• Published 16th Oct 2014
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Mr. Disc - CrackedInkWell

Mr. Disc, the rehired art teacher for Canterlot High had an argument with a student when he get's pushed into the portal and into Equestria. Dazed and completely confused, he tries to figure out why every living things is afraid of him.

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8: A Lesson in Gravity

A little bit of natural science, a little bit of history, some English, some group reading, some math, and finally a little bit of art. It sounds easy for a day’s schedule with lunch/recess between English and reading to give everyone, including me, some mental breathing room; and considering all these weird powers that happen when I focus, this is going to be almost too easy.

Cherilee had given me in detail the lessons of what this class was studying. After looking through them from last night and this morning, it’s all elementary stuff.

This is going to be a bit too easy but might as well give it a shot.

“Now for roll call,” I announced to the class. “When I call your name, just say here.” Picking up the clipboard with my tail and using a pencil, I started calling out their names.

“Dinky Do.”










“Silver Spoon.”



“Over here.”

“Button Mash… Button Mash?”

“H-He’s sick Mr. D.” The one I think called Scootaloo said. I wrote a note beside Button Mash’s name.



“Sweetie Belle.”


“Diamond Tiara.”


“So I assume that’s everyone right?” The class was silent. Apparently, even here, that should mean yes.

“Alright. Now before we get started, I think I should let you all know a few rules when I’m teaching. First of all, I’ll have you know that unless told so, you will not get any homework from me.”

That for some reason the whole class seemed surprised.

“REALLY?!” They all asked at once.

“Unless you are told so. I view homework as a punishment or needed for something that you're struggling to grasp. But I digress, rule two, I think I should let you all know that I do tend to suffer from delusions, which means that from time to time I may see, or feel, or even hear things that aren't there. So don’t be afraid to tell me that if I’m acting a little odd. And trust me, you will know when or if that happens.

“Rule three, since I’m now in a world where apparently I have superpowers, please don’t be too alarmed when something odd happens. And since it’s going to be me teaching, it’s a guarantee that this school day will get interesting.

“And Rule four, do not, I repeat, do not ever, call me Discord. Alright? It’s considered a bad name in my book. So do we all understand here?”

They all nodded like a bobblehead shop in an earthquake.

“Now then, this morning, we’re going to discuss a little further on the idea of gravity. Now, who here can tell me about gravity? Anyone?”

The one I think is called Snips raised a hoof, “Is it something that makes things fall down.”

“Eh… Getting warmer.”

Another hoof shot up, it was from the nerdy stereotype that goes by the name of Twist. “It’s a force, that what goes up must come down.”

“A good answer. But does anybody know why?”

Silence. Well, here’s a good place to start. I went over to open the door, “It all has to do with mass.” I said, turning back towards the teacher’s desk, opening a drawer, I found golf balls there. “Which means, that the bigger something is, the greater the gravity.”

After taking a golf ball from the drawer, my bird’s claw reached into a mug and pulled out a putter’s club. “Here’s a bit of an experiment,” I said, I concentrated on what I would look like wearing one of those golfer clothes with the eyesore plaid pants. And sure enough, I was wearing it.

“Question, if I hit this ball out the door, what do you think will happen?” I asked, putting the ball on the ground and readying myself. Looking up, I saw Applebloom’s hoof sticking out like she was caught on an invisible rope.

“Wouldn’t the ball jus’ fly for a while and then falls, hittin’ the ground?”

I took a swing, the ball flew right out the door and it did fall somewhere in a garden.

“Ow!” A voice shouted in the distance.

“Very good uh, it's Applebloom right?”

She nodded. Putting my club down, I closed the door and then changed clothes to a bellhop. Complete with the red hat and all. I concentrated for a moment for a switch and a few buttons to appear. I pushed the one on the right and all the windows and the door had first, crisscross bars and then folding doors. Flipping the switch upwards, the room was flooded with elevator music. The Four Seasons in particular.

“Of course, that golf ball fell back to earth because the earth is big enough for it, you, me and everything else to stay on the ground. But what about someplace where there’s no gravity what-so-ever?”

There was a “ding”, and I pulled the switch to off. Pushing a button, I let the doors and windows open. The class gawked in awe like seeing the greatest movie for the first time. What I didn't expect is that everything in the room started to float.

“As all of you might have guessed it, we are now in space,” I said, swimming back over to the disk. “Out here, there is absolutely no gravity at all.” I opened up the drawer and grabbed the first ball that was nearby. Then swimming to get the club, I said. “Well, that’s kinda not true.”

“What does that mean?” I think this one was coming from Diamond Tiara, who, like all of them were trying to hold onto their desk for dear life.

“Everything, has a center of gravity,” I said, to make this point, I let the golf ball orbit around me. “Even I have a center of gravity.” Taking hold of the club, I asked, “Does anyone happen to have some chewing gum by chance?” I looked around, and floating by was a pack of bubble gum. Taking a stick out, I chewed a little but then took it out and put it on the floor, sticking the ball to it.

“Now since there’s no gravity, can anyone guess what might happen if I hit the ball into open space?”

“Whoa! Uh, won’t it just go on forever?” Scootaloo asked while being upside down.

“Correct!” I said, swinging at the ball, the class and I watched it disappear into nothing.

“Now how about a fun one,” I said, pressing the button to close all the doors and windows once again, thus regaining gravity; which caused the entire class to come crashing down and everything with it. I gave them a moment to straighten it a bit before I pulled the switch upwards again.

“Now we all know what happens when a golf ball is hit on earth and in zero gravity. But what about on something that has gravity, but less?” There was a ding, turning the switch off and pressing the button to open to-

“Are we on the moon?!” Dinky voiced what the whole class was thinking.

“Indeed we are.” Taking one of the balls off the floor, I told them: “And since we’re on the moon, a place where although there is gravity, there's a little less of it.” I put the ball on the ground and ready myself. “Now who can tell me what will happen when I hit this on the moon?”

All at once, as if being asked who wants the best chocolate cheesecake ever made, every single one of them raised their hooves high like some idiot who set all the fireworks go off at once on the fourth of July.

“Um… How about you?” I pointed towards the appropriately named Silver Spoon.

“Would the ball jus’ land but very, very far away?”

“No, it wouldn't!” Rumble interjected. “It’ll fly into space.”

“If he hits it hard enough.” Sweetie Belle pointed out.

“Ahem!” the class turned to me, taking a swing at the ball, we all watched it fly into space.

“See!” Rumble said.

I took a look at the clock on the wall. “Next lesson!” I announced. Pressing a button to close the doors and windows, switching downwards while the Four Seasons plays speedily backward. There was a “Thump!” and a “Ding.” I opened the doors and windows to where we started.

“Now then, everyone opens up your history books to page four-hundred-and sixteen.”