• Published 12th Oct 2014
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The Princess and the Dragon - Lynchristina

Spike has bad dreams, he doesn't know where his place is.

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1 After that day

It was just two days after Spike and the pony gang went to the comic book world of the Power Ponies. Spike remembered that day, he learned that even though his friends don't need his help sometimes, it will never mean that he's not helpful. He felt special and thankful for his best friends.
It was just an ordinary day at the Golden Oak Library, the birds were singing, the fillies were playing, it was just perfect. Inside the library was an alicorn and a baby dragon. Twilight was reading a Star Swirl a Bearded book, and was absorbed in it. Spike on the other hoof, was reading his favorite comic book of course. While looking at his comic book, Spike looked at Hum Drum, and read.

"Hum Drum! Where are you? We need you to crawl into the Mane-iac's lair so we can get in." Said The Masked Matter-Horn.

Hum Drum looked confused,"Well, couldn't you guys just blast the door open?"

The Masked Matter-Horn made a long sigh."Well if we did that, it wouldn't be much of a stealthy mission."

Hum Drum understood his mission, and crawled through the pipes to open the door. He saw some of the Mane-iac's henchponies and tried to sneak on through. When he saw the door, two henchponies stood in front of it. He had to find a way to get the Power Ponies inside without the ponies seeing him. I need to find a way.... but what? The little pony looked everywhere,he tried to find something that can lure the henchponies away from the door. His stomach growled really loud. Shhhhh! stomach, I know that you're hungry, but we have to eat later, right now I.... Hum Drum heard the two stallions chattering.

One stallion opened his eyes wide and perked up his ear. "Dude, did you hear that? Was that you?"

The other stallion shook his head, "Nope, but it's coming from the factory. Lets go! Call the others."

The stallions ran to the factory and called in some back up just in case. Hum Drum chuckled.Well that was easier than I thought. You are totally getting double hay fries stomach. Hum Drum climbed down and went to the door to open it for the ponies.

Zap tapped her hoof on the floor,"Urgh. when is he coming? He's taking forever! You know what I would've done, I wouldn't wait here all day!"

The Masked Matter-Horn leaned in close, "Well, it's a better idea than barging in and getting caught by the Mane-iac's spray."

Zap huffed. "Fine."

They heard some running and muffling noises from behind the door. They thought that Hum Drum got caught, so The Masked Matter-Horn burst the door open. While that was happening, Hum Drum got squished by the door.

"Ow..." Hum Drum mumbled.

The henchponies heard the door burst open.

Mistress Mare-velous stomped her hoof on the ground."Time to power pony up!"

Hum Drum pushed the door from his back. "You guys weren't supposed to come in! I was going to open it for you!"

All of the Power Ponies looked confused, especially The Masked Matter-Horn."Wait, so you weren't captured by the Mane-iac and her weird stylests?"

One stallion through his hooves up,"That's not very nice."

A mare with a green and a crazy mane showed up from the darkness. "Mwahhahaha!"

The Power Ponies looked up, and gasped. "The Mane-iac!"

The Masked Matter-Horn pointed her hoof at the Mane-iac. "Surrender yourself Mane-iac, and we'll go easy on you. Just give us the wonderflonium."

Hum Drum smirked at the Mane-iac."Yeah Mane-iac, what are you going to use it for? Are you going to freeze the whole city? "

"Well, I was going to fix my refrigerator, but that's a much better idea, thank you Hum Drum." Said The Mane-iac.

The Power Ponies stared angrily at Hum Drum. "HUM DRUM!!!"

He covered his mouth, flushing crimson."Oops, sorry."

The Power Ponies stared at Hum Drum, with eyes like daggers boring through his soul.

Hum Drum walked back a couple of steps," I'll just stay back here and lock my mouth. He he."

Zap stomped her hoof angrily, "Don't listen to him, he's just a little colt, hehehe........"


"Aww come on Hum Drum, seriously? That's like the seventh time you did that, but now it's giving out a great plan that the Mane-iac didn't think of!

Spike skimmed quickly through the following pages,pausing only long enough of to get the gist of the story. The villain sets off her army of stylists, yadi yada. Then she gets the machine ready, blah blah blah. Fights, hulk,destroys,freezes Mane-iac,wins,and there,getting the wonderflonium back."


A tall lanky stallion went to the Power Ponies table."What would you like to order?"

A wizened stallion spoke shakily through a massive walrus mustache, "We'll take some cheesepies and one hay fry burger to go please."

"Sure can do, mister. It'll be right out." Quick as a whip, the lank young stallion trotted back towards the kitchen, humming merrily.

Filly Second sighed,her eyes tracking the stallion's progress."Isn't that stallion cute or what?"

Zap made barfing noises, " ew, BARF!"

Radiance glared at Zap, " Zap, don't ruin it, everypony, ahem, or any superhero needs romance in their lives.

Saddle Rager nodded, "Yeah Zap, and Filly Second, I think he would be perfect for you.

Mistress Mare-velous chuckled, "That might be true, his mane sure does look like yours when you take off your super suit. You sure visit this store a lot, don't you Filly Second."

Filly Second blushed. "Yeah, ever since he saved my life when I was a filly, we started hanging out. That of course is when I discovered my super powers! I mean, when I saved him after he took me home. Now a few years past and now he works here!"

Zap rolled her eyes in boredom, "Hey Doctor Trottingtum, what were your plans for the Wonderflonium anyway?"

Doctor Trottingtum smiled, "Well Zappy, I was going to use it for snow cone making!"

Zap wasn't surprised.

The stallion came back with their orders in a box," There you go. Bye Pi- I mean Filly Second!"

The ponies grabbed their food and walked with the Doctor. Hum Drum was happily to get his burger, even though the one he wanted was sold out. As he opened his mouth for a big bite, a large crow swooped down from the sky, snatching it up. He shook his fists at the fast retreating bird, "Hey! I was eating that."

Hum Drum pouted at the dark sky. "Hey, would you guys do me a solid and give me a piece of that che- oh, you finished it."

He noticed that everypony already gobbled it up already.

The Masked Matter- Horn felt sorry for him. "Oh sorry Hum Drum, since the store is closed, how about we go back to my hideout and I'll cook you some of my mother's favorite dish!"

Hum Drum gulped, oh no...


Spike looked down at the last page,"Poor little guy. Well, at least that will never happen to me, I mean, my friends love me, and I will never be just a character that that brings comic relief, haha."

Author's Note:

I have thrown in some little references, can you name them? Oh, and this is this my second story, the first one I didn't like, but this one might be better I think!