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Not bad at all. You don't see a lot of human on male pony so that's something. All in all worth a up vote

Damn do we need more FiE. Preferably from you. That was pretty nice!

That was very satisfying. Thank you!
A few typos here and there, but, otherwise, the style, quality, and characterization mean I'd enjoy reading this again. I'd say your quality stayed consistent to the end.

A few of the typos I noticed:
I’ve fallen back onto the way bale
he gives me one last had, deep, thrust

We need more Human female in Equestria fanfics like this.

I'll agree with the others here, we do need more HFiE fics around here. Job well done.

What is the size difference between the two, it seems like there would be some...issues.

I don’t normally think this much during sex. Must be thanks to how weird it is.

Have a fav.


I’ll admit I’m having fun teasing him as much as anything, but when she starts whimpering at the touches instead of groaning, I give him what he wants.

So either Big Mac can become a mare for a split-second, AJ has been watching from the start or it's an author slip-up... I'm hoping for the second option.

Haha...I think it was good. I was just waiting for AJ to show up, and of course she did. Wonder what she'll say next? :ajsmug:

This is a rare treat. :rainbowkiss:

People forget, that while RL horses are big in the junk department, they're also fucking massive everywhere else. They would also be fucking hueg compared to an equestrian pony, assuming standard scaling.


Well even a Shetland sized pony, which I deem to be at the small end of the scale in terms of Equestrians, are still quite larger than humans.

... About fucking time.

You seem to forget that the scale of their bodies is all wonky, while most people agree that equestrian ponies would average about 4 feet high (Let's assume big Mac is 5 feet), they are a lot more... compact, horizontally. If they do scale like in the show, there'd really be no room for a big penis. What the hell am I typing?!?!
(I just realized that I fucked up the shoulder measurement)

I thought for a moment it might be a story about The Queen in Equestria.
I was a little dissapointed.




But yeah, I still want to believe.

5097652 A real shetland also weighs 600-700lbs. Way more than what people presume an equestrian pony would weigh. Hence they are bigger everywhere, that includes what's down below.

Besides horses have long barrels, so the males need to have a baseball bat down there just to reach the mare. With equestrian ponies their barrels are much smaller. If equestrian stallions were equipped like real horses, a mare wouldn't be able to accommodate it. Damn now I've added to the weirdness of this conversation.

Normally, I'm not into this sort of fic, but this story was, as AJ once said in "Look Before You Sleep", just fine. I gave it an upvote.

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First, I generally assume that MLP ponies mass about the same as humans, just wind up looking smaller because of their quadrupedal build. Pegasi are a bit smaller, earth ponies a bit larger, and Macintosh is a definite outlier in either case.

Second, I also assume that the show's art is somewhat stylized. After all, the Equestria Girls characters are presumably supposed to look like normal humans (aside from the obvious hair and skin color issue).

So don't worry. You can rest assured that stallions in my fics have large dicks. Not as big as real-world horses, but bigger than most human guys. Probably in the same size range as you'd see in huge-dick-themed porn.

5094807 5095820 5096865

Does it count as a Female HiE story if it's being told from the pony's PoV? And if the human is from EQG?

Because I saw a comment on another story wondering if, since Pony Twilight apparently likes Human Flash, does that mean Human Twilight likes Pony Flash?

And now I'm considering a story where human Twilight goes through the Magic Mirror, but for some reason the mirror's magic goes wonky and she keeps her human form on the Equestria side. Flash Sentry is appointed her diplomatic escort (as she's a visiting representative of a foreign power and I'm totally ripping off Rocinante on this point), and she starts getting curious...

Fantastic! A good female human on pony romp is always refreshing when done the right way.

OK, I've never seen a HiE female clop story in, well, my entire time being on this site.

Good opening,middle, and ending. Solid all around.

Liked and faved.

5097720 Eh...somewhere on youtube there is a video about how strong is applejack and in it they some how caculated that an average mare is about 3.1 feet which translated to around 0.94 meter. using the 8 feet candy cane in hearth warming as a ....uh....measure...

if this is you being boarded I want to see one of you really working at it. :facehoof:

Actual scaling experiments suggest a MLP stallion would be anywhere between 15cm and 45cm, based on what calculation methods are used--see below for a summary.


First, I generally assume that MLP ponies mass about the same as humans, just wind up looking smaller because of their quadrupedal build. Pegasi are a bit smaller, earth ponies a bit larger, and Macintosh is a definite outlier in either case.

I used to think they'd be heavier (300-400 pounds at least), until Permanent Temporary and I did a scaling experiment which I was sure would prove me right. Result: AJ most likely weighs 48-69kg (102-152 pounds) I'd assume, from there. I was wrong, but that's how science works sometimes.

Further research suggests, based on a mare's bone structure, as well as the positioning IRL horses use, that a aroused stallion would average 35-45cm long, or 2.5 to 3 times longer than an average male (12-16cm). Based on trunk length scaled calculations, it would be about 21cm (half again as long as an average male) but if an author prefers to simply shrink everything down on a pony proportionally, it would be about 15cm, with a comparable girth.

I remember seeing that height chart (with Mac, Twilight, and the princesses) once, long ago, and I could never find it again.

I've seen a couple other attempts to work out pony sizes, and I think both concluded they were smaller than yours. The first used a shot of Applejack pulling a cart of apples, worked out how many apples stacked up would match her height, and then multiplied that by the average size of real-world apples,to get something like 52 cm. The second found a screen shot of (pony) Fluttershy with Angel Bunny and an Equestria Girls screen shot of (human) Fluttershy holding Angel Bunny, then assumed Angel Bunny was the same size in both shots and the humanized characters were normal human sizes, and calculated from there. But I forget the results of the second one.

Anyway, I think I'll still edge the numbers a little higher than yours and claim "stylized art on the show" like I mentioned before (with "real" appearances being maybe something more like the art Permanent Temporary linked in your blog).

It's very rare to see a good female human x stallion story on here, and this one is excellent to boot. Good stuff, friend.
I did spot a typo, though I doubt it's too consequential.


I've seen a couple other attempts to work out pony sizes, and I think both concluded they were smaller than yours.

I needed the height to run the mathematical calculations (well, PT did the actual math), but for authors who want the ponies to be bigger or smaller than what I used, it's a fairly simple matter to enter the new dimensions in the equations and come up with a nice scientific number. I could probably even do it without screwing up. :pinkiehappy:

There is also a photo/photos circulating on the internet of a Hasbro-approved life-sized Twilight Sparkle statue. Not that an author has to stick to that, of course.

For what it's worth, I often use this pair to resolve dimensional questions in my HiE fics.

5098913 you can say that only Equestrians are affected by the changes on the mirror, so if an Earth Human goes through the mirror it won't affect them. For me you could get away with that.

Also this is quite easier to do, just compare angel with Flutershy on EqG against the actual show


And now remember these are teenagers, adults should be bigger.

5098591 I'm not sure it's entirely a stylized thing. The saddle Arabians had anatomically correct horse physiques after all. If you want the Equestrians to resemble more traditional horses that's your creative liberty as the writer. But the reality is, the Equestrians are simply built differently than horses.

Bravo! This was excellent! I really want to see a squeal now where Liz has to explain to AJ just what her intentions are with her brother!:pinkiehappy:


Yes, because size determines age...

Whoops, I think I found a hole in your statement pal...about 3 of them and more if I bothered to continue hunting down the images.

I liked it. Heck, I'd read more even if was just about her and the fallout. Cue teasing, strange looks, and purple smart invading her personal space once a rumor starts going.

5101953 are you seriously comparing Equestria Girls where there are supposed to be "normal" humans with normal lives and normal anatomy (that are neighbors trough a mirror to a world of magical ponies) to: "Looney tunes" a universe when you can paint a mountain an ride trough it, "Hana Barbera's Flinstones" that claims that Dinosaurs were used as tools and "Bonkers" that literally humans and cartoons live together?

Besides I'm saying the following:
1- Equestria Girls' Angel the bunny looks like a normal bunny.
2- Ponyville's Angel the bunny looks like a normal bunny
3- if you compare the height of both and compare them with fluttershy she seems quite small
4- Celestia is a grown up and she looks quite taller than the teenangers
5- So even if not all adults are not as tall as Celestia, they MIGHT be tall enough and with enough anatomically space to allow a pony from Equestria's girt

Besides I was just making a point, if you bring a valid point that contradicts mine I'll accept it, but it needs to be better than comparing a flower from Disney and a fire flower from Mario Bros


purple smart invading her personal space

Happening now.

I was already planning to follow this up with another one-shot for a writing contest in the Foot/Hoof Fetish Group, but now I might expand it to fit Liz answering her door only to be met by a grinning Twilight carrying a clipboard and a comparative anatomy textbook.

Oneshotober 2014

It's like people here enjoy having to do a one-shot every month
God speed you mad bastard

5100109 Being boarded? :rainbowlaugh:


Fair enough. I've always been under the impression that the characters were highly stylized, as the EQG humans are to RL humans, imagine the ponies, were they on Earth, or able to be seen in their natural state, would be much more pony like, physically, and in their small mannerisms.

But then again, artistic license. :pinkiehappy:

Good one.

This could be expanded beyond a one shot...


*takes a deep breath only to let it out in an annoyed sigh*

I already know when I'm wasting my bloody breath and I really don't feel like getting into a bloody debate on someone else's story page again because I'll just end up pissing you off with points you can't counter, you'll end up throwing petty insults at me, and it'll just be a shitload of drama not needed.:ajbemused:

I've been through this time and time again and it's happened the same way.:facehoof:

Comment posted by Somewhere000 deleted Jun 21st, 2018

That sounds like it would work. I'd def give it a read.

Damn an here I was hoping for a sequal...

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