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I prefer writing and reading original stuff, with a sinful taste to abnormality, darling. :raritywink:


"The melodies will continue, as long as you we hold onto them in our memories." -Corona Spiral

For many years, Twilight Sparkle learned many treasures and discoveries in not just the value of friendship and lessons that it has taught her, but the memorable moments she spent beside those precious to her. And so, she writes her final letter, to share the last experience she had encountered and enjoyed through her past life. She shares...

Her Final Memorable Melody.

(My Little Pony is own by DHX Studios and Hasbro, I only write for fun and a free-profit. I do not own any characteter whatsoever. Thank you and enjoy.)

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I think this is the 6th time I've said this;


5050227 I like to make it established deary. :raritywink: Make sure the disclaimer is brought before hoof. :duck:

5050245 Yes but it end up making it worse on copywrite grounds.

Also, this site is a product of people who don't own MLP, and the people in charge of the show aren't even allowed anywhere near a fanfiction site anyway.

5050249 Really, I've been gone for so long I remain oblivious to the events that goes on here. I usually just write something, post it, and be on my way. Explain to me the forte of this news, please.:rainbowderp:

5050259 Okay, well looking at this site logically.

This is a site for people who are allowed to make fanfiction and read it, and would obviously not be involved with the production of the show. Therefore, it's already obvious that neither you, nor I, nor anyone else on this site is involved with the show outside of its fanbase.

And yeah, I'm pretty sure that nobody involved with the show - that goes for voice acting, scripting or animating - is allowed to look at fanfiction in fear of it affecting the show based on stuff made by the alternate fanbase - us bronies.

5050286 Understandable, for it may affect their actions in voice acting the character.

Okay, I guess I should limit the Disclaimer for now on. Thank you, darling, that was very much helpful.

5050305 Btw, I do approve of Nui all day. She is so adorable and frighteningly attracting.:raritywink:

5050378 Well I approve of the way you 'stay in character' ^^

5050391 Darling, I roleplay a lot, I believe it keeps me in character all the time.

5050417 Oh, me too! I just haven't watched Kill la Kill in a while, so Nui isn't fresh in my mind :/

This is like "Yours truly", another story on this site, only this one is without romance and it's shorter. It is well written but could be written better by going more into detail, and being better at distrubuting emotions.

6/10 would maybe read again.

5050433 I've not watched it in a while too.
5050865 And I thank you for the rating and honest opinion, however, there is a reason why I written it like that. I left behind some...connections with my other works I would like to see if any reader could pick up. The P.S. part of it was clearly giving them a hint on one of the other stories as the others in there were linked to another of my old works. In truth, it was a clue hunt.

This trilogy was a fun little ride.

From the two adorable fic to this bittersweet one that give it a nice ending. Thank you for writing it. :twilightsmile:

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