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Fallout Equestria-Forgotten Past - bayleaf9514

200 years after the end of the world, and three years after Little Pips adventure, two pre war ponies find themselfs caught in the middle of a war. Hope and Faith have to brave the trials of the wasteland, and attempt to restore harmony to the land

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into the freezer

Your mare friend said that you liked to hear stories, so we figured...you might like ours. I've heard a lot about you, but...i never really knew what things where like before you came out of your stable. I cant really appropriate what you did for the wasteland, not like others do...but I know what its like to give up everything, to save who you care about. That’s what I admire about you. sacrifice.

Chapter 1: into the freezer

The first thing I was aware of was the cold. I know its not what your expecting to hear, but its all I could think about. The impossible cold. Coming out of cryostasis so suddenly was a major shock to my system.

Coming out of cryostasis isn’t like standing in your yard wearing nothing in January. Its 100 times worse then that. It feels like the cold is coming from inside your body, and making your skin cold. So yea, not what you might call fun.

I fell to the cold steel floor, my body to numb to feel me fall out of my cryo-chamber. I opens my eyes, shivering uncontrollably.

My stable still looked the same as it had 200 years ago. Gray and bleak. They had a habit of doing that with stables, but im sure you know that. I always said that it would be better for moral If we could paint them. Stable tech cared vary little of aesthetics

Against my better judgment, I got to my hoofs. I felt stiff, and I think my stomach tried to digest itself. I had to keep reminding myself that I had been out for 200 years. It felt as if I had slept a few hours.

I was on one of the lower levels of stable 117. Each level had a cryolab, all built with the same layout. A massive rotunda, filled with a maze of what we called cryo-clusters. A cryo-cluster was a group of 6 tubes, all sitting against each other in a circle. In the center of the room was a giant...yea you guessed, tube. We had a few of those. This one housed a magically charged gem that ran all the stasis chambers in the lab.

An outstretched hoof offered to help me up, which I took without hesitation. I had only met him once, but it wasn’t hard to recognize blaze. His coat was this unique mixture of red and orange, making him appear to be burning. I'll admit, it was a cool affect. I was stuck with a boring old blue coat. He was wearing his stable security barding, complete with the helmet.

“Wha-whats going....on.” I chattered.

“Somepony opened the door.” He answered. He didn’t seem all that invested in the conversation, as if his mind was else where.

“If we're getting out of here, w-why don’t you look happy?” I tried to talk normally, but the chill in my bones was making it impossible.

He shock his head. “Because they...they shot at us. A group of security guards went to meet with them, and they where slaughtered.”

My face paled. Why would a group of ponies brake into the stable and shot at us? What could the possibly gain from that? Yea, I know its obvious, but I knew vary little about the wasteland at the time.

“I know, its bad. The security system has locked down the stable. Last I checked, they where stuck on level 3.”

I looked around the massive rotunda. Nearly all the cryo-tubes where empty, but there was only a few dozen ponies there. “Where are they?” I muttered.

Blaze immediately understood what i meant. He removed his helmet. “When they where unfrozen, they...” He shook his head. “Im not a doctor. I didn’t know what to do, i-i didn’t know how to defrost them properly.” He looked down. a tear was running down his face.

“Its alright blaze.” I said, putting a hoof on his shoulder. “You did the right thing trying to wake them. These freezers, they can be dangerous. That’s why they where only used in select stables.”

The stallion nodded. “Thanks hope.”

“No problem.” That’s when my brain finally clicked. For somepony so smart, I tend to miss the important stuff. “Did you say there trapped on level three?” I asked.

The earth pony nodded. “why do you-” Realization dawned in his eyes. “Hope, im so sorry. After everything you did for them to let your sister in the stable...”

“No. No! This is not over!” I snapped. “Im going to the cryo-lab on level three, and im getting my sister.”

Blaze shook his head. “They will kill you hope. You realize that don’t you? Think this through. You are one of the smartest minds of our time. The best magical energy engineer to have ever lived. Is it really worth you getting killed, to save a junkie?”

Big, BIG mistake. My horn flared, sending blaze flying across the room. He hit the door to a nearby cryo-pod, cracking the glass. His eyes widened with fear.

I wasn’t one to loss my temper. Ever. But this is my sister where talking about. My flesh and blood. I practically raised her after my father joined the war. She was the only living pony in the wasteland I trusted. I didn’t care about what ponies said about me, but you fuck with my sister...

I teleported in front of the pined pony, for no other reason then to demonstrate my power. The stallion was visibly shaking.

“Faith isn’t a junkie. Now im going to save her whether you like it or not. You can help me, or you can sit down here with your head between you legs.”

I let my spell drop, dropping him onto the cold steel floor. Many of the other ponies in the rotunda had gathered around now, watching the action. I helped him to his hoofs.

“The stables on lock down,” He repeated. “How are you going to get up there?”

I help up my unusual looking pip buck and smiled. "Pip buck 5000. This thing 'ill hack the security system in 10 seconds flat.”

He nodded, and grabbed something out of his vest with his teeth. “Hmer, trak thif.” He said through the pistol in his mouth. I grabbed it with my telekinesis. I looked over the revolver floating in the green aura of my magic.

“Thanks.” I said. I slipped it into the pocket of my stable maintenance uniform. Yes, I was maintenance. Its the only job a stable has for an engineer.

I weaved through the maze of cryo-chambers to a door across the room. Once I was out of the cryo-chamber, I had to weave my way through the stable to the central elevators. I loved the feel of the warm, 25 degree air. (umm, Celsius.)

“Why does everything have to look the same.” I muttered as I walked. I'll be honest, If it wasn’t for the signs everywhere, I never would have found those damn elevators.

I trotter up to three doors that lined the wall. They looked like normal doors, save for the neon elevator signs above them. I pressed the elevator button on the panel beside one of the doors. Unsurprisingly, nothing happened. I smiled, lifting my pip buck. I easily connected to the stables mainframe wirelessly, and turned the elevator back on. Moments later, the door slide open with a ding.

“Ha, piece of cake.” I said. I walked into the elevator. The panel in the elevator was still unpowerd, so I had to control it with my pip buck.

Moments later, the doors slide open again, reviling yet another gray wall. I peaked out into the hall, making sure there was no one down it. It was clear.

The stable was capable of keeping the hole population of the stable alive out of stasis, in case the cryo-tech ever failed. Despite no pony being in there for 200 years, the place was vary clean. I figured the robots had kept it maintained.

I moved carefully through the dull gray hallways of the stable. I wincing with every clop of my hoofs. Every hoof fall was like a gunshot in my ears.

I navigated the stable with ease. It felt as if I had just gotten there, and I was already nearing the cryolab. This is way easier then I thought it would be, I thought. I spoke to soon.

I gasped as I came around the next corner. I was face to face with a pony. I mentally scorned myself for neglecting my EFS. If I had been using my eyes forward sparkle, I would have seen this guy on the compass.

The first thing I noticed was the power helmet covering his face. The second thing I noticed was the massive mini gun mounted to the side of his power armor. I would have thought that the soldier was on my side, if the armor hadn’t been painted red.

He was apparently working on a maintenance terminal mounted to the wall, most likely in an attempt to hack it. The terminal flashed as it warned him of his final hacking attempt.

“Halt!” The pony bellowed. His voice was muffled slightly by his helmet.

I was terrified. Sometimes it sucked to know everything. Like how power armor was built. Or like the odds of me doing any damage to it. The odds definitely weren’t in my favor, not that they ever are.

That’s when my brain kicked in. this was what I was born to do. What the spell matrix on my flank meant. I was born to solve problems, and that’s just what I planed on doing.

My horn became shrouded in green. I couldn’t help but grin as his mini gun whirled to life. It ran for about a second before the rotating barrel stopped. The stallion looked back at his gun, looking vary confused. The metal of the rotating barrel had fuzed to the metal of the rest of it. Faith would know what the rest of the gun was called.

“Welding spell.” I gloated.

The steel clad soldier chuckled a bit, catching me off guard. I had no idea what he could possibly find amusing, considering I just ruined his gun. He turned slightly, letting me see the massive plasma cannon mounted on the other side of his armor. Its tri barrels glowed green has he took aim.

“Next time, don’t attack somepony better armed then you.” He said, savoring the moment. “wha-” He asked as he saw the terminal beside him become shrouded in a green glow.


The terminal exploded, blowing him to the floor, and assaulting his armor with shrapnel. I winced involuntary as it blew apart. I smiled as I marveled at my incredible plan. The nerd won against the pony armed to the teeth, and heavily armored.

My victory was short lived, however, as the stallion began to get to his hoofs. Apparently overloading a terminal wasn’t enough to take out power armor. I definitely misjudged on that one.

I didn’t stay for the rest of the party. The second I saw was he was still conscious, I bolted. I ran as fast as my four legs would carry me. After a short detour I was at the door to the cryo-lab.

I looked back, chest heaving. My legs burned. I really needed to work out more. As fare as I could tell, I had lost him. I knew that if I could get out of sight, I could loss him. Those suits weren’t built for speed.

I was surprised that there wasn’t any more red guys at the door to the cryo-lab. Sure, the stable residence weren’t there target, but they would still have valuable information at least.

I sat down at the doors terminal. It was easy to hack into. I unlocked the door, and opened it.

I actually managed to get into room before shit hit the fan.

“Attention!” A voice boomed from behind. I winced and looked behind me. No pony there. I let out a sigh of relive as I realized it was the PA system. “There is a young blue colt wondering level three. I want him dealt with as soon as possible. Maintain cation, he has already alluded one of our knights. That is all.”

“Out of the frying pan...” I muttered, closing the door behind me. It locked itself as it shut. I shivered slightly as I mild about the large rotunda. It was a clone of the one upstairs. After what had felt like hours, I found the stasis chamber of the filly I was looking for. It felt like just yesterday I had watched the green mare be frozen in time.

Beside the chamber, was a small control panel. I went through the procedure of reviving her properly. Freezing was already dangerous enough. The magic that was used in it was unstable at best. Five minutes later, the chamber was off, and she was thawing out.

The chamber opened, the space between me and it clouding over with fog. Luckily for Faith, I could see her shadow. I had to grab her to keep her from hitting the floor. Her coat was covered in patches of frost. I sat her down gently on the floor. Her main and coat where littered with spots of frost.

She shivered as she regained consciousness. Her eyes cracked open, and her teeth chattered. Her eyes set on me above her, then on the gun handle sticking out of my pocket. She was wearing that, “what have I gotten myself into now” look of hers.

She took a breath, as she got herself to her hoofs. I tried to help her up, but she pushed me away. Her eyes told me to back off.

“H-how long?” she chattered, rubbing one foreleg with the other.

“A little over 200 years.” I answered. “Come on, we need to go.”

“W-whats g-going on? Why aren’t the others awake? Who had the bright idea to give you a gun?”

“Some guys in power armor broke into the stable. We have to leave.”

Faith nodded towards a steel door at the edge of the room. “My cross bows in the storage room over there.” She said.

Hope shook his head and sighed. “Fine, whatever, go.”

Faith smiled as she trotted over to the door. She knew I wouldn’t wast time arguing, because she would just do it anyway. I fallowed her.

The storage room was lined with lockers, numbering from 1-150. faith found her locker easily, and cracked it open. Inside was her saddle bags, her cross bow, and a quiver of blots. She tossed me one of her saddlebags, which I put one.

“So, let me get this straight.” She said, using the inventory spell on her pip buck. “Some ponies in power armor brake into the stable, so you come down here to save me?” I nodded. She levitated her lock pick out of her saddle bags and starts working on getting into some pony else locker. “And you brought a gun, you have no idea how to use?”

“I know how a gun works, faith. I designed magical energy weapons, remember?”

“Knowing how it works, and knowing how to use it, are two different things Bro.”

“That’s what SATS is for.”

“You cant just rely on a targeting spell Hope.” She smiled as the locker pooped open “Ah ha!”

I sighed. “What are you doing?”

“This locker belongs to the head of security.” She pulled a sub machine gun and some stable security barding. “Now I have armor.” She smirked.

While she dresses herself, I checked the door to the cryolab. I could hear voices on the other side, but I had no idea what they where saying. I really hoped we wouldn’t have to fight them. I went back to the storage room to warn faith.

“So what if there outside?” She asked after I told her. She ran a hoof down her cross bow. “Those doors are steel, not to mention magic.” She diverted her attention back to her cross bow. “Ready to have some fun, Hurricane?” She asked the weapon.

“Come on, lets go.” I urged. “You can grope Hurricane later.” Faith named her bow Hurricane, due to the wind enchantment on it. Gave the bolts a little more penetration.

She sighed. “Alright. Here, take this though.” She levitated the 9mm SMG in front of me. The gun had collected some rust over the 200 years it had sat in the locker, but it looked usable. I grabbed it in my magic, and tossed the strap over my head, letting the gun hang at my side.

“Thanks.” I said.

“Hmm... does this barding match my hair?” Faith asked me.

I sighed. “your hairs fine Faith.”

“I don’t think it works with the color. Maybe I’ll dye it.”

“Can you please worry about this later?” I begged.

“Fine, fine.” She said. We went back into the cro-lab.

The lab was still really cold, making me shiver slightly. We were walking towards the exit, when faith broke the silence. “Do you think there still out there?” Her answer came in a high pitched squeal from the other end of the door.

“Oh shit.” Faith muttered.


The stable shook. Next thing we knew, there was a 5 inch thick steel door heart set on turning is into stains on the floor. The ringing in my ears was almost bad enough to distract me from the door flying at me. Almost.

Faith and I instantly feel in sink. Both of us directed everything we have at the door. The door became shrouded in the pink and green glows of our magic. The metal warped under the force of our combined spells. We both tilted our heads left. my horn burned with the effort. The door fallowed our example, flying left. A path of destruction fallowed it as it crashed through the rotunda, smashing cry-tubes to bits.

We could make out two silhouette standing in the smoke filled hallway. Faith fired her cross bow at one of the shadows, and dove for cover behind a tube on her right. I fired and ran for cover as well.

I winced as the ponies mini guns opened fire on us, there bullets imbedding themselves into the cry-tube cluster in front of me. The glass doors shattered under the bombardment. I winced as a shard of glass cut across my leg. It wasn’t a bad cut, but it hurt like a bitch.

“Shot, stupid!” Faith shouted over the mini gun fire. Faith took another shot at the red soldiers. The bolts of her cross bow had no visible effect. I obliged her, the second they ceased fire. I pecked around the cry-tube, and switched into SATS. Time slowed to a crawl as I quid up my shots with the advanced targeting spell.

I let the spell drop, pumping half my mag into the face of the steel clad soldier. My shots staggered my opponent, but did vary little damage. My only reward for my effort was a series of tings as my bullets bounced off the armor.

I ducked back behind my cover as his mini gun spung up, dumping an immeasurable amount of rounds into the cry-tube. Shards of glass flew everywhere as they hammered away at my cover.

I waiting for SATS to recharge.

I looked over at faith, who had a worried expression on her face. She wasn’t doing to much better then I was. She looked at me questionably. I knew what she was waiting for. Me to come up with a plan to get out us out. Truth is, I didn’t have one. There where two guys in red power armor firing at us with mini guns blocking our only exit.

A blood curdling scream drew me out of my stupor. I looked back over at faith, who was sitting up against her barrier, pressing a hoof into her shoulder. Blood ran past her hood, and down her chest. She winced with every breath. She looked over at me and frowned. her standard look she made when she thought she’d fucked up.

My mind clouded over with rage as I realized the severity of our situation. We could die in here. They could kill us. Before, it hadn’t even considered it. Now, I was staring the truth of it in the face.

I lept out from my cover and grabbed them both of the soldiers in my levitation spell. I was seething with rage. I shoved them back with a roar. They both stumbled back, trying to keep there balance. While they regained there footing, i dashed to where my sister was sitting.

The wound didn’t look so bad, so long as we could stop the bleeding. The bulled had gone right through. “Your good.” I told her.

“Hope!” She warned.

I looked over my shoulder. “AHH!”

One of the soldiers was standing there, looking down at use. “You see what happens when you try to cross the steel rangers?”

His mini gun whirled. I shut my eyes tightly. The “Steel Ranger” saw this as some sort of surrender. He laughed at my plea. I grunted as my horn glowed a brilliant green. In a flash of light, we where gone.


Hope: level up! New spell -Advanced Teleportation level one. Your teleportation spell is no longer governd by line of sight! You can now concentrat all of your power to teleport to places you've been before. Be sure to acount for distance.

New party member: Faith!

Author's Note:

I had a lot of fun writeing this (and editing it 3 times over) and I hope you liked it. I may have to do a few edits here and there.

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