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When Pinkie Pie accidently angers all of her friends, the dejected party pony decides that it may be time to leave Ponyville for a while. Not long after, she meets a group of stallions and agrees to join their group, blissfully unaware that they are a trio of bank robbers. Now, she must find a way to rectify her situation before she winds up in prison.

This wonderful cover art was done by Dawnmistpony. Check out her other work here!

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Aww... Poor Pinkie! I do think that Fluttershy's tirade was a tiny bit too much--maybe just shave off a few sentences? Otherwise, I think everything is really well written! I could totally watch this play out! XD

Holy Celestia, that must have been the worst Monday I've ever seen.:twilightoops:

:heart:! Pinkie will come out of her funk. I hope!

I'm intrigued, definetly has the potential to be something amazing! You might need an editor though, cause there are some tiny grammar mistakes here and there.

I would agree with you if it were any other little critter that had almost gotten hurt. But it wasn't, it was Angel, and we've seen that she has a much closer bond with him than any other animal. I have no problem imagining her becoming that angry if anyone, even one of her friends, placed Angel in danger.

Anyway, I'm glad that you're enjoying it so far.:pinkiesmile:

Yeah, I wrote this nearly two years ago and have only just now decided to pick it up and really work on it. I've definitely improved since then, so hopefully those mistakes won't be present in future chapters.


well she did think that scarring her for life is an appropriate response to penaut brittle snakes so maybe she deserves some jail time

Pinkie is still as naive as ever


Ohh this is just too sweet.. x3 cant wait for the next chapter :D

Oh Pinkie you adorable goofball.

Isn't she though?:pinkiesmile:

Really interesting story :twilightsmile: The beginning was a little lengthly, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, the blame being thrown at Pinkie seemed a little too much to me (Notably in case of Rarity and Twilight, as those were just crazy coincidences in my eyes.) Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it :pinkiesmile:

I really appreciate the amount of references to the early seasons of the show you have implemented. Also, you do really great on writing descriptions. I believe a funny and troublesome adventure lies ahead. Looking forward to the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

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