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Prince Blueblood thinks about the Princesshood of Twilight Sparkle and what it means for him. How is Twilight so popular and why is he suddenly cast in her shadow? Is his reign at an end?

This is just a short one-shot, (hastily made while sick mind you,) about something that both the show and fandom have generally glossed over. Prince Blueblood hasn't been mentioned since Season One and basically was a one-off character. What ever happened to him and how is he dealing with the competition on the throne? Just some thoughts.

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Well that's because there is no competition, Blue Blood's position was always ceremonial. There has never been any evidence at all that he had any real power.

5031576 Schrodinger's Plot Thread
He's only mentioned once and quite briefly at that. It's my personal interpretation of his character, which admittedly might be poor, doesn't necessarily sync up with the show. Yeah, bad excuse, but I did it in a thirty minute challenge while sick in a particularly creative mood. Don't expect the best writing from me in this state. Or ever, for that matter.

5031609 Well that doesn't sound like a great state to any writing in. You do see him a gain in season two, twice during Sweet and Elite during rarity's song. But his position was always background, that's the way of it.

5031634 Precisely, but I was feeling rather depressed, (given how I can barely sleep, breath, eat or even see and it's been going on for three days,) so I gave myself half an hour, (possibly forty five minutes, just guestimating here,) to write something. Overall, I'd say it turned out alright. Some people seem to like it, and really, what more can I ask for other than someone to appreciate my work? Besides, knowing that people generally enjoy my stuff makes the pain a lot more tolerable.

5031642 Four up votes with zero down, yes I would say that people are appreciating it alright. As writers that's all we can really ask for anyway. I am sorry to hear how you're feeling and will help if I can. there is a whole group dedicated to trying to help people out, it's called Anti Depression ponies. joining can get you some support at least.

5031653 I am in fact familiar with the group, though I am not a member. I've visited it several times and have spoken with the users there. While it seems like a group that I would enjoy, I can survive without it. I have friends both on site and off that help me with such things, whether it be feelings or trying to recover from this sickness which makes me feel worse. After all, friendship is magic.
*ba dum tsssh*

5031667 Very well then, but I will try to help if you need me to.

5031675 Thank you for the offer, if I ever need some help then I'll be sure to give you a call. I really do appreciate it.

I actually feel very bad for Blueblood. He was told one thing while growing up and shown totally different. I would be surprised if he left Canterlot for a long while, no one would notice he was gone. They would notice if Nightmare possessed him though. He's in the right state of mind for it.

5032051 I'm glad I could evoke some emotion on behalf of one of the most hated / bashed characters on the show. Never thought I'd pull something like that off.

5032088 I always felt bad for Blueblood. He gets a bad rap. Yes, he treated Rarity like trash at the Gala, but Rarity was no better than him. Rarity went to the Gala with the expressed purpose of finding Blueblood, having him fall madly in love with her, asking her to marry him, and then live the high life. I bet Rarity wasn't the first mare to approach Blueblood like that.

5032105 People still seem hate on him for that, even with a reasonable explanation that he had a history of getting bothered by 'gold diggers'. Even then, he could have been homosexual for all we know. I mean, the fandom ships every female together so senselessly, what if Blueblood had a thing for stallions and never told anyone? What if he had just had a really bad day and used the Gala as an excuse to be a jackass?

Even with his behavior, it's not that bad compared to what the main cast have pulled off. Twilight brainwashing, Rarity being... well Rarity in some situations, Spike wrecking Ponyville, Pinkie having a breakdown and nearly becoming hyper-flanderized in Season 4, Putting Your Hoof Down Fluttershy, I mean really. Blueblood is pretty saintly by comparison at this point.

I like the spin you put on Blueblood. Though I disagree with most of the fandom in that he is a complete spoiled brat, but I also don't think he would be as generous as to give up half his treasury for fixing up. I think he simply feels that he is slightly better than the everyday pony, because he was taught that he was better. He had everything as a foal, money, looks, education, and so on and so forth. That tends to bring a better-than-thou feeling to many people, er, ponies.

Point is, I think Blueblood feels himself better than the country hick, but not so above them that he treats them like utter trash. And everyone forgets, he grew up as royalty, he WAS taught how to act.

5032334 I appreciate your feedback. I hope you enjoyed my story, even if it disagrees with your headcanon.

"She told me the laughter from the Royal Garden was just the wind..."


Is it just me, or is Discord at his scariest as a statue? There was one other story, the first I ever read on this site, in which someone was standing near his statue and a glass they had been drinking from was filled with chocolate milk when they looked away. Immediately looking at the stone spirit, the corners of it's mouth seemed ever so slightly raised in a smile.

Maybe it's because he's supposed to be cold, magic-less rock, but anything at all out of a statue is about 95 times creepier than the same action out of anyone else, I think. :fluttershyouch:

Also: I liked the analysis of Twilight's actions from a government perspective. Probably not the first time it's been done, but I still had fun seeing this side of things. :pinkiesmile:

5032392 Thank you for the praise. I do believe that I've read the same Discord story, though it was quite a long time ago.

... I annoyingly poke you in begging/demand for moar, some follow-up in which he departs and leaves a letter, dated, and it's only when he misses a gathering do the NOBLEPONIES investigate, and then let fall-out commence as they print the letter in the news.

5032504 After hastily writing this, the idea of a follow up did pop into my mind. I might not do it for a while, but I'm beginning to picture some kind of aftermath. Effectively him going all hobo, (belongings on the end of a stick and such,) and taking a train ride out of the city. I don't think it'd be the leading to anything, just more of a sense of closure that he's going out to find a purpose.

Again, not sure how I'd go about doing a follow up, but rest assured that I probably will go through and make one.

Out of the few stories that I've read that put any positive light on Blueblood, I have to say yours is the most balanced. He still has some blunt rudeness, but he is shown to actually play an presumably stressful role in politics and have actual important responsibilities in keeping things running smoothly. Sure, he's not saving Equestria or anything incredibly big (which he readily admits to himself), but he is also shown to be willing to take responsibility and to make some self sacrifice (diving into his own money and losing respect among the nobility for a time). This made him beyond the 'bratty prince with no responsibilities' or the 'typical noble who abuses his power' archetypes that he usually falls into, while not making him an all-out victim of circumstance. Overall, this is probably my favorite portrayal of this character (who I've only ever gotten myself to like in two other fics).

Overall, I also liked the theme of a changing the order of how things are (I definitely could have worded that better: maybe just the theme of change). Part of this is probably because I just got finished watching Gundam Unicorn a few hours ago (which had a lot of talk about possibility and change), but I still like the feel of the fic as a whole. Definitely top notch for a short, charter-focused one-shot.

He seems to have formed a lot of his opinions based on misinterpretation of her character and being uninformed of events. Celestia didn't actually transform Twilight to an alicorn herself.

Though I would like to see him as he is in your story have an open, truthful chat with Celestia and Twilight both.

I would really like to see a sequel to this where Twilight runs Equestria into the ground with all of her stupid decisions and having Celestia come grovelling to Blueblood to fix everything.


As compelling as it makes Blueblood seem, this reads exactly like a warped representation coming from a rather rotten individual would. I can bet a decent number of asses that the events he describes which glorify him and diminish Twilight's decency barely came close to happening the way they did. There are a few decent points that are owed mostly to the show's plot fighting for survival against multiple outside factors, but in the end, it stays a rather interesting - admittedly the points are all somewhat tried, but the perspective chosen is somewhat new - look on the issue.

As far as I know, though, Blueblood is a decorative prince, and in reality is kind of more of a duke (at best), but that's up for interpretation.

5033271 That's kind of the point. Even with me trying to write him like a nice person, you can quite easily tell that he's still a bit of a prick. He might honestly have improved as an individual, he might only have believed that he had, but that's up for the reader's interpretation. It could be a stallion whose time has passed him and is sick of the world that he tried so hard to be a part, or it could be a spoiled brat who can't stand the fact the world does not surround him.

In regards to his title, I always thought that he was a descendant of the Unicornian family. Given the Equestrian Union was comprised of three tribes, Unicornia being one of them, he'd have roughly a third the power of Celestia. Given how Celestia split her power into Shining, Cadance, Twilight and Luna upon their marriage / upbringing / ascendance / return, that's make him second place on the power chart. (Tied five ways for first, but still.)

It's my own interpretation of his character, which could be false, but hey, if people enjoy it then I don't care if the show agrees with me. For the entirety of the series, I never suspected the title to be decorative.

5032581 I felt that I needed some kind of idea to help wrap up the last part of the story. Blueblood knows that compared to the rest of the Royal Family he's severely fallen behind, so he has to think on what to do next. You can't fight the tide, and he's just beginning to realise that.


Maybe it's because he's supposed to be cold, magic-less rock, but anything at all out of a statue is about 95 times creepier than the same action out of anyone else, I think.

In that case, you've probably been watching too much Doctor Who.
*crosses fingers and hopes someone gets the reference* :twistnerd:

5032360 Oh I did enjoy it! I love seeing different takes on characters, and this one was done well!

And somehow the line that got to me the most in the whole fic...?

Celestia had said a lot of things, and as time moved on he had only started to realize just how much of it was false.

The betrayal inherent in that one phrase.

5036247 I'm glad I could provoke feels. Hopefully you enjoyed the rest of the story too.


I did indeed. But that line, the perceived betrayal... ouch! Because at one time, perhaps as a foal, Blueblood must have believed everything she said to him, and then found out that it wasn't true...

Hmm, I thought I had favorited it... weird, let me go and fix that!

5036282 Thank you for the correction then! It's good to know that people can appreciate my work!


"What ever you do, don't blink. Don't look away... and don't blink."


5036302 Finally! Someone got the reference!


I always appreciate good work.

:trixieshiftleft: Good eh?
I suppose I'll have to check out yours as well...
Remember, it is the code. You like someone's work, you must like them back. In case you're wondering, I was already reading your previous work.


Well, I thank you for looking and favoriting mine as well! I do really need to finish "of muffins and tales" one of these days.... I've just been so wound up in working on my original stuff.

I came over here for a mental health break and found it in this story.

5036351 Glad to be of service. :ajsmug:

Yes. And if we look at how Celestia reacted towards Twilight's fear of the return of Nightmare Moon, it becomes clear just how much the older princess has deceived those close to her in pursuit of some secret goal.

Maybe he really should leave Canterlot a while, if only to find some truth about himself and the world. It's obvious he won't get that from his auntie. He should consider putting that in some kind of farewell letter if he does; though it might hurt Celestia to read that, I think she needs to hear it.

Interesting thought.
He clearly isn't on the level as the Alicorn princesses, but he's still important enough to be put in with the ponies they personally negotiate with.
Interesting how he's seated among the foreign dignitaries, isn't it?


I thought it was him in that picture until I took a closer look. Blueblood's cutie mark is a compass rose. While he looks like Blueblood, this fellow's cutie mark is three crowns.

Maybe a relative?

*A wild headcanon emerges*
The Prince of Unicornia (the last remnants of the Unicorn city from before the Joining of the three tribes), sent his son to be fostered at Canterlot with the Princess. Unfortunately he's a bit of an ass, but Celestia still thinks of him as her nephew, since she's seen him grow up from a wobbly-legged foal into the pony he is.
*the wild headcanon retreats back into the tall grass*

5036797 As I spoke to JLB before, (as he is a good friend of mine,) I made reference of Blueblood's relationship with Celestia. She is his aunt, (with a lot of greats assumedly attached,) and therefore is partially related to him. As I hypothesized, what if Celestia and Luna were both adopted into the Unicornian family? Blueblood could be the blood ancestor of Platinum, while they could have been adopted. For purposes of Equality, (and general alicorn power,) they were put to be the heirs of all three tribes in the Equestrian Union. Being the blood descendant of the Unicornian dynasty, (a nation that no longer exists, as it helped to form Equestria,) he's both part of the government and also a foreigner. That's just my take on it.
Either that, or Celestia and Luna are just arseholes who just keep on trying to get rid of him by throwing foreign dignitaries at him.
Either way, that's the headcanon I'm sticking with until the show ruins it. (Like all my other favourite headcanons.)

Endure, Bluebrother. And just keep fighting the good fight.

Always love fics like this.

5032105 5032122
Ugh... I really hate the "Rarity had it coming to her at the gala" idea. Even leaving aside the sexual politics of the argument, it doesn't fit the reality of what we saw. People tend to forget that, even though she had been specifically hoping to catch his eye, he is the one to a approach her. There is no basis for the idea that he was trying to get her to leave him alone... He saw a pretty thing across the room, figured she seemed to dig him, and then picked her up with the assumption that she'd fawn and dote over him (as, I suspect, was the norm for his star-struck admirers.) It just turned out that she wasn't that kind of mare at all.

That said, I found the actual story above to be interesting as a view of things from an uncommon perspective. I still tended to read his views as severely warped, but I like that such possibilities are left up to the reader.

5095602 I don't believe that Rarity had it coming at the Gala, but she has had her moments. She is generous, but if she was as such all the time, it'd take away her personality. It's just a small gripe of mine, but I hate it when the Mane 6 are identified solely by their element. Rainbow is loyal solely because of her Element. AJ is honest solely because of the Element.
I digress though, my original statement wasn't referring to her actions at the GGG. If anything, it's the reasoning from Ticket Master that bothered me. She seemed to be doing fine at the Gala itself, so I won't hold her actions there against her.
Anyways, I'm glad that you enjoyed reading. It's good to know that people are still finding something to like in this.

5095602 HE approached her after SHE went out to the garden to follow him. Besides, she still went to the Gala for the sole purpose of meeting the prince, having him fall madly in love with him, and having him marry her. So, I still stick with my original statement.

You're more than welcome to stick to your original statement... But I clearly can't agree that having a naive daydream that the handsome, famous prince that you find attractive will take you away to live a perfect life is "just as bad" as being a rude lout who insults peasants and shoves a date in front of himself for protection.

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to someone you don't know on the inside yet... It's only an issue if it ultimately doesn't matter to you what they're like on the inside. It mattered to Rarity quite a bit, as it turned out. Blueblood's behavior shows that he counts on the opposite.

I thought much the same, myself.

Reading this, though, made me think... there are basically no stories about if Sunset Shimmer and Blueblood interacted before her 'disappearance.' Two personalities like that could've been interesting.

You know, I was looking for "Blueblood under a good light" kind of fics, because I wanted to write my own 'redemption' story. Right now, this one, alongside with A Letter Long Overdue are the best short ones I've seen, hands down.

I wonder how blueblood would react to sunset now...

I do feel sorry for Blueblood. The only member of the Royal Family, (not counting Shining Armor) who isn't an alicorn and it's screaming obvious how Celestia favors Twilight over everybody else! Does she even care about her nephew?

6682905 Given the way he acted during the gala, he's just another hereditary elitist. Sure, Equestria has its share of many non-noble elitists in places like Manehatten where rich members of society mingle in such a way. But, it doesn't change the fact that he's old guard in the way he conducts himself.

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