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Many years ago Equestria had a holiday celebrating fears and scares under the watchful eye of Nightmare moon. Now one of the artificial alicorns thinks its time to bring it back. With the help of ghoul pegasis, she is determined to succeed

A working knowledge of Fallout Equestria, Fallout Equestria Hivemind, and of the MLP FIM episode "Luna Eclipsed" is helpful to read this story

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I think it is just Nightmare Moon recolored...

I enjoyed this.

5148731 I used an inepisode screenshot of Nightmare Moon as a pose reference, but yes, in essence, its an artificial alicorn dressing up as Nightmare Moon.

5148755 Thank you, I enjoyed making it

5148619 Im not sure what that means...

It means that he's a troll, and a FoE hater.

Just ignore him. He's been acting out on most FoE's.

Fun tail. Very few edits left and it was a delight to read. Thanks, Coffee Rings.

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