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The Princess and the Dragon - Lynchristina

Spike has bad dreams, he doesn't know where his place is.

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3 No Respect: Twilight Time

It was morning, the least favorite kind of time that every baby dragon wakes up to. Even though it was a start of a new day, he didn't like it. Spike opened his eyes and yawned. He took a step out of his bed and felt a pain in his head. "Urgh.....my head hurts." He carefully walked downstairs to see Twilight reading a book like always.

"Oh, good morning Spike, didn't see you there. I was just enjoying this amazing book, you should read it someday." Twilight levitated the book over to Spike.

Spike looked at the hovering book in front of him,"I would love to but I'll have to do It later." Spike slowly walked towards the door.

Twilight looked at where Spike was going,"Hey, where are you going?"

Spike turned to Twilight,"Huh? Oh, I'm just going out for a walk. Why? Do you need something?"

Twilight hesitated, "Well not right now, it's not Twilight Time yet. Maybe around ten? Oh and can you make one of your tasty nachos?"

Spike sighed as he forced a smile, "Sure Twilight. Anything for you." He walked towards the door as he took the path to town.


He stumbled upon a massive crowd that surrounded a certain shop. Must be a new shop. He began to walk towards the entrance. Inside was full of magnificent toys of all sizes. The store was colorful as a rainbow on summer's day. He looked around the building as he bumped into a certain colt with a ginger-ish color and a green mane. Spike broke into his daze.

The little colt turned his head as he helped the dragon up to his feet. "Oh I'm sorry sir." The colt stumbled, "Um, welcome to Toya Toys!"

Spike looked behind the colt. A colorful pile of toys caught his eye. "Hey, are those the new toys for the shop? Cause they look awesome!"

The colt shoved the toys from the dragon's sight. "Oh, no. These are the bad versions. I'm still working on some kinks. But I'm not highly experienced at it. So I recommend going to my brother. He's everypony's favorite. I don't really matter."

"Hey, don't drag yourself down so much. I'm sure your toys will be just as great!" Spike pulled out a bit as he gave it to the little colt. "You have talent kid! Just keep on creating. That is the kind of respect you deserve. You try and you try hard!"

The colt smiled, he wiped the small tears from eyes. He then waved goodbye to the Dragon as he walked pass the exit door.

Wow, I feel really good. Great even! Spike looked up to see the Ponyville Clock Tower. The handle pointed around 9:50. Spike jumped a bit as he noticed the time. "Ooh! It's almost Twilight Time! Yikes!" As the handle struck, Spike ran towards the path home. Hoping to not disappoint Twilight with a bad timing in punctuality.


A tip of the Tree house branches sighted Spike's eyes as he smiled with relief. As he walked down the path, he noticed that his home look a little bit dirty. Pieces of trash laid around the house. The crusaders must have already trashed the place already. He rolled his eyes as he began to remember the last time they came. Spike sighed in satisfaction, "At least it wasn't messier than the day they tried to grow honey trees." Spike recalled that sticky day. The honey was glued everywhere around the tree house. That was the worst thing to clean up.

He then noticed an item missing on the porch. "Hey, where did my broom go?" Spike zoomed around the backyard for any indication of where his broom went. Nothing. Suddenly, a place came into his mind. "Of course, the library! Duh!"

Sweetie Belle looked discouragingly at the broom, "I doubt it, that thing ways a ton!"

Spike took a step into the house, "Hey, has anypony seen my-" His words stopped as he glanced at the broom laying in front of him. He cocked up a smile, "Oh, there it is." The baby dragon lifted the broom as he flicked it up in the air. He then whistled as he swept up the floor. As the mares muttered about their talents, Spike took the chance to sweep up around the library. While cleaning, he spied a pile of rubbish on the wooden floor. "Hey, who's gonna clean up this mess?"

Scootaloo quickly trotted towards the dragon. "This is no mess. These are the carefully arranged pieces of a unicycle I took apart; and will be putting back together." The filly glanced up at the purple alicorn, "As soon as she shows me how."


The next day, Spike began to make one of his famous nachos for Twilight Time. "Just one more touch of salt, and we're done!" The salt shaker shook up pieces of salt into the nachos. "These are one of the best ones I've ever made! Hope they appreciate them." As the nachos cooled, he heard a few chattering noises from the outside. "The girls are here! Can't wait for them to eat my famous nachos." As he stepped into the room, he noticed that Twilight brought in more than just three fillies.

Twilight walked towards the crowed foals, "Turns out we'll need more than that."

Spike's smile fell, without a word, he sighed. Guess I'll have to make more. The baby dragon began to walk towards the kitchen once again. He went to the counter to grab his apron and chef hat as he started to make more. Many commotions began to fill up inside the tree house. Spike didn't mind it as much though. He was more focused on the fact of how many nachos will be needed to satisfy his hard working.

After the last batch of nachos were done, he placed them in a pile on the one single plate. Spike glanced up at the tall pile of nachos. "Whoa, that is a lot of nachos." He shrugged, "Oh well, hope they enjoy it anyways. It's enough for everypony at least." Spike began to hold the plate, struggling on the mass it had. Carefully, he walked towards the room while finally laying it to the ground. He happily searched for all of the little foals waiting for his food. But nopony was there. It was mostly the CMC and Twilight. He angrily lifted his fists up way up high, "Oh come on!"

After saying goodbye to the fillies, Spike slid the nachos down to the trash. "All of my hard work, gone. I'm not even appreciated for it!" He threw the bag into the bin. "Oh Spike, these nachos are so good. You worked so hard on them!" Spike mimicked. "At least something like that would've made me feel good." He sighed as he walked back inside. He stomped his way upstairs. Grabbing his night cap, and putting himself to bed.

Twilight glided straight towards her bed. She yawned," Wow, this was a exciting day. Right Spike?"

Spike pulled his blanket up to his shoulders, "Yeah yeah sure." As he said in a raspy voice.

The sleepy alicorn smiled, "That's nice Spike. Well, goodnight."

Spike closed his eyes, "Goodnight Twilight..."

Author's Note:

I did it! WOO!

Can't wait to write the next chapters! I know it's been a year? I don't know. I've been doing a lot of art on DA. And I've been hooked! But I still want to finish these fanfictions to make new ones. AND I WILL! I mean seriously, I have a ton of stories that I haven't even published cause I wanted to finish my other stories. ^^' :derpytongue2:

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Err, what exactly happened in this chapter?

6449033 In this chapter, I was building up on the real point line. This chapter shows the feelings that Spike is getting. He's starting realize his place. Which leads into the nightmare that's following along with him. If that makes sense. Sorry. I haven't been writing a lot of mlp character stories. Only my own stories. With my own characters. :pinkiesad2:

As soon as shows me how

Shouldn't there be a she there?

6449194 Oops, thanks! ^^ If you see any other mistakes please tell me. :rainbowkiss:

6449130 Plenty of creatures grow up without being raised by parents, most reptiles do in fact. An apex predator would be able to survive, especially one that is reasonable smart like Spike.

6449300 Hehe, don't worry, I know the definition. XD Thanks. ^^

6449257 You know do know your talking about a baby dragon right? Also are you saying he should not been raised by ponies at all, then he would just been a greedy jerk who only cares about treasure, just like the other dragons.

Honestly he gets pushed around because the writers don't like which isn't fair to Spike.

6449355 So what if he's a baby dragon? Plenty of animals in our world raise themselves from birth.

And do you seriously believe that every single dragon is a jerk who only cares about treasure? The first adult we saw left as soon as Fluttershy told him that he was doing something bad, and every other one since then might have been mean, but I wouldn't call them evil.

And then Twilight ate them all :derpytongue2: Aww, poor Spike :raritycry: But anyways, YOU'RE BACK!!! :raritystarry:

6449497 I don't say they were evil said they wasn't nice. Yeah that dragon is an adult I can buy them be rationalized. Do I believe they only care treasure... well tell me this do dragons anything else other then sit around in their caves and guard their treasure. I'm not counting teen dragons nor am I counting every time they leave the cave for food.

If you saying he should able to take care of himself then he wouldn't be Spike, he would someone else. I mean unless there is way he still be will the same without ever meeting Twilight.

6449523 We have only seen a grand total of TWO adult dragons for more than a few seconds so far, and while they were protective of their treasure, the first one was preparing to go into a century long hibernation, and for all we know the other was preparing to do the same. Remember that dragons eat gems in this world. It makes sense they'd be protective of an emergency food storage for 100 years.

Yeah, I realized something that bugged me about this episode.

:twilightsmile: "Spike, now that I'm a Princess, I feel like its important I devote time to teaching and mentoring the children around me that I'm closest to, they deserve guidance and care as well."

:moustache:"Does that mean we can spend some quality time tog-":twilightblush:"So I'm going to budget my limited non-research time into mentoring the Cutie Mark Crusaders, since they have no other older mentor figures to rely on, and I'll need you to make nachos for them."

".........Ok then, nachos it is."

6450211 Don't forget in season 2 the buffalo have a tradition of honoring and respecting dragons, they state this when they are feeding Spike topaz gems. They wouldn't have such a tradition unless the buffalo had interacted positively with good dragons in the past.

Great chapter as always. However, feeling much more for Spike after this. No respect at all shown for his hard work :fluttershysad: Can't wait to read the next chapter and find out what happens next.

6452153 Awe thanks. At least there's one person who understood this chapter. ^^ The next chapter is halfway done. So make sure to read that when it comes out. :raritywink:

Poor spike . Even in season five episode no one took him seriously.

He must get allowance cuss how else would he buy comics and he hangs with Big Mac so he has a social life we just don't see it

Don't cancel this story, keep it going I'm still trying to see how Luna fits in it.

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