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New cover photo! My Bronycon acquisition!

Soarin and Dash have a chance encounter after the wedding reception. Shipping ensues.

Now that finals are done, I'll be able to produce a lot more chapters. Hopefully one every couple of days. The Spectral Fire is very explicit; Ch4 is much less so [but with a couple sexy moments XD].

This is not a Clopfic. However, there are sexual moments (as in any romance) and very very minor language.

There may be more explicit chapters depending on if it would make it better.

This is a light/subtle parody; I guess the title didn't make that as clear as I thought? Still, it's not entirely silly, and it's getting a little more serious as a result of the positive response.

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Silly dislike...

Grammar is good enough, no glaring OOC issues or anything, first chapter... I'll be tracking. *Shrugs*

Awesome story, I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next

d'awwwwww, :rainbowkiss:, would love to see more, i think this fic got unfairly rated

I don't think people realize that this is a parody of cliche ship fics. Seriously, read some of the dialogue. It's "cringe until you throw up" worthy. I figured the name would give it away.

Chapter 2 will come out tomorrow. I don't know how these ratings work or anything, I don't really care.

Once my gf and I get another hour together we'll have chapter 3 done as well.

and then they had many foals...



I was thinking about having Soarin flap too hard when the stool tipped over so that Dash would hit her head and have to go to the hospital.

Still, the junction at the railroad may still be delayed, :scootangel:



XD :rainbowlaugh:

THEY ARE ABOUT IT GET IT ON!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::trollestia:

I REALLY do hope you continue.

I don't usually read shipping...
But when I do, it's this one.


Like Big Mac, eeyup, there are about to get it on. :rainbowkiss:

500952 To be fair, this honestly isn't as cringe-worthy as you think. I read the title and thought we'd see something akin to the mushiness of the Hearts and Hooves Day episode; shmoppy-woppy, snuggle bunny etc. :facehoof: Really, the dialogue is pretty decent, which surprised me. I think you're more suited to writing romance than parodies. Hidden talent anyone? Oh nm I see that you and your gf were working together, still did she think it was that bad? It's actually pretty sweet and d'awww worthy. lol :raritystarry:

Sorry everypony; finals got in the way and I realized I never published Ch3 [even though it's done!]

It's more of a mini-chapter; it's pretty explicit and not vital to the plot, so I wanted to write it in such a way that people could skip it if they so choose.

>> Firefeather : Not any time soon; that would take nine-months. Plus Soarin would use protection... right? ;D.

>> Clever Eagle : Basically had I written it alone, Soarin would have already blasted his load up Dash's nose. My gf helps kinda balance it, but it's kind of our own roleplay material put down into text ;D.

Thanks for the compliments everypony; I'm truly surprised. I'll continue it.


Well, a lot of the circumstances/dialogue were based on actual events that transpired between my girlfriend and I. Paritcularly me standing naked over her debating whether or not to tell her that I knew with 100% that there were no condoms in my apartment :rainbowlaugh: .

It's a self-insert in some aspects, but my personality matches that of Soarin's perceived canon-personality that it still seemed believable enough. I'm kinda a goofy stoner kid, so it works with Soarin's personality. Dash is a little harder to write; it's impossible to predict how her canon personality would react to an intimate situation like this, so I kind of just made it so Dash was kinda past being in awe of Soarin and had become more comfortable around him prior to the events of the wedding. That way, it's believable that she doesn't immediately give herself to him.

Plus, that would be too easy.

Not unless they use protection. BUUUT... we all know how Soaring can be. That sly dog... Then again... even if they do use protection, there is NO 100% chance that they will NOT have foals. Since we don't have a 100% reliable form of protection on earth (at least I think) yet, I'm assuming that ponies don't have it either.

That's a very educated guess, though. Maybe I should stop making your brains hurt... LUV THIS FRIKIN STORY!!!!!! LOLOL!!! U MAD BRO??? :pinkiecrazy:

Ch3 is finally up... not so happy with it but I think it's satisfactory. I'm writing Ch4 right now; if I stay inspired it'll be out soon.

EDIT: Wrote ch4; it's up. Didn't have time to have friend copyedit, but gf looked it over and said it was solid, so meh. Here ya go.

^ It's solid alright. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

great set up here. I like the friendly dynamic they got going. You can tell it's not just a meaningless fling.

What a twist! :pinkiegasp: And how sweet! :pinkiesad2: I can't wait to see where this goes now! :pinkiehappy:

Now this is interesting. Looking forward to see how this plays out.

Ooooo, didn't see that coming. I like how your 'parody' fic is better than some genuine Soardash fics I've read. :rainbowwild:

Did not expect this! But still loved it anyway:rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:
Cwn't wait for the next chapter:twilightblush:


whats his name then??

can't wait for next chapter


I typed swiftwater? Musta been an autocorrect. Thanks for the info.

Oooooo Rainbow Dash is going to get it:eeyup::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

awesum, man. This is pretty good stuff.

But... I wanted Dash and Soaring to be together... and the whole accidental pregnancy with Swiftwing left a huge crack in it. I mean, it makes me smile how soaring is such a great father to him... but Rainbow Dash might not want to "date" him any more, because of the kid Soaring has to raise...
ARGH! It's so frusturating! :twilightangry2: :facehoof:
Excellent story, though :rainbowkiss:

697170 Don't worry; I want Soarin and Dash to be together as well. So does my girlfriend. Considering we're the ones writing the fic, you can rest assured that things will turn out okay...

Or maybe not! :rainbowderp:

Eddagon says it right, this is better than most SoarinDash fics out there. It isn't perfect though--it felt a bit rushed when Dash was first moving in on Soarin' when they woke up, but otherwise, I can't find anything to improve. (A note--Soarin' being a dad will never be part of my headcanon, but you're doing it quite well.)

2 updates! Awesome story so far, this is becoming a lot better than just a parody! :twilightsmile:


^^ehs scixy and eh konws it.

Love this! Keep em coming!

pegasupremicist! LOL!

I'd be as shocked as Rarity too if Rainbow Dash was telling me all this. :pinkiehappy:

This is actually turning out to be one of the longer DashxSoarin stories I've read here, I like it.
I also noticed that the 4th to last paragraph has very awkward spacing probably due to the the website's formatting, if you want to fix that.

lol, dash is such a slut.:rainbowkiss:

Lemmie guess, overslept?


Yeah, it's kinda inevitable when you copy it from GoogleDocs [the import feature is a little wonky]. Didn't have a ton of time to re-tab the formatting. Still, I'll correct it when I inevitably run through and tidy things up; thanks for the heads up.


Ehhh.... would kinda be cheesy. They're planning to meet up in the hotel, and considering their rooms are directly adjacent to one-another, Soarin would probably like, check her room before deciding she flaked out and abandoning the date. As a fan of corny SoarinDash shipping, I feel like if I were reading this, I'd want them to get to the damn date already.

Truthfully, Ch5-6 are kinda like a single megachapter that I divided into two. I know Ch5 isn't as satisfying as the others [there's no SoarinDash, hehe], but it's pretty much setup for Ch6, which is the dinner date. Ch6 is already done; just having my lovely co-author look it over and make some changes. It'll be up very soon. Max 24hrs. Probably less.

718922 yay

Edit: did i reply wrong?

Thus is really good. SoarinDash is my favorite ship :rainbowkiss::heart::heart::heart:

Options on what is going to happen:
Option A: She supposedly overslept
Option B: Soarin finds her in his room and... stuff... :ajsmug:
Option C: Rainbow Dash does not oversleep and goes on the date with soarin. She has a horrible time because of the paparazzi.
Option D: Rainbow Dash does not oversleep and goes on the date with soarin. She has a great time and they get to ruttin' :twilightsmile:
Option E: Rainbow Dash gets to the date and Soarin gets drunk.
Option F: Rainbow Dash gets to the date and they both get drunk.
Option G: Something really crazy that I can't think of will happen (probably the best option)
Option H: None of the above
Option I: All of the above?
Option J: Derpy eats BEEF tacos :fluttercry: and steals Soarin away from Rainbow Dash as they fly away in to the sunset and live happily ever after. (never mind option G. this is certaintly the best :derpytongue2:)

So, these are just very THOUGHT OUT, LOGICAL, INTELLIGENT, guesses from me.

Fantastic job so far! This is a very interesting story that I would like to see more of. :pinkiehappy:
I can only find a few problems with the story: in some places, the theme can be a bit odd and there are some spelling mistakes (which I can't blame you for).

GIVE ME MOAR!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

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