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We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, ey?


Derpy loses her job as a mailmare. She decides to take a stroll to clear her head, but ends up wandering into the Everfree Forest instead.

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I've played around with several starts to my bigger Doctor Whooves project, in particular the way Derpy and the Doctor meet.

The main details stay the same; Doctor crashes into the Everfree Forest, Derpy is also in the forest at the time (an alternative opening was that she was simply delivering mail to Zecora, got spooked by the crash and KO's herself by flying into a tree), and the two cross paths in the Everfree Forest.

Thanks for the comment, though! I'll be looking to do some longer stories whilst I chip away at my big DW novel.

I'd add "Doctor Whooves" as a character in this. It would attract more attention for this story.

Nice, short, cute, sweet and to the point. Overall, very well done. I hope to see you continue this project.

6173931 Thanks for noticing that I'd completely missed putting the Doctor as a character in this! It's one of the first stories I published here, so it's been collecting dust. I'm only now starting to explore what this site really has to offer, searching for a few more followers and brushing up on my writing skills as I am terribly amateur at writing anything longer than short pieces like this.

That said, I'm glad you like what I've put out so far, and I'll strive to publish more Whooves-related stories in future. :heart:

the ending seemed rather abrupt. I was looking about for more, after reading the ending. it was a short, sweet story, BUT IT NEEDS MORE !!! PLEASE CONTINUE !!!!

6195365 Thanks for enjoying it. I've had a Doctor Whooves novel on the back-burner for a while. I think it needs a bit of re-writing (and by a bit I mean a LOT), but yes, there is more, it's just never been released. :fluttershysad:

"Dammit, Lyra, we've been through this a hundred times today, there is no such thing as 'humans'." Bon-Bon sounded angry.

Yeah keep telling yourself that bonbon 😁

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