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It's been years since we last left Ponyville and two immature colts named Snips and Snails had grown up to become even lazier immature young stallions. You'd never believe that they were destined to bring upon peace everlasting through the shear power of rock and roll and light medication. This is their story. The story of two best friends, time travel, drugs, rock and roll and a quest to save the future.

Authors note:
I plan on not following the movie 100 % More like 60%
I plan on introducing older versions of characters like the CMC�s, Peppermint Twist, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon and Pipsqueak as the school jock and of course the mane six.
There are OC's that only serve as historical figures like star swirl the bearded, parents, students and teachers.
I will also be mixing bits and pieces of other shows and movies as I see fit.
comments are appreciated and this is my first story so be harsh.
I hope if this goes over well, so I can make more movie and television parodies.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 11 )

In retrospect I should have not made the chapter mostly about Snails' mom being the village bicycle or a flash back scene that really doesn't add much to the over all story. It gets better in the next chapters. There will be less emphasis on drugs, plot movement, more characters and more Fight club references. Heck, I'm even thinking about making the crazy hobo a main character and having him replace the character of Deacon from the movie.*taps chin deep in thought* I just need to give him a funny name and a catchphrase. But if anyone reads this please tell me how to make it better, aside from setting fire to my laptop. It's a learning process.

What. What did I just read. :rainbowderp: :rainbowhuh:

Very interesting concept, and good casting choices.

Yeah, this could have been so much better....

Yeah, it was my third ever fan fic and the first time I ever wrote a story that wasn't in script format. If I hadn't lost interest (Snips and Snails got worse as the series went on), I would've flushed out scenes and continued this story for another 3 chapters.

Thanks for commenting on this fic.

No problem, are you planning to reboot it when you have time?

Maybe with better protagonists: either the C:applecry:M:unsuresweetie:C:scootangel: or Rumble, Featherweight and Pipsqueak.

Better historical figures more in line with the show like Clover the Clever, Star Swirl, Discord, an ancient changeling queen, or maybe an ancestor of the Apple family.

Different Supporting characters, still keeping the crazy hobo because crazy homeless people are funny.

Hmm, well I was thinking Snips and Snails, with either the Spa Twins or Flitter and Cloudchaser as the princesses.....maybe some descendant of Spike or maybe a grown-up version of Spike as Rufus......

Ooh, for the Apples ancestor, maybe you could use Granny Smith's parents....

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