• Published 2nd Nov 2014
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War In The Dark - Lyraah

A rare blue diamond, a lost artifact dating centuries had found its way onto the hooves of a mafia boss. One pony will do anything to 'retrieve' the gem, all that she could, however illicit the means may be. But, there are two sides to this

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Act VII: Co-lateral

War In The Dark

*** Co-lateral ***


That night, Amethyst stood by the bus stop, reaching out a hoof as the minibus rolled onto the street. With a hiss and groan, the bus stopped in front of her and the doors swung open. Amethyst clambered into the vehicle as it pulled away from the stop.

Amethyst found a seat near the front and sat down, peering out of the window introspectively. The street lights seem to go by like a blur as she leaned against her hoof, watching the night lights flash about, their shadows flickering past every now and then.

Roseluck was pleasantly startled when she saw the mare, still gazing out the window, not paying attention to her. She riveted at the unicorn, feeling a smile rising from her muzzle. This was probably the first time she smiled since she last saw her.

Roseluck did not break her gaze with Amethyst, hoping that she would at least notice her. She didn't mind what Amethyst did a few days ago, in fact, she longed to just talk to her again.

At this very moment, a horn sounded from behind the minibus as flashes of red and blue lighted up radiantly. A loudspeaker blared, "Minibus with license plate EQM483, please pull over to the side of the road."

Amethyst glanced back to see a police van behind the bus. She kept her gaze locked on the vehicle as it overtook the bus, her vision brushed past a familiar mare. Amethyst felt her heart pounding painfully against her chest as Roseluck turned to look at her.

As the bus pulled up, Roseluck lifted her saddlebags from the seat next to hers, hinting the unicorn to sit next to her. Amethyst felt a flat smile forming as she made herself comfortable on her new seat.

Roseluck looked nervously at the officers that have alighted to check the minibus, wrapping her forehooves around Amethyst's. She leaned on the unicorn's neck instinctively, without being told.

Amethyst was surprised by her actions, but was not complaining. She gently nuzzled her mare, and the world around her laid in peace.

"What did I do, mam?" The driver innocently asked.

"What did you do? You rushed a red light, that's what you did." The officer leaned in through the driver's window.

"I didn't, I'll know if I did!"

"You didn't? Everypony in your bus knew that you've rushed traffic light and you don't? Pass over your ID and license." The officer demanded.

Roseluck glanced up at the unicorn, her eyes were sparkling with a hopeful expression. Amethyst smiled and shifted closer to the earth pony. Both mares relaxed and pulled away from the clasp and chuckled silently.

"Right, you'll be charged for running a red light, good night to you and drive safely." The officer presented the ticket to the driver and trotted off, back to police van.

"What an arse, giving me a ticket just for this?" The driver lamented as the minibus went on its way again.

The bus continued down its trail as the night went on. Roseluck was staring into space, deep in her thoughts. Amethyst sat there, watching as the buildings passed her by. She felt a hoof brush past hers as Roseluck jolted from her dazed state. Rose brushed her fringe to the side of her face, resting her head on Amethyst's shoulder.

The two mares said nothing on the whole journey, just enjoying the time together in silence.

As the night drew colder and darker, the bus grinded to a halt at its final stop. "We've reached the end of this trip, you two should alight." The driver said, glancing to his two remaining commuters.

Roseluck reluctantly lifted her head from the mare as they both smiled at each other. They quickly got up and hopped down the steps, watching as the bus drove off.

"Have you eaten yet?" Amethyst asked, breaking the silence for the first time.

Roseluck shook her head, "No." She admitted, not breaking her smile.

"There's a cafe still open over there, do you... want to go grab a bite?" Amethyst asked, trotting past the mare.

"I'd love to."


"I would like a glass of orange juice." Roseluck said to the waiter, who quickly jotted down her order.

"Same for me." Amethyst waved and the waiter was off. "We came to the cafe to eat something, and ended up just ordering drinks."

Roseluck nodded gleefully, glancing at the mare beside her. Amethyst put a hoof around Rose fondly, pulling the mare against her.

"What is your name?" Roseluck asked, leaning on Amethyst. "You can call me Roseluck, or just Rose..."

"Sparkler, but that won't make a difference."

"That's a nice name." Roseluck rubbed her muzzle against Amethyst's neck lovingly, receiving a warm brush of her partner's breath. "I've read about you in the newspaper. And... I'm sure you've seen me in your store."

"Yeah, you always seemed so... sad." Amethyst tugged on Roseluck's shoulder.

"I was." That was more of a statement. "I've been alone in this big city for a few weeks, I thought by escaping life in Ponyville, I would find happiness I truly desired here."

"You're lonely. You wanted somepony to hold you, somepony to love." Amethyst muttered just as the waiter came to their table with the drinks. Roseluck nodded, swabbing her face on Amethyst's fur.

"I first visited your store to have a look around; I've seen my friends wearing diamond bands and necklaces, and I was jealous. Not because I wanted the accessories... but because they had somepony special to care for them." Roseluck whispered, not breaking her embrace. Amethyst listened, her heart was heavy like lead.

"I came back just to see you." Roseluck said. "I was too shy to talk to you, I really liked you when I first saw you. You looked like the kind of mare I'd like to... um."

"Yeah?" Amethyst shut her eyes and took in a whiff of Roseluck's mane. It has a faint scent of roses, to be expected.

"...Be with." Roseluck whispered, her face flushing crimson red like her mane.

"But I'm wanted. You won't be with me for long." Amethyst pushed away gently, gazing into Rose's green eyes.

"No, at least we're together." Roseluck asserted. "I really didn't expect to run into you like that. I'm grateful nonetheless." She said, hugging Amethyst again.

"I- I'm sorry I had to do what I did under such circumstances." Amethyst lowered her head, glancing at the earth pony's hooves.

Roseluck raised a hoof and covered Amethyst's muzzle, whispering. "I'm glad you did that."

Removing her hoof, Rose leaned in and pressed her lips against Amethyst's. Amethyst was taken by surprise, but she returned the kiss, wrapping both her hooves around Roseluck and shutting her eyes. Rose breath hitched as she continued, the strong whiff of her partner drove her further. Amethyst felt a distinct warmth spreading all over her body and pushed her tongue across Roseluck's.

Roseluck felt Amethyst's tongue sliding over as it went deeper. She felt electrifying, she wanted more. Rose fought back, but to no avail as she opened her muzzle, allowing Amethyst to explore her mouth. It felt pleasant and warm. It was something she had wished for, to share her kiss with the mare she loves. Roseluck knew it was very sudden, but she had been alone for so long to care.

The feeling of her saliva mixing with Amethyst's felt very rousing to Roseluck. She enjoyed every last moment until Amethyst pulled away. Roseluck slowly opened her eyes, only to find them blurring. She was tearing.

Amethyst gently wiped the tears from her eyes, pulling her in for an embrace. "I love you, Sparkler." She uttered, tears trickling down her cheeks again.

"Rose." Amethyst pushed her partner away gently, running her hooves to her shoulders. Roseluck glanced at the mare, her fringe falling onto her face. "I promise you, I still need to do one last thing. After that, I'll stop. I won't let you date a wanted pony, even though that doesn't make a difference once we're done."

"I don't mind at all. I'll wait for you." Roseluck replied, giving Amethyst a small peck on her cheek. Amethyst smiled, nuzzling her mare.

Amethyst and Roseluck stayed in the cafe, talking and enjoying time together till it's time for the shop to close for the night. Amethyst trotted out of the cafe as Roseluck followed her, leaning against her neck lovingly.

"I'll see you home." Amethyst said, clasping Roseluck's forehoof. The red maned earth pony nodded cheerfully and continued down the pavement with her mare. Roseluck's heart was still palpitating rapidly, she was euphoric and thunderstruck, but these emotions assuaged to a more warm and amorous one.

She felt blissful, she felt happy for the first time in a very long time. Roseluck would hold on to this love, for this was all she had ever wanted.

Somepony to love, somepony to love her back.

She had found her.

Amethyst didn't want to hurt Roseluck, she wasn't even sure if she'll get out of this. Amethyst will have to be focused on the task before committing herself fully to her mare.

The game will continue in its last stretch.