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You know that re-uploading a story is like stealing from the almsbag in church?
It's not only legally prohibited, but morally reprehensible too.


Wait... how does that even make sense?


Don't post:
Rewrites of an old story posted as a new story. You are free to edit your existing story, but you may not post it as a new submission.

You already released this story. It got a few dislikes.
And now you're wiping the table with nothing new in the story, just to get those dislikes away. Not by improving what some people might have disliked, but by erasing their votes. That's not how a good writer should get his/her views, likes and favs.

i'm not going to downvote this, but there are people who don't like that kind of action to a point where they'll dislike your story not for what you've written down, but for the way you handled the matter of it being a story.


Truth be told, I wasn't really focusing(nor do I care much) at the dislikes. It was that since I completely scrapped the whole story into a whole new different plot, I might as well go with it and delete the old one in order to make a new one.

You know, like that phrase... "Turning a new leave." or something similar

You spelled place wrong in the description.

Not to mention this seems suspiciously similar to SIDEQUEST...


What? S'that 'nother story?

Haven't read it, so I don't know


How is it the same?

Pardon, but I haven't read it, so please explain what is it that makes it the same... just curious is all.

Spanner Wrench is a member of the Utility team, Maintenance division.
The maneframe of the Stable spits out her number for a program called the Lottery, where a randomly selected pony will be ejected for one year.
Immediately she falls into the company of one Master Sergeant "Knives" Cutthroat. Slaving bitch Raider Queen, who splits a month between rape, psychological, and physical torture. For funzies, natch.


Hmm... I got to sayy first that Lucky Star is not a utility team member. She's just a general odd jobbers. She's practically a maid in her Stable.

You want someone to fetch something for you? Call Lucky. Want someone to clean that dorty toilet? Call Lucky.

And I really, really wanted to explain how stable 24 works, but that would be spoilers.

Not certain about your companion.

Lucky Star's not even had the chance to be tortured by slavers. I'm not that cruel... methinks

Utility is lumped in with the rest of Maintenance. The mares that keep the water running and power humming no different from those that burn the garbage.


Eh, still won't call it the same though.

That said, are you happy now that (I hope) we have settled the dofferences between the story? And hell, this is jusr the first 2 chapters. God knows what's gping to happen in this story.

It's still too similar.
I'll hold off on calling foul with the site administration until we see more.

Well, to be fair, that whole concept is pretty much the one of Vault 11. They set their computer to elect an overseer/sacrifice at random after some time.
So you can't accuse him of "stealing" it.


You know... I'm a tad disappointed no one would comment/insult/critic/mocking about my story.

Seriously though, there are other stories with almost the same opening(which I won't mention, just cause)

On my account, I can say that I already gave you a review under the other version of this story, and since nothing major has changed yet (since the story is still at its beginning) I can't give you anything more.

And you named the "issue" yourself: there're countless other stories with the same opening out there, so writing the same things under each story might be not that much fun for all the people who try to give reasonable feedback.

Many (FoE) stories have the "problem", that noone's commenting other things than: "Great; continue writing" or "Crap; stop writing" and I all by my own can't read/analyse/write-comment under every single FoE story.

I would recommend solving this problem like one solves every problem in the internet:
just wait for time to fix it.

If you want more views and resulting comments you can try to be (even) more active in forums, the wiki and under other stories, it can work out well too.

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