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In a strange other-world, the land of Equestria is split in two. Twilight Sparkle, brilliant and antisocial, is the prized pupil of the distant yet gentle Queen Celestia in the east; while Sunset Shimmer, cunning and ambitious, is the protege of the strict yet caring Queen Luna, who rules the west. And indeed, despite the divide, the land has seen peace for centuries.

Yet, all is not well; nonsensical rumors of a third alicorn spreading a message of unity have been making the rounds, and a string of sabotage incidents and mysterious disappearances have been plaguing both nations, with all clues pointing to the opposing side.

Against the backdrop of an Equestria slowly falling apart at the seams, these two must overcome their personal flaws, find friendship in unexpected places, and root out a strange conspiracy if they are to have any hope of stopping their mentors from making a terrible mistake...

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 8 )

Well now. This is intriguing. Can't really weigh in on the poll, though. I don't know how many episodes we're talking about here.

Well, I'm interested. Can't wait to see how Cadence is used here.

I say keep it all under one story, as long as the episodes relate to one another.

The plot sounds VERY interesting. Looking forward to seeing it develop!

7466503 Thanks!
And it's probably going to be anywhere between thirteen to about thirty-nine, but probably somewhere around twenty-six.
Each 'episode' is worth three chapters

7466564 Thanks!
Alright, thank you for the feedback!

7467281 Hopefully you'll like it. :twilightsmile:

Ok that's a start...
I'll stick around to see where this will go.
I hope for an update soon!

Huh, this is an interesting setup. I do hope you continue with it at some point. :twilightsmile:

Another brilliant story that is dead. Why do authors do this to us?:fluttershysad:

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