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Set during the events of "Rainbow Rocks"

Twilight has been invited over to Pinkie's place along with all the other girls for a sleepover while she works on her spell. Unfortunately, because of the young Princess' lack of experience as a human, she soon becomes gripped by curiosity about something she never really paid attention to, until now.

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I can safely say my reaction was the same as Dash's and AJ's :rainbowlaugh:

Alright, lemme go into more detail. You already know my feelings about the EQG movie series (to sum it up: I don't like 'em) but this... oh man, this fic is just HILARIOUS. The writing was perfect, as was the comedic timing, and the characters seemed to really be.. well, in character. Basically? I love this one.

Congratulations, I give this fic two hooves up. fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/357/a/1/2_hoofs_up_by_comeha-d6z0lto.png
I wish you luck in your future endeavors of sexual innuendos. fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/363/2/f/clapping_pony_icon___rainbow_dash_by_taritoons-d5pkzrg.gif


"I must say, Pinkie, I cannot understand how you need so much whipped crea-ARGH!"

I'm interested as to what this was all about. :pinkiecrazy:

Nice one :rainbowlaugh:
never considered the PJs thing. I wonder if Sunset could give her a crash course.

5083239 Probably. I just wonder who was there to teach Sunset Shimmer when she was getting use to the concept of wearing clothes all the time?

Technically she changed clothes at least once during the first movie, so she should have noticed something then... Here's a thought: Didn't she go back through the portal wearing the OTHER dress? How does that work? :derpytongue2:

5083281 When she first went in through the portal, how did it give her clothes anyway? I always speculate that a deleted scene is that she didn't have any clothes, but then pulled a Wizard of Oz by beating up someone else and stealing theirs.

Congrats on the feature.

Comment posted by Kirb deleted Oct 1st, 2014

I've been hit with so many spoilers about the movie, and like everything else, I don't care, since I've always been pretty much incapable of avoiding spoilers.

Also, this was hilarious (and definitely something they could NOT have gotten away with in the actual movie, though I wouldn't put it past the writers to try).

Now I'm wondering, if she goes back through the portal nude, would she be shaved? If it's just undergarments would there be a pattern? :pinkiecrazy:This requires further testing.

I always kinda theorized (and probably so did various others) that it was the form her saddle bags took on.

top kek of the day, thank you sir

Can we get a sequel with Twilight asking about why we eat meat? That's another odd thing that Twilight seems to have not taken under consideration.:rainbowlaugh:

"Fainted" rather than "feinted."

Sunset Shimmer, of course, figured it all out long ago. Remember, she originated from exactly the same culture.

5083219 if you watch the movie you will understand:pinkiesmile:

Isn't the "oblivious Twilight says an innuendo and everyone thinks she has sex with Spike" getting just a weeeeee bit old by now?

5083450 They did include a joke in the first EG movie where Twilight accidentally stumbled into the men's bathroom. So they at least "considered" the possibilites of what Twilight's navtivite could get her into.

Th-That's it? B-but I... It didn't even... Twilight never even... :fluttercry::raritycry::applecry::fluttershysad::raritydespair:

5083984 I know, I know, but c'mon. If I didn't make that gag about whipped cream someone else would've :rainbowwild:

Needs a sequel or more chapters

"On the back? Why would anypony put it there of all places? You can't even see it to handle it properly from back there. Why not at the front? Wouldn't it be easier to get to it that way?"

An excellent question. One I don't have an answer to. However, they do make'em with clips in the front.

You would think Sunset would have a bit more sympathy for Twilight. I can't imagine she had any easier of a time figuring all this crap out when she first got there.

Honestly feel that this can go further.

It's more fun to watch the princess embarrass herself.
Hey, it's character-building.

Comparative Ethnology, Introduction To Animal Behaviour, and common sense.


You would think Sunset would have a bit more sympathy for Twilight.


Agreed, needs to be continued on.

This was great.
Simply, adorkably, cluelessly, pure 100% Twilight.

And yes, I fully agree that this sounds more like the start of a great little story than a one shot. I would happily read to see where it went were a chapter 2 to, experimentally, appear.

Ha! Love the story. :pinkiehappy:

Please make this a series!

True, fun for us anyway :rainbowwild:
Shoot, I wonder how toilets work. You never see them in Equestria. Nor the internet/cell phones.

Hell, there has to be a story here somewhere with Twilight trying to study "magic" in the EQ world.

5084512 I'm insane for thinking like Rarity was, aren't I? :raritystarry:

she promptly feinted in the most over-dramatic way

Should be fainted. Feint is different.

(1) I'm sure pony toilets work something like so:

(2) As for what the world was like before internet and mobile phones, just ask anyone old enough, ya whippersnapper.

Well, I guess I meant like, they never had to wear pants or worry about just poopin'
Though IF they had toilets, I also wonder if they are communal or if they had their own stalls. (besides like, home toilets)

And now my mind wanders into the "How do they even toilet paper" territory.

For your information, I just so happened to have been shadowboxing during that conversation. How else do you think a lady keeps her shape hmm?:duck:

My gaw just droped, when the weirder parts starts coming up.

Ponies are civilized. They're not going to just poop on the street, pants or no pants.
Communal toilets are likely; human societies had communal toilets where the humans could gossip while doing their thing.
Maybe they use bidets instead of toilet paper. Or if toilet paper, they're set on sticks. Like a brush with a disposable head.
Now I want a MLP communal toilet scene like in the show Spartacus Blood & Sand.

Well what I mean is Twilight would have to go to the bathroom, and fumble to take off the pants. Most of the pony clothes the girls wear are dresses, and occassionally a flight suit for RD, so she wouldn't be used to lower bottom clothing, let alone using her hands to undo or pull them down. So it could still be an annoying concept trying to go to the bathroom like a person anyway.

Also bidets are neato, but now I imagine like, a butt loofah thank to the TP stick part :rainbowlaugh:
And now I want "Butt loofah" to enter into mainstream usage. Or at least a bidet. That'd be such a relief for me to have. No more TP. :yay:

Humorously enough, there is a cannon response to that...
Twitter feed from the creator pointed out that Equestria doesn't have toilets... :rainbowderp:... there are flowers all over town. :pinkiegasp:

>.< On a side note, the same post explained one of the other great mysteries: how pegasi fly with such little wings... :rainbowhuh: ... they don't produce methane... pegasi make helium. :scootangel:

Don't even get Twilight started on 'horn glow' for unicorns.

:facehoof: the more you know.


5084530 I'm sure pony toilets don't work any differently from human toilets. The ponies have been shown to sit like humans.

I bet there would be a sequel even if the creator says there won't

5084562 Not if she was filming for an action scene.:pinkiehappy:

And word of god has it XD
That is some hilarious shit right there :trollestia:

Also it's less that toilets worked differently, it's that they themselves would work different.
Ponies wouldn't be as accustomed to wiping with TP like we are, at least not the same way. And, they have fur, which is colored pretty uniformly. So hairy butts x100 in terms of problematic.

I mean look, she started writing with her teeth again, and is shown throughout the movies to be super foreign to having hands and fingers. So I can't imagine cleaning up after passing waste would be as natural as it may be for us. Plus, she's a unicorn, she's probably used to telekinetically wiping if she did do so. No glowy magic horn in human land. So now she's double screwed.

5084957 Eh, she'd figure it out eventually. Sunset Shimmer probably had to go through the same process.

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