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Hello. I like to write horsewords.


During the slow moving summer, young ponies have to find inventive ways to have fun. Most of the time a bright imagination is enough.
But in Rainbow Dash's case, in order to do that and preserve a fledgling reputation, you have to bite your tongue and gallop into dark places unknown to be the cool pony.

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I like this story it is Halloween theme YAY uh I mean yay.☺️

Very nice so far. I'm assuming this story is in the same universe as When Two Hearts are Daring, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite series on this site.

Just behind Across the Sea, in fact. I wonder if it's time for more fanfics of fanfics...

I've been waiting for quite awhile for you to post something from this fic-universe. Was not disappointed :rainbowkiss: Can't wait till next chapter. :pinkiecrazy:


Hopefully I'll get the next chapter up in a reasonable time frame!

Featured box? Aww, sweet! :rainbowkiss:


Yeah...by some strange anomaly of nature.

a great way to start October.:twilightsmile:


Lot's and lots of murder. Or maybe something else...

Well......the grounds keeper seems to have a strange hobby...


Hey kids, wanna see my dead unicorn horn collection?

Please update~! This has so much suspense! :raritydespair:

Ooooh!!!!! When will the next chapter come out?! I must know! It better be not long, cuz then I have nothing to do with my life! I need MOARRRRR!!! Uh... please?:fluttershyouch:

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