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It's always the littlest things that set up the biggest moments of your life. For Rainbow and Soarin this little thing comes in the form of something a little colt did for a filly.

Collab with: TorontoFCBrony

Artwork from the amazing: cheecatkatfury

Proof Read by: Calm Wind

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 138 )

Seriously? Rumble and Calm Wind? You guys just re-defined the word "epic" :rainbowwild: One beer for each one of You, cheers! :ajsmug:


Hey don't forget TorontoFCBrony

i just helped fix up a few parts, i did very little compared to these two :eeyup:

amazing plan out amazing i loved every bit of this story :raritystarry:

5140461 it's so weird seeing your name in green and not purple :rainbowlaugh:

5140461 Meh, I only did most of half of it :rainbowlaugh:


oh wow, didnt think of that :rainbowlaugh:

5140495 That's cause its Mine!... Well okay its mostly mine but I thought of the idea to make this fiction, me and Toronto mashed Ideas and Calm being a good friend of mine sorted out a few lines of work.


still more than me :derpytongue2:

good to finally do some work with you, even if it was very indirectly :eeyup:

5140519 Three awesome SoarinDash writers collab-ing? My mind just exploded.

5140536 *Blushes* awww, thank you :twilightsmile:

Did you like the story?

I only come on here every once in a blue moon now. And this fic just so happened to be at the top of the new stories list when I got on. It peaked my interest so I decided to give it a read. And I have to say I really enjoyed it. The flash backs were cute and the story well written. I may not be on much, but my love for soarindash is still there.

Only one stupid little thing got me. Pregnancy tests depend on the hCG at least in humans. It takes at least 6-7 days to accumulate enough of it to get a postivie result on a common pregnancy test. I know its creative license and the story would lose some meaning. It wasn't enough to take away anything from the story though. Great job Rumble. Soarindash on!

5140560 Of course I did! With writers as amazing as you guys, how couldn't I? It was awesome! I loved the interaction they had as foals, and the fact that Dash kept Soarin's ring he gave her fifteen years ago. I give it a twelve out of ten.

5140607 RUMBLEEEEE!!!!

5140607 Thanks Fine :heart:

Its actually quite hilarious that me and Toronto had a conversation about this two hours ago, it was quite hilarious.

"Hey aren't pregnancy tests like a 2 week wait"

*I go check google, turns out its 3 weeks*


"Well...meh, its magical horses, let the story have some meaning"


5140625 Awww cheers man, it means a lot :)


it was bound to happen eventually :pinkiecrazy:

but Toronto and I were the supporting cast, this is Rumble's story :raritywink:

Maybe its a good thing he doesn't know that just yet, lol. No for future references its recommended to wait two or three weeks because you need a lot to test positive.


eh... i actually saw that too when i looked at it, but fantasy cartoon ponies :derpytongue2: anything is possible :rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh:

Good to see you again too FineBrony, it's been a while :eeyup:

5140646 Could I just ask you to leave that review of yours on my skype Calm? I'm probably gonna be on when you get back from work.

5140658 Orrrr maybe Dash did a prank on him just to shut him up XD

It has been a while. I can't even remember the last time I was online. I've really started to brake away from the site and the fandom for the past couple of months. My love for soarindash is still there, and there is nothing I can do about it. Its nice to see some familiar faces on here though.

5140689 We'll always be here for you (hugz) us Soarindash authors need to stick together ya know


gotta get a chapter of my story out first, i promised a chapter to my readers tonight so i gotta deliver :derpytongue2:

if you want me to leave the review on skype though i can do that :eeyup:


you'll always be welcome :eeyup:

This is too cute!
I think I copied that from someone, can't remember the name though.:twilightblush: Still, this is a great story. The idea is original and extremely thought out. It was a pleasure reading this. Plus it was my birthday over the weekend so this is kind of like a belated birthday gift,:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


I want to see the look on her face when she heard that!

I am drawing it so you can find me at mlplover789 deviantart

This was awesome I'm going to have a baby. Yay

Wonderful story. I think this was awesome. I can't wait for future stories. Good luck.

Loved it :heart:

I almost dyed from dawwwing to much!
So cute!

5141062 It's not really 100% original, I must say. The idea of giving a ring as a kid and proposing again as an adult was actually inspired from an American black comedy film called Baggage Claim. Not the greatest movie, but the feels were strong with that one idea, and I've never seen it done otherwise, and it was amazingly clever. Pretty much nobody saw that movie, but I have to give it some credit for giving me the idea.
But thanks :scootangel:

That proposal! The dawwwwws are unstoppable!

first time hearing of it so I got to admit that's pretty clever. Oh do you like the Jays?


this much cute...

HAS to be illegal in most countries :scootangel:

Seriously this was unbelievably cute and really brightened my night after a long grueling day of work. I am very impressed with how you handled this, you kept all 6K words within one scene using flashbacks to fill in the readers with just how connected Soarin and Dash are. THE FLASHBACKS... while relationships between childhood friends are rare... when they DO happen, there is something about them that just make my heart leap like none other. it's like a love that was meant to be :rainbowkiss: i thoroughly enjoyed that theme.

So... now that im done gushing over the pile of squees that im covered in lets look at this from a critique standpoint.

as i've told you, i judge fics by the story being told before anything else... and this definitely satisfied my love for SoarinDash :rainbowwild:

The story itself flows well, from the beginning you made it clear this is a night of memories and feelings, and that's exactly how i felt as i read the interaction between the two.

There were some dialogue errors, but to be completely honest, i didn't notice them until i read through the story a second time... specifically looking for errors. I was so immersed in the story that i didn't notice when dialogue wasn't started with it's own paragraph. This is a compliment and a comment in one because you really had me hooked despite a few minor errors here and there. I'm not gonna claim to be mistake free in my works, because WITHOUT Kes my fics would be so damn ugly with errors.

My verdict? You definitely made rainbows shoot out of my eyes with the cute. i give it a 10/10 for the story and a 8/10 for the structure. That's still a high praise because the mistakes were not frequent (im not a good editor anyway so frankly, you can ignore this cause i know many who could give a better analysis.). I really enjoyed this fic, and it was a pleasure to work with you if even just a little bit :eeyup:

i hope we get another chance :twilightsmile:


Awesome story!

CONTINUE!!!!!!! please...

5140630 when you say “facepalm" you mean “facehoof" right???

The cuteness level... it's over 9000! :raritystarry:

5141104 Send me a PM when your done and I'll include the image in the authors notes


you should continue this, it's the most feelzy, non-tragedy thing I've read in weeks. (Maybe months)

Oh, and also...
soarin and fluttershy might be related I think maybe possibly. I mean... just compare soar meeting dashie with twi meeting shy

5141062 I'm glad you liked it so much :rainbowdetermined2: eh, who cares if ya stole it, get's your point across.

5141140 haha, have a lot of fun with that... with the sleepless nights... and the diaper changes... and the constant cleaning... but it's all in good fun right! :twilightsmile:

5141204 It's good knowing people wanna read mine and fellow writers work, cheers man :moustache:

5141205 That's one tally for a sequel and counting :rainbowlaugh: :raritywink:

5141239 Well I have to admit on this, it's a win, win situation. Me, Toronto and Calm all loved working on it together and you guys love reading work which you instantly love cause it's made by authors you like. :yay:

5141317 the d'awws are very strong with this one, even I got the feelz inside me while writing half this stuff :trollestia:

5141423 Well I mean, what's SoarinDash without a very expensive hoof-ring and some romance? :trollestia:

5141670 hahaha, thanks for the review Calm. Loved it :heart: I like the 10/10 mark, will you be giving it your cuteness stamp of approval :rainbowlaugh:

5142009 *Reads facepalm comment"* - That was the moment that Alex knew... he'd f**ked up.

5142524 Ohhhh, I like theories like this... now you've given me something to go investigate all morning :twilightsmile:

Happy colored-horse-based-theory investigating!

Also, are you thinking of doing a sequel/continuing this story?

5142569 well, Calm and I are having "discussions" about a project for a weekend basis, so you might see more of this if you're lucky... I personally like writing one-shots like this do you mind that? Or would you prefer stories with the build up parts?

It doesnt really matter exactly how you write things, you're the writer, not me; you write how you want... besides, one should never try to force a writer to write a certain way, it can only end badly (or in some cases it may end well, but not as well as it could have been)

5141657 Of course. I'm Toronto til I die in all sport, and throw in Manchester United, and the England National Soccer Team.

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