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Rainbow Dash was born to be an athlete. Eventually joining the Wonderbolts seemed like the natural progression in her life and yet there was always a roadblock stopping her from walking down that path. Whilst she may be the perfect athlete in terms of drive, personality and muscle tone, a genetic fluke left her with two very big problems to deal with. Though dealing with them isn't as easy as it sounds.


Let me begin by telling you all about the magical land of Equestria. No one really knows why it's called Equestria, but leading theories suggest that it refers to the land’s ancient tradition of keeping horses for use in transport and battle. Others say that it's all a coincidence and its name stems from a foreign language that resembles the word for horse riding. Others believe that the founder of the land was obsessed with horse puns.

Regardless of its long and storied history, Equestria is a vibrant, modern land filled with interesting people and magical creatures. There are three sentient races that predominantly inhabit Equestria; the humans, the elves and the avians.

Humans are a sturdy, hard working people with a strong emphasis on labour and nurturing life. Their agricultural knowledge is unmatched and as a result, the vast majority of farms are run and staffed by humans.

Elves, on the other hand, are a secretive and mysterious race, choosing to spend their lives studying one thing or another. A naturally intelligent race, the elves are forerunners in the various fields of science, using their innate magical talents to perform impossible acts.

Last but not least are the avians, a slender race who use the massive wings on their backs to take to the skies. The avian people are slightly smaller than their human and elven counterparts, but make up for it with their natural speed and agility. They have the strange ability to manipulate weather phenomena and use this power to help others in times of need.

You didn't come here for world building however.

Let's move onto the good stuff.

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Hello humanized. Hello Mr. Grey. Hello favorite.

This is exactly the sort of dynamic that I imagine these two would have. You captured their personalities well, while throwing in some twists. People usually give Fluttershy gigantic breasts, and while you did so, too, it's justified as helping Rainbow out with her issues. Rainbow having DDs is something I don't see too often, admittedly because I don't go looking. I imagine these two would move the moon for each other, and I was impressed to see that captured nearly perfectly here. And I imagine having your breast size suddenly changed would throw one's sense of balance off a fair bit. I wouldn't know, since I'm a guy. Rainbow and Fluttershy both have adjustments to make, but they have each other's stalwart friendship.
In other words, I loved it! :twilightsmile:

Loved the story, the only nit pick I have is that its some what hard to believe Dash couldn't find someone who wanted big breasts considering the lengths some real life women go to.


I actually thought about that, but I just had to throw it out of my mind because it doesn't make the story work. I mean, yeah, someone out there would totally dig some ridiculously huge boobs, no doubt in my mind.

The only semblance of an explanation I can give you is something RD brings up, that she's lived with them. The Dash I wrote in this is kind of an idealised Dash, if she were true to the show she would have convinced Fluttershy to do the surgery with her most likely. I don't like to rag on the show writers because I know they have a lot of pressure working with the limitations of a kids show and the almost non-progression formula of slice of life, but Dash is always facing the same loyalty problem. "I want something. That something will probably hurt my friends. Friends complain. Do whatever friends ask."

Dash never goes out and actually asks her friends if it's okay to do things because she's a huge coward. I've always said that in Rainbow Falls, if Dash would have asked her friends if she could join the Wonderbolts team and partially fulfill her life long dream, they would most likely be cool with it. Dash just skulks around between both teams and messes things up for herself and does whatever her friends ask her to do though. It could have been a really cool concept, which I worked with here, the idea of her friends allowing Dash to be a little selfish once in a while, because they want the best for her as well.

The only thing I can give you is that Dash is all lone ranger and knows that her boobs are really a curse and doesn't want to make anyone else face that if they don't have to. You are right though, someone would move heaven and earth to take the weight off... literally. Again though, that'd make for a crummy friendship story xD


This is essentially the thing that inspired me to write the story. "You know what, I'm bored of seeing of Hootershy and Washboard Dash. I'm gonna write the opposite!" After that it turned into "The origins of Hootershy"

I was also inspired by the story of Romanian female tennis player, Simona Halep. She had rather big breasts and for a sport like tennis, which is intensive, they got in the way a lot of made it a lot harder for her to progress. She got a reduction and now she's something like third ranked in the world.

There was also the idea of writing a story about boobs that is in no way sexual. Boobs are something you have to live with if you have them, you have to take care of them like any other part of your body and they have a bunch of disadvantages in certain situations. I wanted to capture that kind of essence.

As for balance issues, that's what all the physical therapy that Twilight mentioned was for :D


I was also inspired by THIS GUY. Humanised Champeen of da wurrlll.

Merc-senpai noticed me! :3

I think thats because Fluttershy is moè which usually have large breasts. Rainbow Dash is...I want to say tsundere but thats not quite right since in order to be tsundere you need a romantic intrest to be initially hostile twards. In any case they usually have the smaller breasts.

Moar tales of Rainbow (& Fluttershy) in this universe please. This story was excellent.



(But giving credit where it's due :) Because I was taught to do precisely that.)

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