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This story is a prequel to The Long Lost Rainbow
Rainbow Strike may not of had the best life, and all of that changed when he left home a young colt. Not knowing where he'll end up, he had high hopes and ambitions, but all that went south when he found the town of Stockholm: A poverty and crime filled settlement with nothing but hell and misfortune surrounding every inch of it. Being there for a while, Strike became a gang member, The Elements of Crime and soon after met the love of his life: Remedy - A beautiful, earth pony who has an undeniably, endless love for him. For the time being, life was good, or so they thought...

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How can two stories be sequels to themselves?

6671257 Simply because I couldn't be arsed to change that. Quite clearly, it says in the description that this is the prequel. The sequel is The Long Lost Rainbow and the sequel to that is Moving On.

This has been rather slow moving and predictable; for those reason I'm out

Also ligament damage is not fatal.

6677278 Didn't say that it was. And in what ways predictable? From anxiety or what his imagination was making him think may become a reality?

About the ligament damage - I never said it was fatal. It came with blood loss before she was even found that way. She bled for minutes before being found and when she was found by Strike and rushed to hospital, she was already past half of her bodily quantity of blood and she died from it.

7870460 Um...hate to burst your bubble there, but I can write. At a wild guess, I'm gonna go ahead and assume that this is probably the only story I've written that you've come across. If so, I'm going to admit that I know that it's terrible, seeing as I wrote it so long ago.

My latest works are much, much more developed and creative. This one was an idea that I wrote with a typical writing knowledge, meaning that I knew little to nothing about it. Ever since I finished with this series, I moved on to be better improved by my own teaching.

As for the weak cider/juice that Remedy drinks - I never specified which ever she actually chose, as it holds no imperative importance. I leave it up for the reader to decide what she drinks.

For the music - No, not at all. I never ask a reader to sit there through an entire video and then move on. I get that the performance section of the chapter suggests otherwise, but when I normally do this, it is purposely added in with the intention for the reader to listen as they read along, for affect.

Honestly, though, I know how the Hobbit sets these things out in the stories, but because of the rules of FimFiction, I was told that I can't add lyrics in the form of words because it has no effect on the word count in a chapter, so I had to put in the video, much to my annoyance.

Wait was Strike not told about the funeral? Isn't his suite a crime scene? Why no police tape or anything?

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