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Metal Gear Solid and My Little Pony, writing, having fun with my best friends. I love all of those things.


Two best friends end up in Equestria, due to events in ones past they see each other as brothers and best friends.

Join Ramses (the non-brony) and Dave (the brony) in their adventure throughout Equestria, how will they react when they find out their stuck in a TV show? How will the ponies react to two Humans in Equestria?

Dave is not your typical Brony, sure he loves the show and he wants Ramses to watch it as well, but he is not the type of Brony that would freak out if he would meet his favorite pony, Ramses absolutely hates the show and wishes Dave would stop watching it and grow up.

These guys are gonna be in for one hell of a ride.

(Warning! There will be no clop in this story, it's not that I don't like clop, I'm jusy really bad at writing such stories.)

These two characters are inspired by two of my best friends.

Enjoy the reading and don't forget to leave a comment.

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Comments ( 62 )

Can't wait for more! Keep on, keeping on!...

..........Or something.....


'How the fuck did a Manticore end up in Brattleboro?’

Then... I guess you in Pony land


I proofread this story, you're welcome. (Meaning, no more grammatical errors.)

"Come on man just watch it! " Dave said.

"No, that's not gonna happen I am not a fucking little kid dude, and neither are you! " I replied.

"So what dude? I'm gonna watch it anyway. "Dave replied.

"Yeah, well I'll just watch something else than! Wait, where's the remote control? "I asked.

"Oh, you mean this?" Dave replied, while holding the remote control.

"Give that back asshole! I am not going to watch My Little Horsie! " I said.

"It's My Little Pony, you idiot! " Dave replied.

"Well I don't care, they should have called it, "hey look, we're letting adults watch our show that was intentionally meant for little girls and now my best friend is watching it as well! " I replied with a hint of sarcasm.

*Too lazy to do the rest, just copy and paste this to the part of the story with the errors I proofread.

<Brony in Equestria fic
<Romance tag
<Sex and Gore tags
<Ohh yeah, definitely not a pony waifu get fic.

Hope you prove me wrong.

5143275 huh? Please explain, I'm kinda new to all this so.....


Brony in Equestria fics were very popular in the early days of the fandom and they definitely do have their fans, but they are seen as cliche as red and black alicorns. Doesn't mean your fic is awful, but expect a lot of prejudice (hell the fact that there isn't that many dislikes yet surprises me).

Also the Romance, sex, and gore tags are also common in these types of stories mostly to go for BronyxBest Pony fics. Again, it's a cliche but it doesn't sink your story before it can even get off the ground.

In all, while people are going to like this, expect claims of self insert (has been done correctly but treat the genre like a mine field in Russia: either tread carefully or have someone else do it) and Mary Sueism. Also if you go with the BronyxBest Pony plot, expect these claims to skyrocket in intensity.



...That's why, whenever I make a Brony goes to Equestria, I add a lot of comedy, so they don't think it's TO cliche.

(Just, you know, no clop, or romance, I fucking hate cloppers.)

Did you even read the description, he should at least make sure to remove any typos, spelling, and grammatical errors. Whilst I'm about to read it because I'm bored I expect the story to be similar.

5143309 Most of the time people won't even look at it twice of they see errors in the description such as andventure (should be adventure) and eachother (should be each other). Also, you didn't put a space after one of the brackets. Furthermore, what will this fic offer that other HiE fics don't? So far it looks like you shoved down almost every tag you can find. Have some sort of hint as to what might happen, don't leave the reader with nothing.

[In case you didn't notice this is purely based off the description]

5143385 OK, so I read the whole thing and it was pretty much as I predicted (SPaG/QWC wise, the characters might have made me laugh if it wasn't for the bad grammar and phrasing).

First, use commas. Your whole story is basically, we did this but this happened so we did this and this instead but then I wanted to do this so he did that so this happened. It doesn't read very well. Sure you used a few, but you mainly used them where a semicolon should be; you really should use commas more often.

Secondly, there were a lot of spaces in places they aren't needed. For example, before a " at the end of a character's speech. Also, you missed out a few spaces as well.

Thirdly, sometimes you placed a quotation mark too late (so part of the description was included in it), or you missed one out entirely.

Lastly, neaten up your paragraphs and use some descriptive vocab. My little sister could probably write a better first chapter than you (she's eleven - then again she is good at English for here age).

That is probably all. Don't even think about starting a new chapter until the description and the first are polished off. I'm really surprised this didn't get more dislikes.

Anyway, I'll probably shove this in a random library to see where this goes - despite its quality.

I like the concept of this story I hope there is more coming!

Dam cover pic... for a second I thought Article 2 updated...

I just hope we don’t fuck this up………..

This is gonna be good.

"Do you wanna keep your nuts or shall I feed them to the squirrels? " Dave asked.
"Wow wow easy there Brenda is it that time of the month already? " I asked mockingly.

I just want to say thank all of you for liking and favoriting my story :heart::twilightsmile:

Hmm. I really, REALLY hope they don't get imprisoned (or captured in any way) and have their guns taken away, because that would suck; I for one get a little (okay, a lot) upset when ponies take humans prisoner and take their stuff.

So is the romance tag for one of them or both of them?

this fic exceeded mt expectations

The general human-to-equestria story with a twist, love it.

The ponies were all crying uncontrollably

Remind me from Lucy. if he sing this, this is gonna be good.

Learn how to punctuate properly. Also, get an editor. :trixieshiftleft:

Comment posted by Scootareader deleted Oct 24th, 2014

5180701 why are you so mystic with your coments

5182400 Blame those people betrayed me.
They cause me this. Thank to them, now i understand many great thing.

Brony in Equestria...Rage Reviews...Plan 9 From Equestria...not looking good.

Comment posted by SolidArc5542 deleted Oct 25th, 2014

Wow, this story just interesting, i always hate Dash when she's like this.
Yeah, never liked her like when shes like that.
Mean rainbow is the only pony i don't like.
That says a lot, Joy likes everyone.

I'm not so sure about the 'Sex' section on that thing. Before I take a look, I need a warning; dose this have a Sex scene? Or dose this just have a few jokes here and there?

~All My Best



5266228 Holy mother of Mana. I gonna find Fish and cook it. ummm...sushi.

5266599 you never had sushi ? well if you didn't the lighter it is the fresher it is and eat a pea sized ball of wisobi l ate a spoon full and had a massive heartache and on the bright side it clear my sinuses

Will there be more sone because it is filleting to become a awesome story (fish pun include)

we wouldn't want another toaster incident. did he burn something with the toaster?

(god i love old school) ME TOO!!! i want a m1-grand

5272186 I'm adding this to my favorites just in case there is more the site will let MINNOW.

Wait, why is this on the recently updated tab on the main page? :rainbowhuh:

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