• Published 16th Oct 2014
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Mr. Disc - CrackedInkWell

Mr. Disc, the rehired art teacher for Canterlot High had an argument with a student when he get's pushed into the portal and into Equestria. Dazed and completely confused, he tries to figure out why every living things is afraid of him.

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3: Of Spiders, Pills and a Mirror

About an hour later, trumpets sounded forth the horseified version of my boss. This version of her was like Cadence in that she has a pair of wings and a horn on her forehead. (Hmm… note to self, don’t make her want to impale you.) And not to say that she has a crown of her own, along with somewhat I think is jewelry around her neck. Also, she has those same golden shoes too. She was pale white, and her mane was more stunning than the boss I knew. Besides, how is that thing flowing with no wind in here?

And, while she and Cadence talked, I noticed a trait that I also saw when I first met Celestia on my first day of work. “Why is it that you’re taller than everybody else?” I asked.

The horse version of my boss raised an eyebrow, “What does that suppose to mean?”

“It’s just something I noted that even in this that even in a hallucination; you’re always taller than everyone.”


“Oh come on, that’s what clearly it is right? I mean, everybody is a horse-”

“Pony,” Shining interrupted.

“Whatever. I’m in a place that’s made out of crystal and there’s this.” I waved both of my arms over my body for emphasis. “I probably need to have somebody get me my medicine. I can’t see my pockets on me at the moment, so would any of you…” I trailed off. There on my lizard foot, I saw them. Hundreds of multiplying spiders crawling upwards.

“GAH!” I screamed, trying to swipe them off of me. Falling over onto the floor, I tried fighting off those tiny insects, but there were too many of them.

“GET 'EM OFF!” I yelled.

“Discord, what’s wrong?” a concern Celestia asked.


“But there’s nothing there,” Cadence chimed in.

“Are you trying to pull a trick on us?” Shining added the salt to my mental injury.

Quickly realizing that these three are going to do nothing but watch, I desperately try to feel for my pockets in the real world. Maybe I could – yes! I felt my clawed hand reached down into a familiar pocket and grabbed out a familiar bottle of pills. After ripping the cap open, I spilled the pills onto the marble floor to take a couple of them into my mouth and swallow.

Then I just closed my eyes, putting both my hands over my head and repeat the chant of “It’ll be okay,” over and over until the hallucinations go away.

I think I felt something pressed against my shoulder. It was round and flat, but warm. With an open eye, I saw Celestia on her belly, and she was touching me with a… hoof.

“Discord. Is everything alright?” She asked full of motherly concern. I looked around, the spiders were gone, but the ponies are still here. I looked at the bottle closely, studying every tiny minute detail about it, even the pills that, sure enough, it was the real thing.

“Am I having a hallucination on top of a hallucination? This can’t be real… right?”

“Disc, this is real.” Celestia told me, “But what was that you swallowed?”

“I… I don’t get it. These are the pills, but you're all still here.”

“But what do those pills do?”

“Oh, it’s just there to make sure my mind doesn’t get too out of hand. Like a minute ago for instance. I take just a little extra more in case something like that happens.”

“What would happen if you don’t take them?”

“Well… Let’s just say that the last time I didn’t take those pills when I was supposed to, I got fired and got stuck in a mental hospital for a while. Stuck there as if I was made out of stone or something like that.”

Celestia went silent for a moment, “I’m very sorry to hear that.”

I waved it off, “Not to worry, I just got the new prescription yesterday,” by now I was gingerly picking up the pills with the claw. “As long as I still have these, everything should be fine. And don’t be sad though, sometimes, when something like that happens, I get a few ideas for my paintings.”

“You’re a painter?”

“Oh yes. It’s a kind of coping mechanism. Instead of bottling up the madness, I release it on a canvas. I often times wonder if creativity and madness are the same things, it’s just too much of it that gets ya into trouble.”

The horse version of Celestia nodded, “I think I understand. But I think we should probably get you back home.”

I agreed with her, “Yeah, I had a long day, home just sounds fantastic right about now.”

Soon enough, after all the pills were gathered up, the three of them lead me back to the room with the mirror.

“All you have to do is step into the mirror,” Cadence told me, I looked at her as if she was crazier than I was. “Just trust me on this,” she added.

I reached out my lion’s paw out to the mirror, and as expected, I only touched the solid glass.

“Is something supposed to happen?” I asked. In my reflection, I noticed two things at once. First was that the ponies behind me, their expressions had a kind of look that says, “Uh-Oh.” And second, I noticed that there was something else on me that I’ve never noticed until up to that point. “Are those wings?” I asked.

“Oh dear,” Celestia said, “Mr. Disc, I’m afraid that you’re going to be stuck here for a while.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You didn’t go through the mirror.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Though the mirror – like stepping into Wonderland or something?”

None of them responded the three of them looked at each other like students whose science experiment has gone wrong.

“Now what do we do?” Shining asked. “The portal to his world is closed.”

“Well, hiding him is clearly out of the question,” said Cadence. “Besides, it won’t take long until he finds him.”

“Who finds me?” I asked. The three of them didn’t say anything for a moment.

“Mr. Disc,” Celestia said. “I’m afraid to tell you this, but that mirror is a gateway to your world and ours. Think of it as a gateway to two different dimensions where it’s very similar but very different. Where all those who you knew are here like your Principal Celestia or your students, except their lives are very different. In this world, there is another version of you. And both of you are in the same world together for the time being.”

“Hold on, there is another me here?”