• Published 22nd Sep 2014
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Fallout Equestria: Ancient Protectors - Tempestus

Two Steel Rangers and a Shadowbolt find themselves in a wasteland after nearly two-hundred years of cryo-stasis.

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Oh, I almost forgot how this story is. Filled with super epic characters and dialougs that cant be heared in real world.. :ajsmug:
What should be end of this fic? Death of the universe? :pinkiecrazy:
Keep writting.

That is a possibility... Or perhaps I will jack it up and make it the death of more than just one universe, lol. (At this point it is all for fun... then again that is all this fic has been.) :rainbowlaugh:

Will be conducting editorial checks as I refresh myself on this... work? I really don't know what to call this freakshow of a fanfic but nevertheless I must finish it, I've come this far... my as well finish the fight. The end is nigh

Just a little request not to big you don't have to do it but could you put the chapter numbers in the name so when you go to look how many chapters there are you can see how many instead of having to go into the chapter to look at the number. Like I said not to big of a deal but would be appreciated

I suppose it would not be too much, I will get on it this weekend.

So I have got to ask, what do you think of this frankenpony fic here?

I like and enjoy reading it. The pre war ranger thing is really neat. This is one of the better FOE fics in my opinion

Interesting story. seems like it hasn't been worked on in a while tho. Hope you are able to finish it sometime soon. Until the end times though, keep up the good fight Brother!

TBH I want to finish it but my coauthor has been unavailable for some time now. It is planned out though so it is just a matter of us pinning eachother down to write.

Well best of luck with that. Would love to see the end of the story.

I will go poke him with my longsword tonight, to see if he is awake so we can write a bit of it.

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