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I like so far, and hope to see where it goes in the near future. Keep up the good work.

Aww man! I was gonna make an "Alien" crossover! Ya beat me too it!:applecry:

Oh well, in any case, this looks awesome. Ill give it a read.:pinkiesmile:

Nice cliffhanger and title reference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With grammar like that, maybe it's for the best you're reading more than writing.[/notserious]


With an attitude like that, maybe it's for the best that you piss off:pinkiesmile:

Nice job. Posting on All Hallows' Eve? Instant Fave.

Heh, sorry. Couldn't help myself, I nit-pick grammar more often than I should.

On a more general note, I like the story so far, though the shipping level is FedEx.

So.............update soon???????????????????????????

5215554 sooner or later. Seeing how well it's doing. Not daily, though. The first alone took me like a week at least to write. So...

5215627 It's just so awesome despite how short it is!!!!!! Space ponies discovering remains of humans and tech while soon encountering their (humans) enemies is an extremely cool concept/trope. Also, I just love the space horror that Aliens give!!!! Could you possibly do a related story at some point with the Predators?

5215823 I've been thinking about doing a Predator crossover, but I'd like to get this and a few other things out of the way before I start anything else new. I already have several stories that need updates on top of this, so don't expect the Predator one too soon.

5211615 hey, I could have NOT warned you about the shipping at all. At least it's in the description so you know it's there before you start.

OH, I wasn't complaining, simply mentioning that it's really prevalent.

5219285 well, AppleDash is kinda my OTP and I put it in every story. The others are just to make character deaths (don't be surprised that I said that) more emotionally devastating for those that survive. I won't spoil who is going to die, but considering (this is kinda spoilery, though it's only the next chapter so not too much) the fact that they are the only six going to the human ship it'd be pretty obvious that some are going to die. Especially considering what killed the original crew.

Awesome so far :PinkieSmile:

I'll try not to explode from the shipping.

5228002 in the good way or the bad way?

5228293 I see... Well, at least I warned you in the description before you got too far.

5228311 Yeah. I really don't like shipping. I can look past it though. I always think of stories in my own way. I think about the stories and then turn them into something I like.

Reading the description, a pony xeno wouldn't be that hard to do. The alien in Alien 3 was primarily quadrupedal.

5235581 But that one came from a dog. So...

5235842 true, but it shows that such mutations are possible, just food for thought ☺

5236103 I know. I just felt the need to have human hosts.

But still, this was a good chapter!!!! Although I thought the ponies were going to explore a derelict spacecraft with no human survivors and only an alien or two while trying to reconstruct what happened by using logs, journals, etc to figure out what happened to the crew. Still this chapter doesn't disappoint!

5329924 Mostly derelict. 5 (now 3) survivors, Jim (main Xeno) and a hive (the bottom of the ship).

cliff hangers, got to hate them. JK

Dammit I thought there were humans that helped the pones,

I don't want to like this but it's good, I hate it that flutters is dead yet I expected it to happen, will they find guns?

You're a bastard because of this chapter...still...keep up the good work!!!:pinkiehappy:

RIP :fluttercry:... well, who will be the next to fall? :pinkiesad2::applejackconfused::raritycry::facehoof::rainbowderp:????


The Fuck is wrong with you?!?!?!?! How could you do such a horrible thing?!?!:raritydespair::ajsleepy::applecry::fluttershbad::twilightangry2::pinkiesick::fluttercry::rainbowwild:
Great chapter though!!!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

5674868 I am enjoying the shit out of that comment XD

To answer your question: I'm an evil bastard and this is an Alien crossover. Don't need to say much more. So what if I emotionally scar a few ponies? It's not like I'm... Oh wait, I am. Oh well.

time for an Alien Pony Hybrid

:fluttershysad::ajsleepy: two down, four more to go... and yes, you have to kill best pony... you monster... :pinkiesad2::rainbowhuh::raritydespair::twilightoops:

5677114 but best pony is still alive... Oh wait, you mean Applejack.

Yay for best pony(the alien of course). :derpytongue2:

that thing on the lose no one is safe you can hid but it will find you cant run its faster than to it cant be killed with guns yes you can scare it off with a flame or dstractic with a loud noise but in the end unless you leave that place and hope it didnt fallow you if you dont you will die -cuts out with a hissing sound in the back ground (that should be an audio log )

the xeno dosent care it just kills and kills and dosent stop till everythings dead

5679142 I might use something like that... thanks for the idea.

Private Hudson: **pats a baseball bat in-hand while glaring at of Pinkie Pie** "...That's my line."

5711176 I was hoping someone would get that :rainbowlaugh:

A bright yeloow mare with an orange and yellow mane and tail approached them.


6569734 REALLY AUTOCORRECT? You correct "Vanth" into "can't" but you miss THAT?! Thanks anyway.

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6812116 DUDE. SPOILER. I'm the writer and I wouldn't post that in a comments section. There are other people that read this.

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