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Child of the Sky - The Drunken Sailor

I am awesome, I don't deny that. But I want to be special without being strange, distinguished but not an outsider. However my true nature and origin won't allow for that.

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One and Only

Author's Note:

Quick one-shot of a concept I thought of, some of my regular readers might notice some similar lore-terms that I used.

Comments about this idea are welcomed and encouraged.

Child of the Sky

"I always believe that the sky is the beginning of the limit."

-MC Hammer

Rainbow Dash refused to partake in this strange tradition called 'morning' honestly, whomever thought it was a good idea to get out of the soft silky haven that was their bed only about an hour after Celestia raised the sun was clearly off their head.

Rainbow Dash rolled over so she faced the cloud ceiling in her cloud home of cloudiness. Her silken wonderbolt blanket sliding smoothly off, breathing deeply through her noise and out of her mouth the blue Pegasus was now well and truly awake. She still didn't move of course but rather tried to recall if she had weather duty today, turning her head she locked her rose-coloured on the calendar that was held to the cumulus wall by way of being stuck halfway into the cloud itself. Rainbow Dash didn't have weather duty today.

Grinning slightly the vibrantly-coloured winged equine closed her eyes again. Taking deep calming breaths and focused her mind. At first there was only the sound of of her beating heart and her blood rushing in her ears, but another moment or two of controlled breathing and those distractions were under control.

After that the only thing left was the wind. Breezing through her cloud fortress in the sky, swirling and tumbling in the endless azure ocean. Warm fronts bringing in rainclouds and cold fronts bringing the brighter weather that Pegasi loved so much, the sky didn't judge, didn't reject, it only welcomed it's children. Welcomed them to fly.

Rainbow Dash's eyes opened again, a wide joyous smile brightening her face. Her vision seemed different as it always did when she got like this, the colours more intense. The blank corners of her vision filled, she could see and feel everything. Still smiling the Pegasus rolled off her bed, the cloud floor fading out of existence to allow her passage as she let gravity take her.

Anyone watching the sky would probably comment on how beautiful a day it was, then point out the odd blue-and-rainbow coloured dot falling to the earth.

Still smiling, Rainbow Dash allowed herself to enjoy the feeling of the air rapidly flowing through her fur and primaries. Twisting around so she faced the ground, the Pegasus saw that the ground was significantly closer to her now. Still with her confident smirks Rainbow Dash decided it was time to return back to the endless blue. She spread her wings.

From the long primaries to the fluffier coverts. Veins, shafts, hooks, barbs, and bristles. Every inch of those blue wings were crafted by a millennia of evolution and more subtle magical influences to catch the air and ride the wind as effectively as possible. Rainbow Dash spread her wings, and they stopped her descent almost completely. Her hooves within spitting distance of the ground. The world slowed down on that moment, allowing only for one singed breath before Rainbow Dash sped back towards the sun with strong power flaps.

The blue Pegasus gritted her teeth slightly as she strained her body against the entrapping force of gravity. She felt a familiar energy building inside and she knew what was coming, giving herself another powerful flap she began spinning rapidly and began to glow slightly as that mysterious magic built up. Her eyes transformed into blazing rose jewels as the energy crackled up her spine and along her wings, releasing through her wingtips.

The peaceful morning remained quiet for a few more moments, as the multicoloured magical microburst soared peacefully across the sky. That peace was quickly shattered by the ever present companion, the sonic boom and magical crackling of the Sonic Rainboom joined its visual counterpart to assure that everyone in Equestria upheld the tradition of waking up in the morning.


Princess Celestia sipped at her teacup, feeling the heated herbs soak into her bloodstream. Yes by necessity her body dampened the effects of the herbs but Celestia was one to take credit in the little things and allowed herself to enjoy the calming effects of the tea, despite how muted they were. Besides, the lessened effects gave the Princess an excuse to have tea a lot more than would be healthy for a regular Pony.

Taking a breath through her nose, the white Alicorn visibly relaxed. Ever since the return of her sister Luna, the both of them decided it would be better for the both of them to adjust the royal schedule so as to allow for more free time for both Alicorns. Today was an off day for the both of them, one of the many monthly weekends that both of them refused to perform any royal duties of any kind. In turn the parliament, citizens council, Royal Guard training centre, and just about every major and minor business decided that if the Princesses
took a day off than so should they. So the third Sunday of every month had become almost an annual holiday dedicated to complacent laziness.

Yet again gripping her teacup in a magical glow, Celestia brought it to her lips for another sip. However a sparking sensation in the base of her horn alerted her to something, she looked up and around. Wondering what could have caused such a magical disturbance was when her wings begun tingling, detecting a fluctuation in the air currents that clued the Princess in to what had happened.

Walking over to her bedroom window Celestia allowed herself to enjoy the pulsating rainbow miasma that was soaring across the skyline for a moment before closing her eyes and waiting for the inevitable outcome. She didn't have to wait long as the sound wave rippled through the air, ruffling Celestia's fur and feathers slightly as well as knocking down a few small items off their shelves.

As the wave subsided Celestia calmly sparked her magic and replaced the few things that had fallen and straightened a few painting that had gone askew, still staring out the window. Her teacup floated over to her.

"She's been doing that a lot recently." She mused to herself, raising the cup to her lips.

"She'll only grow in power, this is a clear sign of that." A voice behind her said.

Celestia didn't start or even turn at the voice, just calmly put her teacup back in its saucer.

"Good morning, Luna." She said, watching a hawk take flight off one of the southern guard towers.

"And to you too." Luna replied "But don't change the subject for you know it needs addressing."

Celestia sighed slightly, eyes still locked on the hawk as it masterfully rode the winds like it was born to do.

"I know." She said.

"She has a purpose."

"I know."

"And it's our duty to make sure she realizes it."

"I know."

"Then why have we not made a move to do so?"

Celestia sipped her tea again, no longer able to admire the hawk as it had flown out of her field of vision. She focused rather on the tower it called home and spotted a small nest. Movement could be seen and a small newborn poked it's head out and over the edge of the nest, judging wether it should stay home or take to the sky.

"She is young and has her own life, friends that she has made and I do not want to be the instrument that destroys that."

There was a pause before Luna replied.

"Forgive me if I am mistaken but from what I have learned by Twilight Sparkles studies, a force that of friendship does not and will not change or shift in light of a minor detail when put in context."

The hawk had returned and it brought breakfast to its child.

"Do you honestly think there will be none who will shun her? She may be a friend to my student but we cannot possibly foresee the consequences of revealing this to her."

"Oh I have full confidence that this will tear at her very soul and quite possibly crumble many a relationship to dust but we cannot ignore what we know even though I know you do not trust the consistency of the Orb, or the Gears for that matter."

Celestia sighed again, more heavily this time.

"I know, you are completely right as always my sister." The Alicorn looked up at the blue sky "I shall travel to Ponyville this day, it's time that all is revealed."

"Good luck sister and... Try to be there for her, she will have no one else."

"I shall and thank you Luna, for being there for me."

"I always will be."

Celestia sensed that her sister had left and sighed again, lifting her teacup only to find it empty. She lowered it and looked again to the shy but this time with a small smirk.

"You always have been one to stir up trouble, Aethra."


Rainbow Dash drifted confidently through the bathroom wall of her flying fortress, a feat that could only be performed by the most advanced of weather manipulators. She stepped lightly into her shower and gave the cloud a good kick, it shuttered and gradually the puff above her shuttered and began sprinkling fresh warm rain onto the Pegasus.

Rainbow sighed slightly as the warm rainwater soothed her muscles and ran down her sides, dripping off her wings and signature mane, the blue Pegasus may not have much appreciation for self beautification like a certain glamorous Unicorn but she could certainly appreciate a soothing shower.

Grabbing her only bottle of mane-cleaner, Rainbow Dash squirted a but of the clear scentless fell into her hoof before replacing the cap and scrubbing the cleaner into her multicoloured mane to remove the dirt and grim that is inevitably gathered when flying at high speeds.

Giving her mane a quick rinse Rainbow turned the shower off and quickly towelled herself dry. Her fur, tail, and mane being messy and unkept but clean. As she rubbed the towel along her neck her thoughts turned to what she was to do today. Throwing the towel to Celestia-knows-where she walked back into her room, her eyes lighted upon one of her few books that was currently lying on the ground. Daring Doo and the Dragons Dungeon, one of her favourites. The book giving Rainbow Dash an idea of what, or who for that matter, to go see.

"Twilight." Rainbow said to the clouds "She needs to get out of the library more anyway, the egghead." With easy relaxed strokes, the Pegasus flew out of a nearby window and towards her friends tree.


Twilight Sparkle adjusted her posture slightly to reap more comfort from the small reading cushion, delicately gripping the yellowed parchment that her reading material contained. This was an older tome so she had to be extra gentle with it to assure it lasted as long as possible.

The Unicorn sighed in content, despite having been woken up early by a certain rainbow microburst. She had been having a nice relaxing day. Unfortunately for her it wasn't to last.

A thump and some muted cursing could be heard behind her, Twilight sighed and gently closed her book. Turning around to find Rainbow Dash half buried upside down in a pile of books, she grinned what was suppose to be a charming smile at the lavender Unicorn.

"Hey, Twi." Rainbow said, Twilight sighed.

"Rainbow Dash." She said patiently "You know there's a front entrance right?"

"Sure I do."

"Then why don't you use it? At all?"

"Because it's not nearly as fun." Rainbow said with a wide smile. Twilight sighed but this time with a small smile on her lips. Rainbow Dash shook herself free of the books.

"So what'cha up to Twi?"

"Well I was reading."

"Pfft, you do too much of that! Come on let's go do something!"

"Like what?" Twilight asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Uh... I don't know, something!"


"Oh come on! It would be better than being stuck inside all day!"


Their conversation was cut in by the pattering of feet down the stairs. Spike sprinted into the library with a scroll clutched in his green claws.

"Letter from Princess Celestia, Twilight." The Drake said, offering the letter to her. Twilight took it in her magic.

"A letter from the Princess?" She said "I wonder what it's about." Twilight broke the seal and unrolled the parchment. Reading it carefully, almost immediately the Unicorn purple eyes widened and the letter dropped from her magic in an instant.

"OhnoOhnoOhnoOhno!" Twilight began practically running on the spot "The Princess is coming!" Both Rainbow Dash and Spike stared at her.

"So?" They said together.

"So? So?! So we don't have time to prepare the proper welcoming party! Or the appropriate decorations! Or even..."

"Twilight!" Rainbow said getting the Unicorns attention.


"What did the letter actually say?"

Twilight blinked "Uh, it just said that she would be coming to Ponyville today to meet with us and to make sure all of our friends are here." The blue Pegasus nodded.

"So she's just popping in for a visit yeah?" Before Twilight could answer Rainbow kept talking "So we don't need to roll out the red carpet or anything, chill Twi."

The Unicorn blushed slightly at her overreaction "I suppose your right Rainbow, sorry for freaking out like that."

"It's okay Twi, tell you what. I'll go tell everypony else to come to the library."

Twilight's ears perked up "You'd do that?"

"Of course! I'll go get everypony and be back in a jiffy! Just you see!" Without another word Rainbow Dash spread her wings and was gone out the nearest window with enough speed to rustle every piece of loose parchment lying around.

"I swear she's getting faster with every day." Spike noted.

"It wouldn't surprise me." Twilight said with a laugh, adjusting the misplaced papers with her magic.


Celestia braced as the chariot landed ruffly on the gravelled ground. She had decided to opt for a more simple wooden chariot rather than her usual golden one, she didn't want to have too much attention on such an unofficial visit after all. The Princess stepped down from the transport and looked at the Pegasi Guards who had been flying it.

"Stay with the chariot."

The guards shot a quick glance to each other "Are you sure your majesty?"

"Quite sure, I shall be fine."

They saluted "Of course My Lady!"

Celestia nodded and approached the library that was the homestead of her prized student. Pausing in front of the doors and steeling herself for what she had to do. Celestia knocked on the wooden door.

After the third knock the door flung open to reveal Twilight Sparkle.

"Princess Celestia!" She exclaimed, bowing deeply. In spite of her worries the Alicorn chuckled at how high strung the Unicorn could be.

"Hello my dear Twilight." Celestia said with a smile "I'm sorry for visiting on such short notice but there are things I needed to discuss."

"Of course Princess! It's fine! Come in!" Twilight gestured eagerly to the interior of the library. Celestia chuckled again and entered the treehouse. Inside waited the remainder of Twilights friends, they all bowed but the Princess only had eyes for one Pegasus.

She watched her as she rose from her bow. Fur the colour of the sky on a bright summer evening, her mane crafted of ethereal colours. Her rose eyes full of the raw power that she had been born with, hidden behind a guise of mortality.

"Rainbow Dash." The Princess said, getting the mare's attention. Celestia's words died in her throat as she was lost in those big rose eyes. All that power and knowledge within an innocent a free vale. She couldn't bring herself to destroy that, care-free and joyous gone from those red pools.

Twilight looked in between the Princess and Rainbow Dash a few times before getting Celestia's attention.

"Princess?" She said, drawing Celestia from her thoughts. The Princess gave a comforting smile.

"Twilight... Could you and your friends give me and a Rainbow Dash a moment? I have something I wish to discuss with her." Glances were exchanged.

"Of course Princess, come on guys." Twilight led her friends into the kitchen, the door closed on Applejack's troubled look to Rainbow before being cut off.

Celestia smiled warmly, hiding her insecurity behind the smile.

"Perhaps we should move to somewhere more comfortable to talk." She said.

"Uh, okay."

The Princess lead Rainbow into the main room of the library, sitting down on one of the many reading cushions with the Pegasus following suite.

Celestia fiddled with her hooves for a moment, rare it was for her to get this anxious. The last time she had felt this way was when she attended the most recent World Summit when she had seemingly lost her ability to speak. Swallowing the lump in her throat Celestia decided to break the silence.

"You are a.... Remarkable Pony Rainbow Dash, I hope you know that." The Princess said, getting a surprised look from the Pegasus "You are a talented flyer, a loyal friend, and are willing to go to great lengths to preserve what what you stand for." Rainbow blinked "But, there is something about you that you must know."

"About me?" Rainbow asked "What about me could I not know?"

Taking a deep breath Celestia stole herself "You are not a normal Pony Rainbow Dash, your birth was.... Not natural."

"…W-what do you mean?"

"Your body was weaved out of pure Sky Magic, designed for one solitary purpose; to house the Spirit of the Sky."

Rainbow's wide eyes were filled in confusion "Wha- that's not possible! Is this some sort of joke! 'Cause it's not funny at all, your starting to freak me out."

Celestia shook her head "Unfortunately every word is the truth, you are the reincarnation of the Goddess of the Sky. Aethra."

Again, Rainbow Dash was about to call the Princess out on her bluff when a familiar energy began building in her. It felt the same as when the Pegasus was about to perform a Sonic Rainboom, she only had a moment to think about that before the energy arced up her spine.

The interior of the library was replaced by an open field with patches of long grass. The wind whipped and raged, above dark clouds swirled and lighting arced between the puffs of cloud. The swirling movement quickened and a dark tornado touched down in the middle of of the field, turning up dirt and grass that swirled in the funnel.

As quickly as it came the tornado dissipated, taking the storm clouds with it. Standing there in the field with her mane and tail whipping in the wind was an all-too-familiar filly Pegasus. However her coat, mane, and tail all lacked colour. There was a flare of light and a bright sparkling rainbow formed, the end of it landed directly on the colourless filly.

The Pegasus glowed a blinding white. It faded leaving the filly now in full colour, her fur a sky blue and her mane striped with all the colours of the rainbow. The newly born Rainbow Dash opened her eyes to reveal blazing eyes of glowing rose before she collapsed.

All Celestia saw was Rainbow's eyes glow briefly before returning to normal. She blinked in confusion and her eyes filled with moisture threatening to fall.

"M-my parents?" Rainbow asked.

"They adopted you at my request, they know not of your origin. Only that you have importance."

"But... What about all my memories? All of my friends?"

"They are as real as any other, your birth may be estranged Rainbow Dash but your memories, your experiences, your friendships. They are all your own."

Tears freely fell from Rainbow's eyes now but Celestia pressed on.

"You are of great importance Rainbow Dash, you are special."

The Pegasus wiped her eyes clear.

"But I don't want to be special! I just want to be me!"

Celestia looked down "I am afraid that is no longer possible" The Alicorn looked up just in time to see Rainbow's conflict-stricken face before the Pegasus spread her wings and took off through the window and out into the midday sun.

The Princess sighed and stood up, walking out of the room and to the kitchen door. She opened it. On the other side awaited Twilight and the remainder of her friends, they perked up at the arrival of the Alicorn.

"Princess... Where's Rainbow Dash?" Twilight asked as Celestia refused to meet her eyes.

"I don't know."


The wind stole the tears from Rainbow Dash's eyes. She flew faster and faster, not knowing or caring where she was going. Dark clouds formed around her and thunder boomed, she felt droplets on her face and soon enough she was flying through heavy downpour. Visibility dropped to nothing and yet again Rainbow felt the energy building inside of her but she forced it down, she didn't want to feel that power ever again.

Banking left she saw a large shadow through the rain, a mountain. She spotted a large cave and glided right inside seeking shelter from the storm.

Sitting down Rainbow Dash stared at the rock floor of the cave. She listened to the raging storm outside and watched the droplets of rainwater drop off her damp mane, wondering absentmindedly why a storm had formed in the first place even though there wasn't one scheduled for that day.

Her breathing became ragged and tears returned to her eyes. Her entire body racked with sobs. It can't be true, I was born in Cloudsdale, raised as a normal filly! Sure I'm a fast flyer maybe even the fastest but I'm not... I'm not what she said I am!

In answer, the energy filled her body again despite her efforts to quell it and a soothing voice that sounded like it was being carried by the wind echoed in her ears.

You cannot deny the truth that is in your heart young one

"W-who are you?! What do you want?"

Peace young one, I am a part of you as you are a part of me

"A-are you.... Aethra?"

Correct youngling, I sense you are distressed at the news of your true birth

"Oh really? What was your first clue?"

Tell me then, what ails you my child

"I never asked for this, I didn't want to be.... Whatever I am, why can't I be normal?"

I would have expected a different reaction from you, what with you one to enjoy the limelight and all that.

"Well yeah, being appreciated is great and all but this... This is different, what if my friends leave? What will they think? I'm a freak, an outcast."

And what if you are?

"I don't want to be! I just want to be me! Rainbow Dash! Not a... A goddess!"

"I'm afraid the time for that is long past, Rainbow Dash."

The Pegasus looked behind her to see Princess Luna emerging from the shadows of the cave.

"Do not cry, it's unfitting of a mare of your stature"

Automatically Rainbow wiped her eyes clear, a little embarrassed.

"Princess Luna?"

The Princess nodded and walked up to the Pegasus, sitting down next to her.

"I suppose then, Celestia just went up and told you everything without much comfort." Luna said, Rainbow nodded.

"That's pretty much right.... This is a lot to take in."

"I understand the feeling."

"You do?"

"Indeed I do." Luna said "I didn't know I was to be a Princess and when the time came and it was revealed that me and my sister must rule I was stricken with anxiety."

"How did you deal with it?" Rainbow asked and Luna let out a small giggle.

"I didn't." She said "I still feel that anxiety day after day, it is something that not only me but beings all across the known world must live with."

"But how do I live with.... I don't even completely understand what I am."

"Perhaps I could shed light on that." Luna offered "You are a... Container, to put it into simple terms."

"A container? A container for what?"

"Well.... How do I put this... Alright, you understand what an Alicorn is yes?"

"...I guess so?"

"Let me explain, Alicorn are an ancient race. Not the first to travel this world as there have been.... Others that came before, anyway we used to be plentiful in the thousands." Luna watched Rainbow Dash's wide eyes to assure she was paying attention "Then a great cataclysm hit and diminished our numbers greatly, those who survived... Well, bar me and my sister they all one by one gave up their physical existence and became ethereal, transforming into eternal spirits of the realms they governed over in life."

"Aethra was the Alicorn Goddess of the Sky, she along with her siblings who represented the Earth, Ocean, and Ethereal Plane were tasked with the balance of the world as a whole. When they passed into spirit form it was immediately clear that maintaining that balance would require effort beyond what is capable from the realm of Etheruim. So annually a body would be crafted to house one of the spirit's of the world and work to maintain balance."

"You, Rainbow Dash, are the embodiment of the Heavens, keeper of the Spirit of Aethra. You're a Child of the Sky."

Rainbow Dash didn't respond, she only stared at the cave floor again as the weight of what all this implied was set on her back.

"So what does this mean?" She asked.

"It means that you are special, unique even. You are tasked with maintaining the balance of the world for as long as you draw breath.... Should you choose to do so." Luna said, causing Dash to look at her.


"Yes, you are your own Pony Rainbow Dash. As although you have great power you have no obligation to accept the responsibility."

"B-but what about the balance and all that?" Rainbow demanded.

Luna shrugged "There are other spirit-carriers, those of the Earth, Ocean's, and Ethereal Plane. They have the same power to keep peace and even if they didn't, the world is unlikely to just descend into chaos from lack of proper weather control." Rainbow seemed confused "What I'm trying to say Rainbow Dash is that we do not know completely what the future will hold, perhaps it will all come to ruin or perhaps or won't. The choice is still yours."

Rainbow blinked and the Princess was gone, faded back into the shadows but her words still echoes in the confines of the cave.

The choice is still yours

Rainbow took a deep breath "I choose..."


"What do you mean Rainbow Dash left?" Applejack demanded. Celestia looked away.

"When I spoke to her she... Became distressed at my words, obviously she needed time alone to think."

"Well that's all well and good but what in tarnation did you tell her to make her so upset?"

"I cannot say." Celestia said, not meeting the Earth Ponies gaze. Applejack was about to say something when Twilight cut her off.

"Princess, surly you can tell us? I mean we're Rainbow's friends, we could help."

Celestia sighed "I'm sorry but only Rainbow Dash can tell you, perhaps..." The Princess was interrupted by the door swinging open to reveal a damp, tired-looking Rainbow Dash standing in the doorframe.

"Rainbow!" The girls exclaimed, making movements towards her but were quelled by the Pegasus's raised hoof. Rainbow Dash walked in and closed the door behind her, sitting down and taking a deep breath before facing her friends.

"Girls, there's something about me that you need to know..."

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Comments ( 16 )

Do you have any idea on how to extend this? This is a great beginning if it's the start of something big, but as a one-shot it leaves some questions unanswered.
What is the orb?
The gears?
What happened to the alicorns?
What do the friends do after they find out? What happens to them? (Being friends with one alicorn is already over-the-top, but being friends with a reincarnation of another? Surely something must be going on... Please tell me there are other alicorns who don't know about themselves yet!)
If you want to make this a one-shot, I can't stop you. But I think it would be 200% cooler as a full story.
You do have ideas and plans to expand on this, right? I hope you do!
Of course, that's just my opinion.


As a one-shot, it teases a lot I know.

I do have plans to flush this out in a full story, think of this as an intro to that but first I have other stories to finish so I'll have to come back to this.

As for the orb, gears, and what happened to the Alicorns....

Read my other stories, Humani Victoria and What's yours is mine. If you read carefully you might notice some things that corrilate between those stories and this one. I won't say anymore but I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Know that this will be a full fic in the years to cone but you'll have to be patient.

A very intriguing one-shot, definitely leaves a lot of unanswered questions. I'll be looking forward to the time you continue this.

Hoof head, you still need to learn how to proof read.

I will wait here for the full story. :twilightsmile:
think you for the one shot. :pinkiehappy:

Great start. I'd like to see this flushed out into a full story.
The beginning really captured my attention, the characters were all in character and your descriptions were vivid and enjoyable.
That being said however, I noticed the descriptions start to lack towards the middle and then I got confused over what was happening. The pacing started to speed up and I got a bit lost. Also some grammar needs cleaned up as well. Not too much, just a few things I saw.
Overall I like it and I want to see more with what you'll do.

So, this pony, Aethra will be like a voice inside R or what?

I got confused from the middle onward, and have questions about why Celestia say it to her that way (that she doesn't have a choice) and Luna say the opposite?

What exactly does RD will have to do? is she something like Zelda in Skyward Sword? Then again, what's with the voice of Aethra, is she consius or what is going on?

Grammar hurts a lot!

The other stories, I will wait until they are finished before reading!

Again, what? and interesting concept!

Comment posted by femikol deleted Sep 23rd, 2019
Comment posted by femikol deleted Sep 23rd, 2019


Cool story! Also, I was wondering if you could help me out with writing some of my stories?

Certainly an interesting piece, though more would do well. I liked the dialogue and reactions of Rainbow Dash especially, and it was always easy to tell who was speaking. The pacing fir nicely for what it was.

I have reviewed this here.

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