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While working on a new trick to show off, Rumble ends up getting scratched and bruised. Fortunately, Apple Bloom happens to have some experience when it comes to patching up a pegasus after crashing.

(Based on the sketch by Ambris)

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Short and sweet. I like.

Very nice and cute story. That being said, I found something you may want to edit.

Except the libraries gone, Apple Bloom reminded herself, And Twilight hasn't been able to replace most of the books yet.

Shouldn't that be "library's"? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

No. You're right. It's supposed to be a contraction for "library is":ajsleepy:

awww I wish you could continue it.:heart:

I didn't like it.


Real cute. Was hoping for something more substantial, but I suppose it's okay.

"I could have done it," Rumble stated.

"Uh-huh," Apple Bloom hummed. She picked up the roll of bandages.

"I could have," Rumble insisted.

This was quite a cute story :pinkiesmile:(and it certainly helps that I have a sweet spot for RumBloom :twilightblush:)
Still, I think this could use a pass over by an editor. There are a few sentences that could have been structured a lot better, and such.
Also, I guess it could have used having a bit more substance, but it's still pretty cute.

Adorable story. Mind if I do a let's read of it for youtube?

5061275 Cool.I'll link you when I do it.

Aaaannnnnnd diabetes....

Couple of minor remarks:
"furry gray from" should be "furry gray form"
"larger the", "larger than"
"a cool line. have", "a cool line. Have"

Other than that, it's a sweet oneshot with lots of warm fuzzy feels :twilightsmile: The interaction feels genuine, and it doesn't get into painfully awkward territory, which can be a trick balance to manage, so kudos on that. Also kudos for using the Pinkie emergency rations as a plot point. Good use of canon there.

ah so cute

Rumble x Apple Bloom feels so rare, bit of a shame, it has good couple potential. Still nice to see something, a well made story if I may add.

Not bad, I might have a new ship I like

The colt -- Rumble -- opened his eyes, seeing a blurry form. As he watched, the form turned into that of a pony. It was a filly, with a bright yellow coat, and long, luxurious, red mane. An aura of light seemed to glow around her form. She looked at him with concern in her golden eyes, and Rumble could swear that he heard a chorus of singing.

:rainbowderp: Personal Experience Diagnosis: He gone! :rainbowlaugh:

This was just one long D'aww after another. Good work. :twilightsmile:

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