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I hope you know that Beating the Heat is the name of a much more famous MLP story on Fanfic (and maybe this site, haven't bothered looking) and you may want to rename it.

Otherwise good luck with the new story.

This interest of mine.

It has been piqued.:pinkiegasp:

Good start to the story, looking forwards to where you're going with this :)
Take a fave and a follow.

Pinkiesmile rating for this chapter: :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile: / 10

That time you girls get really horny because it’s the shot time you’re able to reproduce?”

No, it's the time they turn into mindless sex machines 'cause they're just some animals

5186761 I also have a story that has 'Beating the Heat' in its name.


Well, I didn't mean to copy anyone's story name by accident, it just so happens to be the first thing I could think of based on the situation in the story.

By the way, loved your heated situations story

5187523 Its nothing to worry about in the slightest. It is perfectly alright if several stories have a similar title and you want to use it, although my I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it may or may not account for the majority of dislikes.

And thank you for having enjoyed my story!

Yours gets an upvote and fav.


haha, you have no idea how it feels to get a upvote and a fave from a clearly better writer :) also, any chance of you pming me the art for Friendship lesson?


Its not about being better as much as knowing what you are doing. I've even had Akumokagetsu comment on my Lunar Domination story.

I'll send you the cover art when I wake up. It is 1:30am and I'm in bed on my phone haha


haha okay, Well I hope you enjoy this fic, though I doubt it will have a scene as saucy as heated situations

So is twilight going to Induce the heat in hersef? and is she going to turn richard into a woman or a mare?

She's going to simulate the sensations experienced when in heat in Richard, and if he loses the bet by trying to give into the heat, he gets turned into a mare for a week

5187560 be careful that can get rapey

Let the epic fails commence.
Enough said.

Holy shit Twilight was awful molesty looking when she licked her lips, how drunk was she when she thought this up?

5191643 It's just a mechanism for this story. It's not the whole story :D


Meh, I just needed an environment where it made sense for Twilight to make a stupid bet.

Take ice baths three timrs a day and stay home

Comment posted by MicNight deleted Oct 27th, 2014

I have no idea why you're saying what your saying :p

Also when sitting at home use a i bag and put it on your gentals to kerp from feeling the heat

Oh boy...

Seems like Zecora is going to know more about humans than Twilight thinks~ :rainbowwild:

Twenty minutes

Oh Please, Human can fuck for 2 - 5 hour maybe more, for me...yeah.....last time i remember, longest was two days...and I almost had to go to the hospital because of it...

"Then may I please ask, and do forgive any rudeness on my part, what the fuck you are doing waking me up at three o'clock in the morning?" asked Zecora grumpily.

Pfft... 3:00 AM? Please, I go to sleep at 7:00 AM, sleep till 10:00 AM, and still have enough rest to go for a full 24 hours... Then again, it's mostly because of Insomnia...

Couple of words out of place, some errant spaces, but nothing major. Got a chuckle out of the Mare Flower, to be honest, but, umm... last chapter the Mane Five were reluctant to admit Fluttershy was in heat, and now Twilight just blabs about it to Zecora? I'm assuming this is just social norms between females, then? Also, not entirely sure what to make of the gender thing here. I think it's not trying to portray any 'superior' gender, but it looks like it might, at some point. This is just a personal thing, though; I'm not fond of that kind of thing, or of the 'guys vs girls' plot, but if it's purely for laughs, it can work.

"Maybe if I manage to finish early I could watch you practice this evening?"

Um.....This is seem something just happen.

You are tantalizing my taste buds with this story. It is quite intriguing so far.

5237635 don't worry, it will do. StIll got a week of story to go

Question: induce heat in a male huh? So uh, did Twilight REALLY think any of this through? I mean, yeah, heat in a female means they want to be mounted and rutted but I don't think she honestly understands the concept that a horny male wants to be the one doing the rutting. He's going to be walking around with the most raging of boners that has ever raged for a fucking week.

Unless the potion conteracts the effects or prolonged, unhealthy erection he has two choices: give in and lose the bet, or win the bet and suffer erectile dysfuntion and PME for the rest of his life.

5251940 The potion basically gives him heightened arousal and susceptibility to arousal. By the end of the week, he won't necessarily always be hard, but he'll be constantly wanting sex.

This is interesting...

And if it turns out humans can't go into heat (magical aids or otherwise), Twilight might be getting a bit more than just being "sent to Tartarus and back." :twilightblush:

It may be just my male pride speaking, but I hope that Richard wins the bet so we can see the ensuing shenanigans that will happen, and how Richard will win? Because HUMANITY FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!! \O/ :yay:


I'm not saying anything

Comment posted by user123 deleted Jun 21st, 2016

bullshit, 5 hours my ass.

5270623 What makes you say that?


Eeewww, red and black alicorn oc...

:facehoof: Ob for the love of-JUST BECAUSE I HAVE THIS PIC AS AN AVATAR DOESN'T MEAN THAT I HAVE A BLACK/RED ALICORN OC!!!!!! WHEN WILL PEAPLE LISTEN TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! GGGGGRRRRRRAAAAAHHHHHHHH:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:twilightangry2:twilightangry2:

I wasn't saying that, just saying eww a black and red alicorn.

... My desire to kill something sundely rose and it is aimed at you...:pinkiecrazy:

goodluck, I have the darkness on my side.

5270665 Count on Virgin will be 10 min. or 40 min if a Blowjob. if you count a Asia.

This is become interesting at this point. If Richard instead go to the heat go to the love, he's gonna be so piss of when he find out that this is all about bet. I see a shitstorm coming.

40 minutes? You're kidding, you're kidding, right?

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