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Hi, you've reached Octavia, leave a message at the tone~
Ten small words. Never before had ten small words hurt a pony more.

Based on the song "On Hold" By Yourenigma on Youtube/ Bandcamp. Give it a look, it's pretty awesome.

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Probably one of the more interesting takes on the Vinyl - Octavia breakup stories I've seen. Good work.

Not sure about continuing as anything else will necessitate a large format change -- as in likely converting to actual story. IMO only do if you have a killer idea for a second half. Leaving this sadly ambiguous for now works I think.

Please continue this. I would like to know how this turns out.

5045189 5045409
I might write a sequel about Vinyl picking up the pieces, and getting through her life a better mare. Could involve Colgate. Then again, it might not.

Props to you if you choose to go that route with it. Then again, I'm a fan of unconventional ships like that. Would be nice to see the accustomed Octiscratch used as a springboard to go somewhere different.

This is one hell of a oneshot... Short, but powerful. Good stuff :pinkiecrazy:

I wasn't aloud into the VIP lounge

I think you meant 'allowed'

I don't get it. Why isn't Octavia answering?

There was originally going to be an ending where Octavia calls back telling Vinyl that she wanted nothing to do with her, and for Vinyl to stop calling all together.

I found it a touch out of place, so I scrapped it.

6151873 But, wasn't Octavia talking to her or something? She sent her a bear. Was Vinyl stalking her? How else would she know about all of her life's adventures?

I did end up changing a few things.
And it's fiction, so it's romance, not stalking.

i really liked this story and i hope there is a seaqle soon


Who published this?

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