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On a scary stormy night before your entrance exams, the only one who was capable of making you feel safer and better, is always your big brother. Even if his guard duty kept him from seeing you often. For the last night of staying home with her family, Twilight Sparkle* feels depressed and empty, and the only thing that came lift her out of the dark - is love from her big brother best friend forever.

*Filly Twilight Sparkle*

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There are a few grammatical errors, I am unsure whether Shiny could sew like that, but a wonderful. cute little story non-the-less. :twilightsmile:

"My B.B.B.F.F. forever"
My big brother best friend forever... forever?:rainbowhuh:

Great story! Hopefully the next chapter will come soon :pinkiehappy:

interesting idea for Smarty Pants' origin.
Only flaw I can find is science geek Twilight would know water vapor has weight. Maybe I'm nitpicking but she seems like the type who would quickly grasps the difference between weight and density.


I can't find any perfect tags :twilightblush:
If you know any, can you please tell me? :D


Rarity says "B.F.F.s forever" Remember? XD

"We've been B.F.F.s forever and we didn't even know it." XD

Pony logic is a strange, strange thing :twilightoops:


Well, 'slice of life for one', and maybe sad might also be appropriate, although more in the sweet happy-sad sense...

You know what, Fimfiction needs more tags.

We know Adult Twilight knows better, but a little filly Twilight think of things only little fillies think our in our case, children do not see the world the way adults do.

"and the skies were shrouded with dark clouds containing gallons of water vapour - if water vapour had any weight."

A gallon is a unit of volume, not weight. By the way, water vapour does have weight. Everything that has mass has weight, as long as it's being affected by a gravitational pull.

Science lesson is over. This story made me smile.


I know, but it was written somewhat in the logic of a young Twilight Sparkle. She doesn't know about it yet XD


This hasn’t been updated in almost 10 years! When’s the next chapter coming?

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