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Everypony knows Pinkie Pie. She's the pony who sings all kinds of silly songs and loves, loves, LOVES, to party! As Equestria comes to love her more and more, her appetites grow similarly. But every rush eventually ends with a crash. If only Pinkie could forget how to be unhappy.

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Pretty surreal stuff, I'll admit. Not sure how you'll find it, whether or not my portrayal of Pinkie will piss off anybody. Or whether or not this'll confuse the heck out of you. I actually wrote this for a contest, but they're not done judging yet. I'm pretty impatient for feedback, so here you go Fimfiction. Best thing I've ever written so far.

I... Kinda think I get it... Either the house collapsed in on her and she hallucinated the visit to "Ponyville" afterwards, or her "sugar abuse" finally caught up with her and now she's sick.

How close am I to what you intended?


So, Pinkie got tricked into becoming a famous singer, getting hooked on 'sugar' and is in hospital because she had an overdose?

Basically, it was all a dream she had after she "overdosed." Hence the bizarre sugary rain and her waking up in a hospital only thinking, "where the heck did the party go?"
I wouldn't say she got tricked into it. It just happened, and she wanted to go along with it because it would make people happy.

487907 Well, it kinda sounded like (to me, I dunno about anyone else) that she was tricked. But she didn't mind.


I guess you can say it was a trick in the sense that the pony didn't tell her everything that would happen as a result. It really all depends on how the reader interprets the text.

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