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The finale of the Pony POV Series is here. Discord and Nightmare Diamond Tiara's end game is here. The Mane Six. Trixie. The Cutie Mark Crusaders. All have roles to play. Can they bring back the truth? Or will lies rule? Can hope pierce despair?

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Diamond Tiara's Journey of Nothing (optional Canon)

= Undertale OST - Undertale =

Voice of Nightmare !$*(!@(!( ERROR!

I slip through the cracks like a shadow. I'm an intruder more than ever. This isn't just not my world, this is a world that isn't truly connected to my Equestria. Traveling through the naught between without a gateway I'm not protected by anything except I blend in perfectly with the 'not there'. There are things very old and very dangerous that prowl this space between the world's walls that can't function in places with such harsh rules like existence!

After traveling to the human world and having sassage tentacle claws for forehooves, it felt relieving to have four legs again.

But they're not the point. The point is sitting chained to wall by her neck, beaten and bloody, with a dog bowl in front of her. Her pink fur dirty, her stripe purple and white mane is a mess, her face is stained with tears, her blue eyes are bloodshot, her crown is missing. She can't notice me, it's better she doesn't.

'I wish I could just make the monster who did this to her never-heard-from-again.' I thought.

'Similar sentiments dear, but even if I could use my magic, he's one of those things that the shadow who makes has blessed... even I'd be no match for him, because this worldline's Shadow Who Makes had commanded it thus. He'd know you were there just because it would be a weakness for him not to. Unless the The Shadow Who Makes feels like giving him a bloody nose in hopes it'll 'balance things out'. Why do you think an edgy teenager is able to bring Equestria to its knees with no clue about Equestria before coming here?'

I sighed. Fate always got her way. But maybe I could cheat just a little. I trotted over to her.

Her eyes are open, but she's staring out at nothing, she's shivering, like an abused animal. I knelt down. I hugged her. She keeping shivering as I spread out my wings and covered her with them, and gently touched my horn to her forehead. I don't know if it was my nature as a Nightmare or just what torture she'd been through that made her still not realize I was there.

I can feel it... her despair, the crushed hope that her dad or her Silvey will save her, she's given up everything, she thinks she's going to die in here. She was taken just to hurt her father in revenge, and to 'teach a lesson.'

"I'm sorry I can't do more for you, or he'd come, and make things even worse for revenge.

"Let me take your pain, let me eat your despair, let me drink up your misery, I'll suck out the poison." So my magic began to syphon off the darkness eating her soul inside her, careful to do it slowly enough that it wouldn't rip her heart apart.

"My heart is already fill to the brim with bile
Why should I fear pain this vile?

"Let me take this meaningless pain from you,
When all's said and done, I'll drag it with me to Hell.

"I'll eat the hate, I'll take from this cruel fate.
My heart's already pitch black, I'll take the flack.

"Let my horn be the lancing pin,
"I'll take the weight of your sins.

"My soul's as vast as the sea,
For me this is a sting from a bee."

I shudder as I take in the darkness inside her, all the blackness, my heart is infested to the core with dark magic, taking in these dark feelings are a drop in the bucket for me.

Eventually she stops shivering, her eyes close, and she's granted the temporally mercy of a long dreamless sleep.

'This won't change the course of events for this world at all as far as anypony can see princess.' Father Discord's voice says.

"It's the damage that nopony can see that's the most vicious, you helped me master that remember?"

'I'm not allowed to forget.'

The darkness adds up, I feel her every tear like I shed it myself, but I'm built now to hold black magic anyway, and the ship's going to the bottom of the ocean. This pain will end up going where I'm going soon enough. And the Spirits of Dark Magic will be lose their playmate.

I'm done here, but I'm not finished, and slip through the crack's again.

I almost wonder why I'm not just finding one of the Beasts from Beyond and offering it to me as a midnight snack. Then again, I reek so much of dark magic at this point I'd likely taste like sludge to them.

The next place I came to, was a filly with one front leg and back leg replaced with crude fake limbs. She'd been thrown around like a tennis ball by fate. This Equestria was the opposite extreme of the first. The first one had a dark lord who couldn't be meaningfully outwitted. This one had a hero who was like a black hole consuming fate's threads for his own rope.

First Diamond Tiara burned down her CMC's club house for spite... and was banished to Tartarus for it. And after trying to commit suicide, which sadly didn't work out, she was turned into a beast, and was cut limb from limb by the hero until who she was discovered.

Except the Shadow himself who created this world felt guilt at what he'd done after he'd learned the truth about the heart world version of us. Heh. This world's shadow who makes and mine? Not so different.

And the shadow who makes rewrote fate so a demon had possessed her and used her own feelings to make her its pawn, and was finally discovered the second time.

'Huh, my Princess, I must admit...That demon has...alright taste in plans.'

I look at my black vulture wings, my eyes narrowed. "... You would know wouldn't you, father?"

'...Yes, I would...I believe twice now... Princess... do you hate me?'

"I'm empty inside remember? How could I possible hate you for everything you did?" I said matter-of-fact.

'... I see.'

This world's filly was given clumsy fake limbs to replace the ones she lost. This world's... this world's Discord even offered to restore what she lost... but she refused his offer... saying it was her 'repentance'.

'Oh you have got to be kidding me!'

"What? Out of character for you?"

'Not for a 'reformed me' I suppose. No I was talking about that bucking mask daring to talk down to ME about being a God of Chaos!'

My eyes narrowed. "Can you focus?"

'Sorry, I'm just tired of being called 'not true chaos' by self proclaimed posers and imitators.'

"Your empathy for another version of me is so touching. It truly is. If I still had a heart, I'm so sure I'd feel warmer at your display of newfound parental like love at even an image of myself, used and abused like I was for a plan that didn't even work in the end," I say in a flat voice.

'...I'm chaos, my dear. If I was a sociopath all the time it'd be boring. I have to sprinkle in a little empathy in there somewhere.'

I felt something bubble in me. "... You're not the god of recognizing sarcasm," I said, my tone and volume not changing at all.

'Neither are you of making it, my dear. Deadpan snark is more your forte, given your current personality.'

"I'm only what you taught me to be. Remember? ... Her? She didn't even get a choice. She never agreed to a deal with the devil. She was used and discarded. Then used and discarded again."

'Valid point...Alright, my dear, I get your point.'

And I thought I had it rough. At least she didn't try to turn the world into hell to save it only for it to get undone and to be all for nothing anyway.

"I don't understand how she can treat losing body parts due to being possessed by a demon as 'repentance.'"

'Same reason the Shadows Who Watch like to think Luna would make that little baby Nightmare in her head to torture her in her sleep as punishment for being possessed by a space parasite. Is it really all that different from what you want princess?'

"I'm taking an ocean of filth with me where I'm going. At least it serves a purpose... for the first and last time in my life."

If I stay long, the supreme hero blessed by the Shadow of this worldline (or the local heroes who 'finally caught up' to his world's 'level') will notice me, and just like the villain of the last world, I won't win because an outsider like me would go against the will of this worldline's one-who-makes. I won't win no matter what I do. Unlike the first filly, my actions are going create a new world line... I'll need to leave fast, or ... or what? What outcome would I have to be afraid of?

'I won't get my big finish,' Discord said hastily, like a parent pulling a foal from the train tracks as they chased after a butterfly. 'Which you promised to help with I'll remind. I mean going out fighting a storm wizard would have the spectical, but it's just not the same! A villain can't go out fighting against any random hero! It must be their arch-enemy or it's just unsatisfying!''

"Did I promise? Humph."

I touch my horn on the top of her head. Alarms would be going off already. Ponies will 'think to check up or see how she's doing' already. I have to work fast. My eyes glow white. What did you expect? Me to play nice?

"You won't remember me, but you will heed what I say. The demon burned down the club house. The demon attacked Ponyville. You were a puppet it wore like cloth. You would have never been that horrid on your own. ... Diamond Tiara is not a murderer." I think I feel shame. Then again, I don't have the right to be called Diamond Tiara anymore. I've ruined the named my parents gave me.

"You're better than that. You're better than this." Uuuuugh. Why did I... feel... Sick? Dizzy? Like the two hemispheres of my brain wanted to go on separate vacations.

'Think that Mother feels the same way when she goes against Her nature when she brings something into existence? Maybe why She's erased Father seven or eight times every time She's given birth?'

"Diamond Tiara, is not a murderer." I feel bile rising from my throat but I push it down.

"Diamond... Tiara... is not a murderer," she echoed.

"Losing your legs, is not penance for bullying Apple Bloom and the others out of jealousy."

"Losing my legs, is not penance for bullying Apple Bloom and the others out of jealousy... "

'Since when you can do mental suggestion?'

"Just helping her see very clearly. You need to make up for your bullying, but this isn't the right way." I nearly passed out from saying those last several words... why?

'Diamond, I respect you dedication, but do remember if you pass out here we might attract some unwanted company.'

"I need to make up for my bully, but this isn't the right way." Diamond Tiara echoed.

"Ask... Discord... to... help... you, after... all." I was covered in sweat as I let go.

"I'll ask Discord to help me... after all," Diamond Tiara said like it was her own idea.

'TIARA! Move! Now!' A deaf pony would have felt the vibrations of worry and concern in his voice.

"Don't... call me, that." I fled, just before the hero 'just happened' to arrived in her room.


= Robotech - 'Reflections' =

After practically crashing onto the ground outside of Ponyville, I wandered off through a field of wild flowers.

I was back in my Equestria... the one I nearly destroyed for nothing... I one I helped twist into a sea of Hells for a dream that didn't come true... I looked behind me... I saw a perfect trail of hoof-fall-shape withered blossoms. Little flowers losing the that little flame of will to keep on living. I normally never leave a trail of anything.

'Dear, focus. Pull it in. Remember, you're in control.' I pulled my wings as close around myself as I could. And I passed without a trace, no more wilting flowers.

I crawled onto a large tree stumped and curled up, hugging my rear legs. Hot, cold, dry, wet, rough, soft, it made no different to me. In a flash of chaos magic, a black plush cat appeared, I wordlessly hugged it close to where my heart used to me. I closed my eyes.

I spent the day resting, even insects didn't notice me, or maybe they did, they crawled around me, none touching me. Celestia's sun and Luna's moon couldn't see me now even before Apple Bloom revisions to the world.

"Just a day or two more... then it can all finally end. And we'll both get what we want... doesn't that make you happy, Discord?"

'... Yes, just peachy.' He didn't sound it.

I sleep without dreaming, just as well, you can't have a nightmare, if you never dream.

Author's Note:

Optional Canon.

Pony POV Series:
'TRUE Last Battle Arc'
By Alex Warlorn
Diamond Tiara's Journey of Nothing

cog·ni·tive dis·so·nance
the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

I wrote this purely on the space of an few hours. Maybe this is too much focus on the villains, but better than that, than the heroes fighting against a cardboard cut out for the final battle.

MLP FiM: Copyright Hasbro.

Cover Art by Iguanodragon.


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