• Published 21st Oct 2014
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Discord's Discount Disguises - MythrilMoth

Discord opens a costume shop in Ponyville for Nightmare Night. But is he on the up and up?

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Chapter One: Open For Business

Eye-catching orange-and-black flyers had appeared all over Ponyville. Ponies gathered around, scratching their heads and muttering to each other.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash stood facing one of the flyers. "What th' heck?" Rainbow asked, digging in her ear.

Applejack's muzzle crinkled. "Alright, what's that varmint up to this time?"

"Why don't you come by the shop and see?" Discord's oily voice asked from behind her. As Applejack and Rainbow Dash whirled to face him, he stretched up and addressed the entire crowd. "Why don't you ALL come on down? If you're looking for high-quality Nightmare Night costumes at low low prices, I, Discord, have everything you could ask for and more! There are dozens of unique, original, bold, and daring costumes to choose from, so come on by! Discord's Discount Disguises, YOUR number one source for your Nightmare Night needs!" He snapped his talons and disappeared; a series of arrow-shaped orange and black balloons exploded into existence in midair, forming a trail pointing into the fringes of Ponyville.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash exchanged glances and raced off in the direction the balloons were pointing, followed by a sizeable portion of the crowd.

In a less heavily trodden section of Ponyville, they came upon what had, until yesterday, been a vacant field with a few moldy old piles of hay and a sandbox. In its place, there now stood a two-story edifice that looked like a scaled-down version of the ancient castle in the Everfree Forest. Orange and black flags were strung up on ropes all over the front of the building, and a huge sign was mounted over the drawbridge that said "DISCORD'S DISCOUNT DISGUISES". Outside, a huge table was set up, covered with festive holiday-themed cupcakes and attended by Pinkie Pie. Despite it obviously being Pinkie Pie, she was wearing a hooded black cloak and her face was painted white, with black makeup around her eyes and mouth. Nearby, Fluttershy was dressed in a cuddly bunny suit, the ears flopping over into her face and her long mane peeking out of the hoodie.

Fluttershy addressed the crowd, trying and failing to reach pitch-pony levels of volume, so that her spiel came out in a voice that went from just above her normal speaking voice to a soft, embarrassed whisper, and every degree of Fluttersqueak in between.

"Come one, come all...oh, if you'd like to, I mean we're not going to force you...oh, um, sorry, I have a script...ahem...come inside for HARE-raising deals on the most fun and frightening Nightmare Night costumes—oh, the frightening ones sound awfully frightening, please try to buy the fun ones if you wouldn't mind...Discord's Discount Disguises is the HOPPING! place to be if you want to scare up some fun this Nightmare Night..."

"Fluttershy, whut th' hay're you doin'?" Applejack asked, approaching the timid pony.

"Eep! Oh, uh, hi Applejack, Rainbow Dash." She looked around nervously and took a deep breath. "Discord's opened a costume shop for Nightmare Night, and I'm trying to help him get ponies inside."

"You two should go inside, it's lots of fun!" Pinkie said. "And spooOOOOOOky..." She let out an evil laugh that made Fluttershy jump three feet straight up.

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow. "And who told Discord he could just open up a shop in the middle of Ponyville?"

"I did," Twilight Sparkle said from above, descending into the crowd. Ponies bowed respectfully to their princess, but she waved them off.

"Twi, are you off your rocker?" Applejack asked.

"Applejack...we need to start trusting Discord. He's changed. Or did you forget what happened with Tirek?"

Applejack frowned. "Well...alright...Ah reckon he came through for us, but...he's still Discord! He just ain't...he just ain't..." She trailed off.

"That's the attitude that needs to stop if Discord's ever going to become completely, one hundred percent reformed," Twilight said. "I'll admit I still have trust issues when it comes to Discord, but I'm trying. And letting him open this shop is a step in the right direction." She smiled. "It's just a costume shop. He found out about Nightmare Night from Luna and Celestia and thought it sounded like fun, so he decided this would be how he'd take part. I've already been inside, and it looks like he's really into the spirit of things!" She gestured with a hoof. "Go on in, see for yourselves!" She raised her voice. "That goes for everypony! This really is a good place to buy a Nightmare Night costume!"

Murmurs rippled through the crowd, and ponies lined up to enter the strange little store. Applejack and Rainbow Dash shared a glance, shrugged, and joined the line.

Once they reached the threshold and saw what lay beyond, their eyes widened. "Whoa," Rainbow Dash breathed.

Dozens of aisles were lined up from front to back, with racks of costumes lining the walls of the store. Signs overhead pointed helpfully to different sections: "Scary Monsters", "Get Your Funny On", "Fictional Characters", "Historical Figures", "Mythology", "For Foals", "Something Sexy", "Beyond Imagination". A set of spiralling stone stairs led up to the second level; a sign next to the stairs said "There's More Stuff Upstairs!" Near the front was a huge cashier's stand. Signs here read "Prices Are Negotiable", "All Proceeds Go To Charity", and "Can't Find What You're Looking For? Ask About Custom Orders!"

Discord appeared behind the cashier's stand. "Come in, ladies, come in! Look around, see what tickles your fancy! I've got everything you need for the most fun and memorable Nightmare Night of your lives."

Rainbow Dash rose into the air, hovering above the heads of the shopping ponies. "Okay...I guess I'm kinda-sorta impressed. Maybe." She flew off toward the Fictional Characters section.

"Hey, wait up!" Applejack cried, weaving through the herd to follow her flying friend.

When she caught up, she found Rainbow staring at a complete set of Power Ponies costumes. Applejack frowned. "Been there, done that," she said. She looked around a bit. "Huh. Con Mane spy kit, now that's interestin'."

"There's a Daring Do costume!" Rainbow said excitedly. After a moment, she added, "Eh...but I guess once you've met the real Daring Do, dressing up like her is kinda..." Something caught the corner of her eye, and she turned...and gasped. "Holy crap!"

"Whut?" Applejack asked.

Rainbow zoomed over to a shiny silver costume that was clearly made for a pegasus. "The Silver Soarer," Rainbow said reverently, running her hooves over the costume. "Oh my gosh...when I was a filly in Cloudsdale, I used to love this comic!" She smiled fondly. "I always begged my dad for it every month, and we read it together. The Silver Soarer was my favorite!" She swept the costume up and flew for the front of the store. "How much?" she cried as she dropped down in front of Discord.

Discord eyed the costume she'd selected. "Ooh, excellent choice," he said. "That one is...fifteen bits."

"Wow, that's all? Seriously?"

"Well, the shop is called Discount Disguises."

"Awesome. I'll—" Rainbow paused, smacking herself with a hoof. "Ah, crap! I don't have any money with me!" She looked down sadly at the costume.

Discord waved a paw. "I'll ring it up for you," he said. "I'll send Fluttershy over to collect later. Or I'll be by myself. Whichever."

"Seriously? Awesome!" Rainbow did a flip in the air.

"Glad to see you so excited, Rainbow Dash," Discord said with a smile. He wrote up a bill of sale, keeping the pink copy for himself, and put the costume in a bag. "There you go, hope you have a happy Nightmare Night!"

Applejack left the Fictional Characters section, wandering into the Monsters section. She chuckled at a wolfpony costume, then recoiled in disgust from a giant spider costume. She rolled her eyes at a vampire bat costume and shuddered at a cragodile costume. She decided to head for the Mythology section, but stopped when she saw a familiar pink bow disappear into the For Foals section. She crept in that direction and heard giggling; the Cutie Mark Crusaders were bouncing around, looking at everything. The costumes in that section were a bizarre mix of everything up to and including the kitchen sink—no, seriously, there was actually a kitchen sink costume. Applejack rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Hey girls," she said.

"Applejack!" Apple Bloom cried. "Check this place out, it's amazing!"

"Are you buying a costume too?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Applejack shrugged. "Ah dunno, maybe. Rainbow Dash already bought one." She looked around. "Well, you girls have fun...Ah'm gonna go, uh...look in that other section." She trotted off, glancing around warily before ducking into the Something Sexy section.

* * * * *

Word spread quickly, and by the end of the first week, nearly every pony, donkey, and cow in Ponyville had visited Discord's shop. Even Zecora had dropped by. Very few shoppers left without buying something.

"I have to admit, I'm impressed," Twilight said to Spike as she read a thick, dusty old book from the old castle. "Discord's making a real effort to fit in and belong. His shop is amazing!"

"Yeah, it's the talk of the town," Spike said. "I found a really spiffy costume!"

"Oh? I didn't see you come in with one."

"I'm keeping it a secret until Nightmare Night," Spike said. "Don't you dare peek."

Twilight giggled. "Alright, Spike." She sighed. "I can't decide on what costume I want. I've been in three times...there's just so many choices, I can't make up my mind!"

"I'm surprised you're not going as Starswirl the Bearded again."

"Even I got sick of that one last year," Twilight said. "I need something new. I just don't know what."

"Well, you've still got time."

* * * * *

Princesses Luna and Celestia dropped by Discord's Discount Disguises one evening. "This is quite an impressive store," Celestia said. "You've truly done well here."

"Thank you, Your Majesty," Discord said, bowing. "My humble shop has been a big hit. I predict Nightmare Night will be unforgettable this year." He looked at the two princesses. "Perhaps I can interest the two of you in costumes?"

Luna frowned. "I traditionally attend Nightmare Night in the guise of my former, corrupted self..."

"Oh, come now, Luna," Discord said. "Change is a good thing! You can always do your little Nightmare Moon act right at the end, but why not try something new? Something different?"

"It could be fun, Luna," Celestia said. "I wouldn't mind having a look around myself. There's bound to be something here I'd like..." She frowned. "The problem is finding anything in my size..."

"Oh, alterations are no problem, I assure you," Discord said with a grin. "Go ahead, look around, take your pick! Anything in the store, on the house."

"Well...alright, why not," Luna said. She gave a girlish giggle. "Come, sister! The revelry of shopping calls to me!"