Everyone knows that Sombra, the Tyrant of the Crystal Empire, got blown apart by the power of the Crystal Heart, but has yet to resurface. What everyone doesn't know is that he got blown across the sea of worlds, leaving fair Equestria behind. The problem is that when he awakens he has no idea who he is or where he ended up.

Will Sombra be able to let go of the past, and his hatred, in order to save a world he's never seen before? Or will the citizens of Tamriel have another villain to worry about?

Chapters (55)
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Comments ( 494 )

Seems like an interesting premise. Going to favourite just in case.

Interesting, I shall watch this. :pinkiesmile:

Sounds like an interesting story.
I'm a sucker for all types of Sombra stories :pinkiecrazy:

Sombra, on an adventure in Skyrim?
For realzies? :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:
Awesome :pinkiehappy:

Black blood? Black lightning? A ranting bandit leader?
Sweet Celestia I must have more of Sombra's confusing adventures.
Also, have a nice Taco Tuesday. (Because saying monday is too mainstream)

You daaaaare draw the blood of Sombra? *force lightning* Go Sombra!

Come on Sombra. Quit letting Raika do everything and actually kill something!
And me thinks that this mysterious woman is more than she appears to be.

5092942 I agree, Tia could be short for Celestia.

Well, I see the Celestia tag sitting there next to Sombra's.
I wonder if that's the authors plan anyway :pinkiecrazy:

Raika hates nords, but she's traveling with nords :rainbowlaugh:
Tia, quit being weird and help poor Sombra...
-sees Sombra rain lightning on the dragon- :pinkiegasp: :rainbowderp:
Never mind. Carry on then.

Now things really get interesting
Just wait till Sombra meets Luna :pinkiecrazy:

VALVe made a mod for Skyrim that adds the Space Core.
the video could take place tomorrow morning

cool King Sombra in Skyrim with amnesia.

will he become a hero (dragonborn?) or will he become a villan

and will he return to Equestria at the end or will he be spending his life in Skyrim

well i cant wait to see:pinkiehappy:

Wait a minute...the Greybeards LOCKED them out of High Hrothgar?! :rainbowderp: :rainbowlaugh:

How in Oblivion did they do that?

5184100 Trust me my friend, the good author has some interesting things in store for us readers.

What's better than one Sombra?
Two Sombra's of course.
This should be interesting.

I don't know seƱor sombrero. That doesn't seem like everything.:ajsmug:

If he remembers everything, then where is the dark magic that's supposed to be rolling off of his eyes?
Furthermore, holy Starswirl the Bearded?!

Hmm, not bad, but hardly impressive, either. Also, "fellow Nord" sounds a bit wordy; to my recollection Nords address each other as "kinsman".

this is interesting.

p.s. first view.

Sombra remembers things now?
-sees Sombra kicking flank and taking names-
Sweet Celestia, he's slaughtering them left and right.
Here's to hoping that the true Sombra, the evil Sombra, gets to have a turn in Skyrim.

O.o Just how much of his memories does he have access to at this point? Those vampires didn't stand a chance.
What we need is for him to return to who he truly is, the master of shadows that Celestia was forced to imprison.
I must say though, he is certainly proving that he's a force to be reckoned with now.

The Great and Powerful Trixie? Here? In Skyrim? And she's good at magic?
Who is this imposter and what has she done with the real Trixie?

Oh horseapples, this just got real...wait, WHAT did Discord say?
He's going to kill Princess Celestia?
Hahahaha, good luck with that.

Well, only the main character seems to be tied to the Stormcloaks. Take me for example; when I play Skyrim I generally play with the Imperial Legion.
Sure, its kind of sad that Raika didn't start out like every other player character, meaning on neither side of the war. All that leads me to believe is that the author, whoever he or she may be, has played the Stormcloak quest line more than our Imperial quest line.
Still, the story is decent and I'm watching it closely.

I would like to apologize for that Mister Samurai. I've played the Stormcloaks quite a bit and kind of transferred that into my characters. I didn't mean to make you not want to finish the story. I only pray that I'm not chasing readers away...:pinkiesad2:

Nah the story is fine just as it is. A few grammar problems here and there but nothing major.
Dropped a fav and a like.

Good times. Hopefully this isn't resolved in a single chapter because I have been looking forward to this. Keep it up.

Discord lied? . . . Course he lied. Almost nothing that guys says is true.
And ah yeah, the King of Darkness has finally risen. I have been waiting for this moment since the beginning.

Discord rolled the dice when he brought Sombra's worst parts to the surface, and now he got the Craps beaten out of him.

5567852 Not only did Discord get wrecked, which he deserved, but about half the embassy was trashed in the process. Not only that, but Celestia was hurt from all the fighting. Got to feel bad for the poor mare.

Didn't this used to have a dark tag? What happened to it?

5581161 Honestly, I have no idea. But the Dark tag is back where it belongs.

Sombra as a Nord? I can go with that.

I can imagine Sombra being an axe-wielder seeing as scythes are non-existent in Skyrim.

Raika's a fellow Khajit!? Praise Talos! Also, I think that Sombra has a strong affinity for the Destruction school.

You support Sombrestia? I'm liking this crossover so far. In Skyrim, I'm a wandering blacksmith with a horrible sense of direction and a minor in speech. If Luna came in during Oblivion, then I can guess that this is Sombra and Celestia's adventure.

Trixie in Skyrim? I like her.

5581415 I'm glad that your enjoying the story so far. I've had to play the game a lot more just to remember what the storyline is so I can accurately write the story. Luna had a great time during the Oblivion Crisis, but this is more Celestia and Sombra's story.

Oh, poor Celestia. That must have stung, getting her wing jacked back into place.
Things are also getting much darker, now that Sombra's got a plan to ruin everything.

Welp, that went well. Move over, Alduin and Miraak, because Sombra's takin' over!

5588055 Well, Celestia tried to warn them and they got their just desserts for not listening.
Hehe, a Listener that's not good at listening. :pinkiecrazy:
Oh, and don't forget about Harkon, the annoying vampire leader from Dawnguard. I always liked kicking his flank.

By the Divines! They ripped that palace apart.
And I think that Nightmare might have a little of Blade (the Daywalker) in her.

Sombrestia's an interesting pair. Do go on, please.

He's back up already? Dang, Sombra must be itching to kill someone without something getting in his way.
And yay, Discord got what he deserved for a second time.

I just realized that fast travelling doesn't exist in this fic for the sake of realism.

5643244 You know what? I just realized the same thing.
Though I am amazed that it took Luna this long to finally snap and kill Delphine.

5643412 I don't like Delphine, Mavel Black-Briar and the Thalmor. (But I'm fine with High Elves.)

5643426 I play the Imperials almost all the time, but the Thalmor have always annoyed me.
Same with the vile Maven Black-Briar and Delphine. There's a few other annoying characters, but I can't name them off the top of my head because I haven't played the game for a few weeks.

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