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The Drunken Sailor

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The Drunken Sailor: Oh yeah, sequel's out:

Is it so hard to be normal?

Anyone can be normal, normality is as easy as walking and it comes just as easily. Just follow in the well beaten path like the majority, keep your head down, and don't act out of turn.

Being amazing, yeah that takes effort. To express what and who you are despite what a judgmental world you live in, even though there are those who will mock you, who will crush your hopes of success wether from spite, jealousy, or revenge. But it can be done with enough courage.

What is the most difficult, almost impossible. Is to be amazing but not extraordinary. To be admired but not alienated. For people to know your name but to say it with a hint of awe, not appreciation or fear. Luckily most never have a change to face this struggle.

I, am not a lucky Pegasus.

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Do you have any idea on how to extend this? This is a great beginning if it's the start of something big, but as a one-shot it leaves some questions unanswered.
What is the orb?
The gears?
What happened to the alicorns?
What do the friends do after they find out? What happens to them? (Being friends with one alicorn is already over-the-top, but being friends with a reincarnation of another? Surely something must be going on... Please tell me there are other alicorns who don't know about themselves yet!)
If you want to make this a one-shot, I can't stop you. But I think it would be 200% cooler as a full story.
You do have ideas and plans to expand on this, right? I hope you do!
Of course, that's just my opinion.


As a one-shot, it teases a lot I know.

I do have plans to flush this out in a full story, think of this as an intro to that but first I have other stories to finish so I'll have to come back to this.

As for the orb, gears, and what happened to the Alicorns....

Read my other stories, Humani Victoria and What's yours is mine. If you read carefully you might notice some things that corrilate between those stories and this one. I won't say anymore but I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Know that this will be a full fic in the years to cone but you'll have to be patient.

A very intriguing one-shot, definitely leaves a lot of unanswered questions. I'll be looking forward to the time you continue this.

Hoof head, you still need to learn how to proof read.

I will wait here for the full story. :twilightsmile:
think you for the one shot. :pinkiehappy:

Great start. I'd like to see this flushed out into a full story.
The beginning really captured my attention, the characters were all in character and your descriptions were vivid and enjoyable.
That being said however, I noticed the descriptions start to lack towards the middle and then I got confused over what was happening. The pacing started to speed up and I got a bit lost. Also some grammar needs cleaned up as well. Not too much, just a few things I saw.
Overall I like it and I want to see more with what you'll do.

So, this pony, Aethra will be like a voice inside R or what?

I got confused from the middle onward, and have questions about why Celestia say it to her that way (that she doesn't have a choice) and Luna say the opposite?

What exactly does RD will have to do? is she something like Zelda in Skyward Sword? Then again, what's with the voice of Aethra, is she consius or what is going on?

Grammar hurts a lot!

The other stories, I will wait until they are finished before reading!

Again, what? and interesting concept!

Comment posted by femikol deleted Sep 23rd, 2019
Comment posted by femikol deleted Sep 23rd, 2019


Cool story! Also, I was wondering if you could help me out with writing some of my stories?

Certainly an interesting piece, though more would do well. I liked the dialogue and reactions of Rainbow Dash especially, and it was always easy to tell who was speaking. The pacing fir nicely for what it was.

I have reviewed this here.

Comment posted by Oryx deleted Jun 10th, 2020

I read the sequels
I had seen so much potential in this story!
I thought you were going to come up with a possible compelling storyline as interesting as Aldea Donder's "alicorn" story.
if I ever decide to rewrite the story then I am sure that I and many others would be more than happy to read the wonderful story that would come out of it.

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