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Sweetie Belle and Button Mash play a scary game. Will they make it?

This was suggested by a nice fellow, ButtonMash. Go give him a shout!

(And ignore my stupid pun titles, I am bad I realize this, just ignore it.)

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Hell yeah, I've been looking for new FNaF fics to read. :rainbowwild:

Edit: Any possible X and X play Skyrim?

Comment posted by RoseOf1000Thorns deleted Oct 10th, 2014

5121506 Hmmm:duck: I will have to play the game again, but I shall try my best. Expect it later today, hopefully.

You need to add a crossover tag. :pinkiesmile:

5122096 Fixed, thank you for pointing that out!

Freddy Fanfics have been hard to come by. Great work on this.

5122264 Thank you, that means a lot. I personally thought nobody would like this.

blah and blah Play SCP Containment Breach!

5122724 Alright, I'll accept that challenge. And didja have to be so gosh dang PUSHY?! :twilightangry2:

Me and Sweetie over here fainting!


Good Job. Now excuse me while I get my heart rate back to normal!


Yes yes it is.


And yes. *Push*
*Button push*
*Waffle push*
*You push*

5122724 So then, who would you have play SCP, hmm?

5122269 Well, its short, simple and current. Its also rather well written. What's not to enjoy?

5123088 I don't have very good writing skills with these "x and x play x" stories. I can't let my mind go, I have to stay within the stories of the game they're playing. And dialogue is hard to accomplish in these, because it jumps back and forth between game and regular life.

5123260 I can see your point, but you won't get very far if you don't try, right? You need to expand your horizons.

5123470 Well yes, and thanks for the encouragement, but I am just not very good at these thingies, because all the games have linear paths. And, these ones after the twilight and pinkie one, these ones were requested, and if I don't make it I feel like I'm ignoring them. It's weird, but I do try.:twilightblush:

Very good story overall. But the ending was a little rushed.

5123560 I thought so, I was going to go back and fix it, but I got wrapped up in burritos :rainbowwild:

5123581 I still loved it. Gave it a thumbs up.

Bravo! Bravo! Well done my friend! ... And you are FAST!

5126942 Well, I was off work for 3 days, and I like to write stories, so I had no trouble finding time. And thank you!:twilightsmile:

Sorry for long reply, but Rarity and Fluttershy, maybe because the spa is closed on their weekly spa day due to renovations and Rainbow Dash suggested it?

5138048 ...:flutterrage: I HAD FINISHED IT ALREADY!!!! I suppose I can go and edit the story, though it'll take time. Y u do dis 2 meh?:raritycry::raritydespair:

dude five nights at freddys is not even scary.

now if you want to play a VERY spooky game go play five nights at Freddy's MLG pizzeria. its 3spooky5me

ur knot rdy 4 freddy m8. he beat me in a 1v1 on rust

5206006 I know it's not scary, it's basically jumpscarefest, but this was a request, and I enjoy writing. And I'll give you Rust, <JHGKDXYRJZMGCLVIY<TMXYF!!!!

5206118 You heard me, now STEP INSIDE! (reference, oh yeah.)

A and B play Slender. flutters should be one of them, because potatoes.

how do I post a comment?

5280385 You do it like this, Mrs. Muffinz.

I've personally never played 5 NIghts At Freddy's, I only hear it from the constant blabbings of my schoolmates. I am scared very easily, so I have never considered playing it. And, after reading this, I still am not going to play it. EVER.

5296650 It's an alright game. WAY over-hyped though. Only scary thing about it is the first initial jumpscare, and even that's not very scary. But there are much better ways of spending your days and money.

5280384 So, how do you want me to do the "Flutters plus X play Slender" thing? Any ideas in your head, or do I go with it?

Wow thats intense

5506691 Is it? I felt it was rather dumbed down and rushed, but do you speak truth?

5506837 it was a bit fast but i see you got all the refrences right

5514326 Aww yaaaaaay. Yeah, it was fast but I had been having a rather busy week and wouldn't get time to do it for a while or so, so I had to do that. Mainly it was because that was how my game went. I almost made it after so long then right before six, I die. Fun times.

Short and sweet, even though I didn't get why Bonnie was sneaking around outside. :unsuresweetie:

5787509 Just thought it'd be a bit funny, sorry. :duck:

5788098 Oh, it's okay, it's just that I see it as more creepy than funny. :twilightoops:

Have you ever actually played fnaf yourself?

5789027 I played it at a friend's house. One fucking hour to victory and who shows up? Fucking Chica.

5789030 Yeah, even though it is fun, it's also very scary and VERY frustrating. Sometimes, I just want to crawl inside of the game, and smash each of the animatronics with a hammer. :pinkiecrazy:

Btw, I like your bio.

5789050 The thing under your name at the top of the page.

5789079 Ah, that bio, I thought it was my other one. Thank you so much.

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