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Vidi Terram Novam, Vidi Caelum Novum. Terram, Terram Novam in Hanc Vitam! Mazda descedentem et absterget omnia dolori lacrimas!


The Cutie Mark Crusaders have received the news of the arrival of a new, disabled, addition, to their class. The three fillies are ready to accept him and his disability... however, the schoolcolt's response might be not what they expected.

Additional Tags: Parà Oidìa; Anti-Gurgle.

The credit for the OC Shy Flames going to my equal ally and respectable writerShy Tye.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 9 )

Scootaloo seems to like him.

Well this new kid sounds like a jerk. :ajbemused:


Yep. A jerk. And you will see soon the extent of his jerkiness.


I take this comment as sign of your appreciation.

Really...really need to go through the chapter. Ton of spelling/grammatical errors. Other then that, fun read. :unsuresweetie:

Well i didnt expect that to happen XD
good chapter story wise, just grammer and spelling that needs some work

Comment posted by ShyTye deleted Oct 29th, 2014
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