsmile:

5338524 Haha well, I'm doing a Christmas fic right now as I type this, but I will continue the next chapter of this afterwards! And yes!! Thank you!!!

YAY!!!!! YOU'RE BACK!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::twilightsheepish:

That plot twist came so fast, I broke my neck trying to keep up with it.

5394957 XD That was meant to come right there! If not, then I would've dragged it out through three chapters :P

5390266 True, but I'm going to be entering a short fic AppleDash contest tonight, so it might be a few more days :P

D'awwwwww!!!:rainbowkiss: Can't wait to read the rest! Good work, and nooice job :moustache:

5473590 Thank you so much :D A chapter is in progress and it's so close to being done! Plus, it might make you dawwww (If you get the image I am :P) and also might make you crazy...or hate it XD It's quite random...buuuuuut either way, thank you for the like, and thank you for being around to read!

Hmmm... why do I get the feeling there"s something that Mike is hiding.... :rainbowderp:

5476774 Large amounts of cash in his wallet, his sudden nervousness and secrecy...I don't know why, maybe you're just paranoid XD

This story is, without doubt, amazing! Nice job, bud!!!

6167968 Thank you so much! I'm trying to get chapters out, but it's been a busy life lately! I'll try to get more as soon as possible :)

This was one heck of a plot twist...

I love it!

6375443 Thank you so much! I've been trying to work on another chapter, but my writing drive has been very slowed lately...but I promise I'll have another one out as soon as possible! Thank you for reading!!! And may more plot twists follow :3

I'm patiently waiting for an update to this damn story. C'mon Master James! Pull yer head out of yer arse and start writin' this!


Ehem...please continue writing this my good sir. I was really getting into it and I swear I've spoken to you about continuing this story MULTIPLE times.

Anyway, I must be off.

It's highly unlikely someone stealing an energy drink would lead to people getting accosted at a nearby convention... Actually unless a cop was literally right there, it's doubtful the police would do anything. It's just not worth it for a 3 dollar theft. Waste of police resources and all that. Especially if said person was wearing a "costume" that makes finding their identity nearly impossible.

7064186 Honestly, the month after writing that, that's almost the exact thought I had about it all. After enough time, I really got around to thinking, and something I would've, and might still add, is that this shopkeeper is a common nuisance. I mean, you have to remember his store is basically in an alley, and the police are probably tired of him. Plus, that acrobatic scene with Mike, they have to be out for him and Vinyl after that scene. On top of that, they were probably just trying to brush off this storekeeper's claims and were freaked out by a talking horse.
So my only explanation is that the storekeeper is just a relentless asshole who gets carried away with everything and is a common nuisance that the police just want to be done with.
But thanks for the comment, I will keep it in mind for helping to improve this in the coming months and maybe years :pinkiehappy:

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