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During summer vacation, a recently reformed Sunset Shimmer decides to take a job at the new mini mall that recently opened. It's like any mall, except that they have animatronic mascots that entertain children during the day. But she works at night.

The night time is a whole different story.

The animatronics day job is entertaining children. Their night job, keep all the metal endoskeletons in their suits.

Will Sunset Shimmer be able to hold out all five nights of psychological horror? Or will the animatronics succeed in doing both of their jobs?

Cover art is only temporary. If any of you could make a cover art for the story, that would be very much appreciated!

EDIT: story cover thanks to this person!

Chapters (6)
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I'm definitely going to be following this...

Sir/Miss you had my curiosity but now you have my attention.
I love Sunset Shimmer and I love Five Nights at Freddy's. Please continue this.

Might want to fix the typo in your title. "FIve"

Very well written, I noticed no grammatical errors and this has a good theme to it! I enjoy the Sunset Shimmer character, instead of making an OC for this. I'm definitely waiting for the next chapter! :eeyup:

So, sunset, i see your actually takeing this job huh? Well i have some bad news for you: your fucked.

...this is the EQG universe. The tags even include "Human" (as well as "Dark" & "Crossover"). Just pointing that out for you. :facehoof:

5061724 ........................................................

And here I though that was for the Animatronics shapes...

EDIT: I've actually seen alot of EG Stories with ponies in the art... weird.

Wow! Six likes in the past three hours? Nice! Y'know what would be nice? A youtube reading, then get featured on the popular stories box then get featured, then get recognized by Equestria Daily, then the president notices me! And I'm Canadian! Then I become the leader of the world and everyone must be loyal to me and then I CONTROL THE WORLD!!


Sorry, got kinda carried away there...
(Thx btw!)

5061570 so much photo shop.

You probably should photo shop human SS stareing at chicka considering this story takes place in the alternate univers in equestria girls and involves the original characters from FNaF.

Sir, you have caught my attention, and that is not an easy thing to do! I am going to follow this, see where it goes, and if I like ... then you have just earned a follower for yourself my friend. Oh and about the cover, I'll whip somethin up for you, so this is still in the Equestria Girls dimension I'm guessing? If so, then it'll be a piece of cake! Oh! And did you make the Freddy and the Gang from the actual game? Or are they a bit humanized as well? Or if you want, PM me the specifications, and I'll get to it. This is gonna be good! :pinkiecrazy:

5062806 yeah, it takes place in the EG universe, and I basically took the gang from FNAF, as it did say that they were taken from 'Freddy Fazbears Pizza' in chapter 1.

Why can't I stop reading these fics about Freddie.

5062050 I could read it, but right now I'm waiting for an update. :twilightsmile:

EDIT: Should I make the picture bigger?

It's just like... It's just like... A mini mall... That's right!

Sorry couldn't resist.

Good start but seems to end way too quickly.

"So that sounds, yeah I know!

Missing a word here? Just bringing it to your attention so you can remedy it, this happens all the time :twilightblush: Trust me, I know. It's rather fast paced, and the power usage was a little inconsistent. She gulped at around 69%, the story skips ahead to 5:30 and 40%, then a little bit later as Bonnies moving, she only has 5% at like, 5:45. A little more consistency could go a long way, but besides that you're doing great and I like it a lot! :pinkiehappy: Consistency is difficult to nail sometimes, a FoE fic I'm working on has the sunlight and cloud layer all over the place with the sun being strong one minute and weak the next :twilightsheepish: It happens sometimes, no worries!

But hey, it's fine! Your safe. Just remember.


But hey, awesome.:twilightblush:

Hmm I'm so hook up into these "Five Nights at Freddy's" stories so far so this one seems decent to read. Do check out some errors though. I'm no expert on corrections but I can see some of them are off so hope to see more chapters later.

Please continue with this story I hope you put the other main 5 in the next chapter.

I just download the ios on the tablet its fun and scary please continue this story!


Found one

Your actually the first one to call!




S:yay:t RUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! I'm gonna die. Why do I read horror stories? I love hate them!

UndeadBrony54 did you hear about a sequel 5 nights at Freddy's 2 is coming soon. The sequel takes place at Modern day there's a trailer about it on YouTube. I'm not sure if want to wait for the game comes out to reright the story or continue the story any way it's your choes?

Comment posted by nintendohero64 deleted Oct 22nd, 2014

5171416 I'm aware of it. The sequel won't affect the story, but could be used for the next sequel...

5172533 okay thanks can't wait for more chapter.

I'm not going to lie, if it wasn't for the chapter name, the dream part might have got me.

I have a feeling that a evil villain from equestrisa from long time ago made a restraint pizza place. But celisita and luna discovered the horrible dark secrect and banished to the human world and around 1980s he opened the restraint Freddy fuzz bear pizza. And thats how the legend is born.

:ajbemused: And then Sunset immediately wrote to both of the two Princesses she personally knew, informing them of this insane situation and getting the mall shut down. The owner was arrested for numerous counts of reckless endangerment and/or murder. The animatronics were melted into scrap.

The end. :ajsmug:

This was good, a little face paced, but good! I noticed a typo or two, but I don't care bout em, you have a good handle on how to write this story. :pinkiehappy: I look forward to the next chapter, and I like the bit of randomness with the Spy :rainbowlaugh:

5183604 but then the same animatronics were rebuilt and the originals were unmelted and all 8 animatronics attacked everyone, except for Bonnie. Bonnie had no face.

5085550 I might put 'em in. Maybe on night 3...

i find clip of nights at freddy's in youtube if you can coopy while watch it, then you make this chapter faster

Comment posted by Addi Jr deleted Oct 27th, 2014

Well, gonna need a new shelf for all these FNAF fanfics...thinking of naming it "The Five Files" XD

five nights at freddy's 2 is on steampowered ow

oh dammit that was close!

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