• Published 16th Oct 2014
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Mr. Disc - CrackedInkWell

Mr. Disc, the rehired art teacher for Canterlot High had an argument with a student when he get's pushed into the portal and into Equestria. Dazed and completely confused, he tries to figure out why every living things is afraid of him.

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14: After Class Small Talk (A Bonus Chapter)

Author's Note:

This is my little way of saying, thank you.

“…. And then I got slapped by your principal for disappearing on short notice. Any questions?” I told my last class of the day. Like the others, they couldn't really believe what they were hearing from me. But since there was some free time near the end of each class because the assignments were so short, I decided to tell them where I “disappeared” to for the past several days.

The reactions varied from class to class. Some found my story entertaining while others weren't that surprised since they already know my reputation. Yet out of all the students, the one I paid close attention was Fluttershy. It wasn't that she was surprised or weirded out or even fascinated by my story; rather, she didn't make a reaction at all.

One of the students raised her hand, “So… Principal Celestia was a horse thing and the rest of us were ponies?”


“Does that happen very often?”

I shook my head, “No, that’s actually the very first time that’s ever happened to me.”

“Are you going to draw it all out?” another student asked.

“After what I’ve just seen, it’s a guarantee.” Right then, the school bell rang for the end of school. “Have a good day and be sure to think about what your next upcoming project is going to be,” I told them as they all packed up and at a group at a time left the classroom. All that is, except for Fluttershy.

“Ms. Shy? Is everything alright?” I asked her.

“Is… Is it really true?” This caught me off guard. “I-I mean, you being in Equestria and all that.”

“My dear, it was just a delusion.”

“Um, not that I don’t doubt your story, but this time… I think you just lied to me.”

“Pardon? Ha, Fluttershy, it was just a-”

“No. No, it wasn't.”

I think I blinked a few times. “I… What are you talking about? You can’t say for a moment that you think that what just happened to me actually happened. Right?”

“Mr. Disc, it’s okay, we both know it was real. Twilight told us.”

“Come again?”

“Um… I-If you don’t want to talk about it, I understand. Anyway, I’ll see you next week Mr. Disc.”

Stunned, I couldn't help but watch her take her bag and made her way out the door. She couldn't possibly have known, right?

A yip followed by a crash was heard coming from outside of my door. I turned to find that a couple of students have just tripped Fluttershy. “Opus, careful there, Klutzershy!” One of them said before walking away laughing.

I guess it was a flash of anger that made me snap my fingers. As soon as my right hand snapped, I heard those bullies yell and spontaneously fall over. I got up from my seat and leaned through the doorway, and sure enough, that part of the hallway’s floor was covered in ice. Me and Shy watched them try to get up, slipping along the way.

Although I admit, I wish I could have played the blue Danube waltz as they fall repetitively on the floor. Fluttershy looked up in surprise; I smiled, putting a finger over my mouth.

“Just between us?” I asked.

“Um… Okay. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Fluttershy.”

About a week later...