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Celestia has spent a thousand years moving her ponies like pawns on the board.

Sometimes she forgets that lies can hurt more than the truth, until she is called out in one last letter.

Written after a discussion in the comments of An Age Long Since Passed. Thanks to Zealous Shift and The Great Derpsby for inspiring it!

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I hope that's a good "Wow."


Damn... This is a beautifully emotional Blueblood and Celestia piece.

Thanks for writing! :pinkiesad2:

By the way, I noticed 2 minor errors:

under the bed is not real. and perhaps that

Replace the period with a comma.

what caused you to lose you own way;

The highlited "you" should be - your

At first it was the lies in kindness that any parent tells their child... that the monster under the bed is not real.

Aaaaand the sequel continues the tradition of severely creeping me out with a particular line, even if it's one I was already aware of in the context of their world. :fluttershbad:

Also, touching stuff! I can picture another sequel, maybe set after the next season or so, in which he returns, maybe not all smiles, but happier than he's been in years, to find a more honest, less manipulative Celestia? A short story in which the Princess of the Sun spends a few hilarious days hanging out with the Apple Family would probably be too jarring a shift in tone to include, but something like that might have happened. :pinkiesmile:

This was absolutely fantastic. Well written short and sweet. Everything flowed wonderfully. Bravo. Have a like and a fav!

Fan-freaking-tastic. It just sings off the page.. err... screen. Bravo

You captured his voice perfectly. Bravo!

Nicely done! I like it how Rarity was his wake up call about his own faults.

Very nice, some good characterization for Blueblood and benevolent tyranny for Celestia

5093565 Oh yeah it is, it was just all I could come up with 5 minutes before midnight.

Thank You! I'm so glad you enjoyed and thank you so much for the catches on those errors! Fixed now! I read over it several times, but as I don't have a Beta reader, sometimes I miss things. So thank you again.


It's not technically a sequel, but it was heavily inspired by the comments on "An Age Long Since Passed" The thought of Blueblood and the lies he was told since he was a colt, inspired this little letter.

*laughs* You are the second person to ask for a follow-up! I had just barely gotten this on past moderation and someone sent me a PM asking if I would write more!

Yes, the monsters are very real. They might not be under the bed, but they are lurking... sometimes just in the corner of one's eyes.


Thank you very much! I'm so glad you liked it!


High praise indeed! I'm so glad that you think I captured his voice so well! Thank you so much!



It took her blowing up at him for him to realize just how far he had gone. He's not a good pony but he might learn to be a better one.

Glad you liked!


And the thing is, Celestia may not even realize just how far she has strayed. A thousand years of solitude can do strange things to a pony.

I'm very glad you liked!


Ah, the dreaded "I should be sleeping" comment time! I have fallen victim to that many times! I'm glad you liked the story!


I don't recall the Celestia from the show ever lying, unless it was a lie of omission. (When Twilight writes to her about Nightmare Moon and says that something must be done to keep this prophecy of eternal night from happening, Celestia responds that Twilight simply has to stop reading those dusty old books and make some friends. 100% true.) So it seems odd for this story to be focused on taking her character to task for being a liar.

I'm not down voting the story or anything, as I suspect it's just not for me both in format (it may have done more for me had we been able to see these moments of manipulation and lying) and in preferred interpretation of Celestia. It was interesting to read, regardless!

Upon reading this story the first thing that pops into my head is wow, yet another Celestia the tyrant story, but when you think about Celestia there are things that one has to remember. While the show shows little to no flaws about the sun goddess we have to fill in a few blanks, consider the fact that she has ruled for so many generations that it is easy to forget mistakes made in the past but that doesn't mean there not there. This little letter does paint a darker picture but it also has a light, while mistakes are made that doesn't stop love from blossoming, as the prince states. While there is a sad overtone we find that a rather unpleasant, arguably one of the most annoying, character in the show has made a decision to change. While maybe this is not the intention of Celestia it is a positive turn of events. The only thing I would like to see is a story that shows the mistakes made by all the parties and not vilifing just one character, because there is a massive story waiting to be told... it just needs to be done right and I think is a good place to start

That interpretation actually comes from the quasi-prequel, An Age Long Since passed. There, he ruminates how she lied about Luna, Nightmare Moon, the Changelings, and a whole host of other issues.

5096991 Well, Blueblood does admit he's screwed up as well, such as his attitude at the Gala and how that 'mask' is slowly becoming him, he doesn't like it, and he realizes he's 'not a good pony'.


True, but this was inspired by the comments on another story, as already mentioned by the Great Derpsby. And in all honesty, this letter is coming from Blueblood, who even admits here that he's not a good pony.

And while a lie of omission is not directly a falsehood, it is still by definition, a lie. And to a pony like Blueblood, that is enough. The thought that his aunt, a pony whom he loved and trusted above all others, was keeping things from him...

Indeed, perhaps Celestia is not as bad as she seems, as seen by Blueblood's betrayed eyes, but like he said, she has lost her way in a thousand years.

To tell the truth, I've been debating writing another companion piece to this that explains some of the betrayal... the lies (be they of omission or otherwise)... and more about the relationship between Celestia and Blueblood.


I don't see Celestia as a tyrant... even Blueblood won't call her that. What she is, in the context of the story, is a flawed mare who has lost herself in the being of the inscrutable sun-princess, grand-chess-master and doesn't even realize it. She, like any of her little ponies, is not perfect.

As you said, this does paint a darker picture, but a not incompatible one. Blueblood does love her, still, and he acknowledges himself that he's not good, and is growing bitter.

I'll be honest with you, this story, inspired by a brief conversation in the comments of another story, is kind of nagging me to take it on as a major project, covering some of what happened in the past, the mistakes made by everypony involved and perhaps some of the redemption they all need. I don't know. I don't know that anyone would want to read it. :facehoof:

5117377 I for one would read it, it is a story that needs to be told

I just read this story after seeing it's sequel.

You know, if Blue wants to become a better stallion, perhaps he needs to examine his self importance and willingness to foist his own faults off onto others.

I think it is very selfish to expect someone to go over those sorts of hurts like Celestia had, just to satisfy your own curiosity. And then he blames the way he behaves now on Celestia not telling him everything he wanted to know. The few simple words he needed could have very well broken her.


Well thank you for stopping by for a read!

No, Blueblood isn't a very good stallion, as he was written in the show, so I carried that characterization here and expanded on it. He's vain and selfish and thinks of everything in terms of his own importance and comfort, first and foremost.

To him, she lied and that was the decisive factor behind his leaving. He doesn't see the truth past his own hurt. When your own hurt is so overwhelming, you can't see others pain for your own. :trixieshiftright:

You know, I was looking for "Blueblood under a good light" kind of fics, because I wanted to write my own 'redemption' story. Right now, this one, alongside with An Age Long Since Passed are the best short ones I've seen, hands down.

This letter was awesome! When I read the words Auntie, I believed the writer is Cadence. So the shock came down like a hammer. Blueblood! OMG! This is such an awesome interpretation of his character. I love it, that you do not see him as a snob, but as a pony, who is fed up with lies and decides to call them out.
And it is true. Celestia likes to keep her cards close. It must be like a wakeup call for her, this letter. I absolutely love it.

You know - a part of me honestly believed that I had commented on this - thanked you for making this. As it turns out... I haven't. There aren't truly words that I can use to say thank you for this, I truly am touched and honestly I'm rather appalled that I never even attempted to express my gratitude. There's a fair chance you won't get this message anytime soon, (it appears that you've been gone for almost a week now, not sure if you ever will get this,) but... I can't *not* write this, if that makes sense. Conscience refuses to let me go on without at least giving proper credit. I'm actually rather proud you managed to get more likes than I did, gives me a sense of... satisfaction, I suppose. This is late, far greater than late in fact... but thank you - thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Zealous Shift

I have read a few stories of Blueblood's redemption, and they are really inspiring. I hope he finds his true self in his travels. I love the thought of his return to canterlot, as a newly reformed, more mature stallion.

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