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Buttery waifu is best waifu.

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Holy hell, paragraphs please. I cant make past the first couple of hundreds words of text

A long story of a Riders struggles to come to terms with terms with his new life, and the strange creatures that inhabit the realm he has so suddenly found himself in.

When the first—and only—sentence of your summary is riddled with errors, it doesn't bode well for the rest of the story :facehoof:
A lot of people can be discouraged from reading it because of just that :unsuresweetie:

5104738 This is just the blurb, I threw it together in a sleep deprived state and will be changing it once I sort a few other things out.

Comment posted by BikerPon3 deleted Oct 6th, 2014

Loveing it go baddass Lyra

Oh boy a pinky party sounds fun

You know? from the story, i just thinking...

What was the longest you ever lasted while sex someone? you know?
Me:Longest was two days...and I almost had to go to the hospital because of it...

Yeahhhh...i love that day. fuck her until she can't move. best sex she ever had.

5106679 Why are you quoting something that isn't in the chapter? :facehoof:

5106701 Oh sorry, it my imagination quote from the past.

Good story I like it so far please keep up the good work.

5104729 He actually does have paragraphs, however he does not have any line spacing between them. I actually prefer it the way it is.

i love this story and the waredis thin is I think there word wood work this way to.

5107608 I liked Lyra in Xenophilia, so I second that sentiment.

Thank you to all of the fine people who have favorited this, I had no idea it would come across so well in 24 hours. :moustache:

I know. Xenophilia was what first made me love Lyra as a character. (And the Lunaverse made me love Raindrops as a character.)

I just hope Kye isn't completely submissive; otherwise it may get kind of disappointing considering how he's being Man-Handled.
Here's hoping that he shows these ponies why humans are not something to be messed with. Even without (Magic/Powers?) abilities we can be pretty tough and nightmarish opponents.

I'll be watching this to see further developments.


Lucky bastard, why cant we ever find some ways to get to equestria? I tell you why, Aliens.

5108873 Hmmm, you've got me thinking now. Food for thought, this deserves three staches :moustache::moustache::moustache:

He wondered how ponies bathed, making a mental note to ask Lyra later.

Oh, I'm quite sure she'd be willing to help you with that, Kye.


“Whats a herdmate?” Kye asked, frowning slightly.

(Sorry. Couldn't resist the joke. :twilightsheepish:)

Incidentally, does this mean that badass Lyra isn't the only thing you're borrowing from Xenophilia? :rainbowwild:

“You do know there's a gender imbalance in Equestria right? The mares are the dominant sex and outnumber the stallions around five to one. A lot of mares either share a stallion or just go for other mares because they can’t be bothered to fight for one.”

I spoke too soon. That answers that question. :twilightblush: :rainbowwild:

“Um….do you guys wanna come to the spa with us?”

Kye thought it was a rather bizarre question to ask considering the sudden unrest but it seemed to have a positive effect.

“Why Fluttershy that’s a wonderful idea.” Rarity said as she broke the stare she had going with Lyra and beamed at the pegasus.

“Do you agree Kye?” The gorgeous unicorn asked him, putting him on the spot a little.

“Er...I….” He quickly glanced down at Lyra and was rather surprised to find her looking back up at him, a rather devious smile on her face. She then pointedly looked at Rarity and spoke.

“We’d love to, wouldn't we Kye.”

Kye was lost, one moment they’d been glaring daggers at each other and now they were all suggesting a little get together at a spa. He hadn't the foggiest of ideas what was going on so he just agreed.

a.deviantart.net/avatars/l/i/liarjackplz.png?1 There's no way this could possibly go horribly wrong. Not at all.

Comment posted by pvtspoon deleted Oct 7th, 2014

He knew he’d be able to quit smoking, he didn't think he’d be able to quit Lyra.

Insert Brokeback Mountain joke here. :rainbowlaugh: :trollestia: :ajsmug:

She couldn't help raising her eyebrows a little. “Maybe you could practice with me later, I’ll show you which areas to avoid to save yourself embarrassing situations then we can see how you feel about it after.”


Lyra was taken aback at the farm pony’s offer, she had planned on giving Kye a private ‘lesson’ in where it was socially acceptable to touch a pony so she wasn't too keen on going anywhere at that particular moment.

Poor Lyra. Cockblocked by a Pinkie Pie party... :rainbowlaugh:

Kye shook his head, he was getting sidetracked. “So Octavia only wants Lyra?”

“Oh no no no,” She laughed. “like I said, Tavi’s mainly into stallions so she’d still ride you like a rodeo pony, I've heard she’s pretty good in the sack.


5109407 Brokeback Mountain :facehoof: I didn't think of that... oh Trollestia why? :trollestia:

Save the bike, Ride the Cowboy. :yay:

Pity theres no armoured delivery carts heading out to one of the mining towns just this side of the badlands centre. Would be nice to take Ace and crew for a, picnic. :pinkiecrazy:

As for the bike, it depends on how far its tuned, and how good the ECM is. If teh valves are fully variable, and it uses injection, then it should be able to handle ethanol, given US gasoline has been 10% since they tool lead out in the 70s, and so many people like to try adding nitrmethanol injection.

Its just a pity the machine is still a parralel hybrid, as a serial hybrid can be more easily modded to run on the turbo as a power source, instead of the complex piston engine, although some tank supposed to be a multifuel turbine electric and is complex? Sorry for not knowing the details of the designs. The last vehicle turbine I saw was the Rover car, with glass plate energy recovery units, designed for mechanical drive, with complex gearing.

He could always try for specialist courier between given locations. If you have good roads, or better, the side tyre rail adaption, then imagine doing 230mph along the Everfree Express line. Trains are far and few between, so should be able to know where they all are?

Otherwise. Hes here to massage your cares away, and blow your mind. :coolphoto:

Meanwhile, some easy listening music. :eeyup:

5110200 Hahaha don't even talk to me about ethanol, you know the ZRX from the dream in chapter three? I own that ride IRL and shortly after the UK mix of ethanol was increased a nice little hole appeared in the tank (previously botched repair) just before I was about to go for a ride. :raritycry:

As for finding some suitable hydrocarbons in Equestria I'm pretty sure Twilight will think of something, after all she's pretty smart, right? :twilightsmile:


Looking at Wiki, No fuel like old fuel

Looks like theres loads of ways of finding hydrcarbons, Rarity after all uses a fortune in her cosmetics. :raritywink:

"Exposit for me pl0z" the biker drooled.
"K," Bon Bon exposited, then went on and on about how polygamy is normal in Equestria based on an asspie's poor understanding of the show and personal fantasy. (There is no massive shortage of stallions.)

5112420 An Alternate Universe tag would save some confusion about your story. I always use them myself.

5112943 There you go, it should help a little. Thanks for listening to me, I appreciate it.

Oh, this looks interesting. Wait, Xenophilia? Is this going to include the ridiculous social norms that fic introduced even though nothing like that is ever hinted at in the show? I really enjoyed that story, but all that OOC stuff just brought it down for me. Is the only thing you're taking from it the background info for Lyra?

5113188 Depends what social norm stuff you mean, in this universe polygamist herds are common, and yes there is a stallion shortage (even though none of this is true in the actual show, but then again I'm guessing it's called fimfiction for a reason)

I just thought xenophillia was really good, in fact before I read it I wasn't even into clop, or fan fiction at all, but I've always appreciated a good romance novel.

As for Lyra, yea its mainly the Still Way grandmaster thing, except here she's considerably more powerful.


I can accept the herd idea (even though everything we see says that this isn't the case), I can easily accept the Lyra back story (even with it being obvious fan pandering).

The one social norm aspect that I seriously can't accept was the reverse discrimination against males that shows up in Xenophilia. There's no reason for it being there, and it basically goes against everything the show stands for. What's worse is that since Xenophilia is so popular, most of the stories that have a similar premise which is also interesting almost always falls into the same path of having things like discrimination against males. :facehoof:

5113952 Well stallions aren't widely discriminated against, its only really the odd few that do it... hmm, wasn't really an angle I was going for but I can see your point of it not making sense :facehoof:

As for Still way Lyra, yes, shameless fan pandering :derpytongue2: but she is pretty awesome.

Like I hinted before, almost none of these ideas are anything even close to being canon to the actual show, I'm certainly not expecting an R1 turbo to fly past in a season five episode :moustache:


Ah, so that weird male discrimination that shows up in Xenophilia isn't present here? In that case, I'm definitely going to read this. Like I said, I thought the premise for Xenophilia was interesting, but some of the stuff that was added didn't seem to fit at all.

This story just fell off my tracking list... and right onto my favorites.

Pointing out things that really are wrong doesn't make someone a hater. If I raged on about how much it sucked without giving you any reasons why, then I would be a hater.

You there sir! Have a Gold Star, Thumbs Up, a Track and a Follow! I love this story and not just for the clop :twilightsheepish: . The story has me completely and utterly captivated, considering the TT took my uncle, and im currently learning to ride this story has everything i could hope for. IE Ponies, Bikes, and Still Way Lyra. Have a moustache or ten :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

5114856 Why thank you kind sir, good to know more people are learning to ride :pinkiehappy:

Look at any crowd scene in the show.

Count the mares.

Now count the stallions.
You'll notice one number is significantly higher.

Also, almost every single fan fiction is based off a 'what if' scenario in conjunction with the source material, and these 'herd stories' are just one way to explain the surplus mares.

Granted, no, it's not show accurate, but, again, if you want show accurate, STOP READING FANFICTION.

Honestly I would've read all this last night but it was nearly two in the morning when I found this and I needed some sleep.

Anyways I like it! I can't wait for more chapters! So it's Lyra/Rarity'/Flutters herd? Oh wait... I forgot Octavia... sweeeeeeet! Octavia and Vinyl were my two favorites when I first got into this!

Hehehe..... I can't wait for more!!

What a cute little white knight.

Any count in crowd scenes is rendered invalid by the massive amounts of cloned art assets. Among known characters, the ratio isn't even 2:1. The gap is not that big.

Also, 99.9 percent of those 'herd stories' are sexist drivel written by autists.

Just to be clear; I'm not saying that the MC has to become like Duke Nukem and obliterate everyone. All I'm saying is that he's being very un-confrontational when issues are obviously bothering him. Granted, he seems to be 'going with the flow', since he's in their world now but at some point he has to be able to say no. He's a human and while humans can't control or manipulate everything we wish.......

With our own hands we can at least control and shape our own life.

Sorry if I rambled on a bit much :twilightblush: It just kind of irks me a little when humans in these stories aren't given their proper due. A balance is needed in every story imo.

Continue writing and good luck :twilightsmile:


Heh, I like it. A little fast but still good. (it's funny... fast... motorcycle... joke... ok, maybe not)

More would be appreciated. :twilightsmile:

5120422 Hehe, all I'm sayin' is read chapter eight when it goes up :moustache:

5120931 Hey, I thought it was funny, but then again I'm a nut when it comes to bikes :pinkiecrazy:

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